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  1. best online AFV modelling stores?

    that's SO not user friendly. in the Colonies, and I order from everywhere. even Hobby Link Japan fulfills there orders through customs in 30 days or less.
  2. pre- 1950 packing material

    what was used before foam peanuts & plastic air-bags? excelsior ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_wool) comes to mind, but what would replicate it in 1:35 scale?I remember cosmoline and wrinkly wrapping paper, but neither would provide cushion in a shipping crate. thanks
  3. D Day Cricket manufacturing

    internet search has netted various sources to buy, but none how these were made. would a die stamping machine to be used for the upper, and cut off machine for rolls of spring stock the lower? and a crimper to hold them together? manufacturing plant planned for the model railroad and thought this to be a good choice: raw materials in, finished product out, many interior details. thanks
  4. Revell VW Samba 1/16

    piping. the little roll about 1/4" in diameter sewn between two pieces of fabric to help it go 'round a bend and look finished. helps establish the arris.
  5. Hasegawa 1:24 Willys Jeep MB

    thanks for the 'bare-bones' picture of the power plant
  6. sidebar: amazing how much tobacco was consumed 75 years ago. I have been watching Generation War & Babylon Berlin, and everyone from wake to sleep has a cigarette in their hand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylon_Berlin
  7. sometimes the Hobby Spirits reward our efforts!
  8. hat geeks unite! http://www.thefedoralounge.com/
  9. 1/24 Morris Minor 1000 (Series V)...HELP!

    windshield: www.modelcarsmag.com/windshield-tool/ chrome: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/alclad-chrome-how-to/
  10. Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    work of art, it is. a work of art.
  11. 1/24 Morris Minor 1000 (Series V)...HELP!

    carpet? flocking: www.modelcargarage.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=16
  12. if the floor pan isn't painted, you might have some luck playing a hair drier amidships and twisting it with your hands until it sits even. go past where you think it should be because the plastic may have a memory and not hold the full correction. another way might be to cut a slice in the high side and wedge in a piece of plastic strip. also, in between build sessions, weight the assembly down to help it behave. looks like you're too far along for the hot water dunk cure. the body might help the floorpan retain its shape, but you're wise to begin course correction as soon as possible. might take a little of this and that, and in the end simply sanding a flat spot on the other front tire to bring the high side down.
  13. Sdkfz 251 aufC

    lighting is a nice touch
  14. Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    this is going to prove interesting. thanks for the link above, too. much to explore there.
  15. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    there was another helpful video in his library which helped me "boat-tail" a model A Ford speedster. here: only thing I did differently was to drill a hole at the end of my relief cuts so there would not be a stress riser in the styrene. when everything was glued & dried where it needed to be, I filled the holes with stretched sprue.
  16. Afrika Korps Kubelwagen

    that's looking might nice. thanks for the gas cap information.
  17. Afrika Korps Kubelwagen

    was the addition to the gas cap (1:1) a vent/ overflow tube or a tether? thanks the seat cushions came out swell* *love that word - and any chance to use it!
  18. Hasegawa 1:24 Willys Jeep MB

    padding on the hood blocks .... s i g h ... I quit ....
  19. 1/24th Willys Jeep

    I h8 photobucket
  20. Hasegawa 1:24 Willys Jeep MB

    the hose clamps brought a tear to my eye!
  21. tether cars

    made me smile: http://theoldmotor.com/?p=128796
  22. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    the Devil is truly in this detail
  23. Part 2 Fiat Mefistofeles 1/12 Italeri

    true. but you realize you don't have to quote the entire post.
  24. My lasted Models in 1/35 and 1/32

    you've certainly been busy. nice, clean, work. kudos!