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  1. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    i guess so, also i dont expect to use 100% all of the PE myself either, but i will do what i can do. i cant see the changes be so big that the Flyhawk set wouldnt fit anymore, but i will only know when i build it or from watching your build i dont know if the hulls of Takao class and Myouko class was the same, but they look similar, and is about same length. picture for comparing shape.
  2. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    no, besides adding the PE, there was also some changes to the kit. the picture below shows them, and i read somewhere that also some deck details was made separate pieces from the deck this time. https://hlj.com/product/AOS00943 about the Myouko parts, maybe they are identical, then there would be no reason to make new parts the hulls of Takao and Myouko class is similar after all.
  3. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    interesting, i have the same Aoshima Maya kit (stashed for now), and had been thinking for a long time if the Flyhawk Maya upgrade kit would fit, since this Maya kit is an updated version that came out later after the Flyhawk upgrade set was made. i didnt find much change in the update kit, so i bought a Flyhawk upgrade set, and i just received it today. will come back and check out your build from time to time i dont remember those Myouko sprue parts in my kit, but i will check if it has them.
  4. 1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy 1/350)

    looks pretty good for a brush painted model. well, the overall finish does look quite good too.
  5. nice, i have the blue one stashed. i like the white interior scheme you showed on page one. but red would also look good
  6. i know, but it was only to show the colors. ignore everything else than the color but i agree with you about the wheels, they are not really that good looking. i would also like something else for my Testarossa.
  7. personally i dont like matt colors, but i would choose something other than light colors to hide the the big panel gaps the old Pochers have. i would suggest something along this: i think this one is Prugna Metallic, but not sure. anyway a dark wine red blue sera and a dark grey along this if you want to look at other Ferrari colors, you can find the color names on gtcarlot here
  8. nice build, i got a partially started Testarossa kit on ebay for a good price, so seeing some build logs will help when i start building. did you decide on a color yet? i can give some suggestions if you would like. by the way, is the Supra in your profile picture yours? my little brother have a white MkIII Turbo
  9. Pocher 1:8 Aventador kit

    hi, not much progress since october, i have prepped the engine block for painting, but it is too cold outside for painting at the moment. meanwhile i would put some decals on the steering wheels, but the softener i use doesnt react with the decals at all, so that is on hold until i find some softener that works. you can see the kit on here, and another on going build here
  10. wooden decks

    yea, but at the moment its easier for me to get the Voyager deck, than the Hasegawa one.
  11. wooden decks

    does anyone have tried wooden decks from Voyager/ Blue Star Admiral? for Hasegawa 1:350 IJN Nagato to be specific.
  12. Pocher 1:8 Aventador kit

    some progress on the dashboard. whats left is to apply decals for steering wheel bottoms, logo for steering wheel, bottoms for air vents. i also want to put carbon on the dashboard and the back of the seats, but i am waiting for some decal softener to be able to do the decal works.
  13. Pocher 1:8 Aventador kit

    some of the missing parts is added with the trans kit, but i dont know how much of the missing stuff it covers. but i dont think i am going to add even more stuff than the trans kit, else i will drown in the build. i havent decided decided on the rear end yet, but i have seen your Aventador build, and there is some good hints and tips here and there. i havent started on the engine part yet, but i will think about it. my plan for now is to finish the interior compartment, and then the front frame, as those parts are taking up space
  14. Pocher 1:8 Aventador kit

    no, only the body/exterior and metal parts comes prepainted.
  15. Pocher 1:8 Aventador kit

    now that i have the PE set, i have some parts to redo. on the interior floor, i had to change the carpet, but it should be finished unless i have missed something.