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  1. Building a wartime Watch Office

    thank you for the information & link (posts #6, 7, 8, & 9)
  2. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    that's an absolutely stunning model. careful of too many things distracting from it on the display. the reflections, lights, other models, are all competing for the viewer's attention. the car can, and does, surely speak for itself.
  3. 1930 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Airfix, 1/32

    got it; thank you. those are great models.
  4. 1930 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Airfix, 1/32

    what are the white diamonds between the wheel spokes?
  5. Building a wartime Watch Office

    do we have any resources for "airspotter's sheds"? they were the civilian equivelant. some here: http://northerncatskillshistory.com/nchnew/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Jefferson-Spotters.pdf http://colebrookhistoricalsociety.org/PDF Images/Air Spotters of WWII.pdf http://colebrookhistoricalsociety.org/PDF Images/Panorama Hill.pdf these are all from the US
  6. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    I forgot: why are we leaving the molding marks?
  7. MG C type circa 1931

    I just found a good dash photo: have to start somewhere. from here: https://silodrome.com/cockpits-of-goodwood/
  8. MG C type circa 1931

    I don't care for the color, but I think this car in the "cream cracker" livery would be something i'd enjoy spending a year or three building. I get lots of pointers from the Fiat & Bugatti threads as to how things were done when these cars were built, but i'd like to adapt those ideas to a more prototypical rendition. thanks for the link. sometimes I save things so long they become outdated. I won't even begin to explain how many links I've deleted since photoshop shopped out... the quest continues!
  9. MG C type circa 1931

    i'm doing research on this vehicle. any leads would be gratefully appreciated. thanks
  10. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    beautiful job!
  11. Pocher 1/4 ducati pangalie

    just you wait until Her birthday rolls around ....
  12. No 'Like/react' buttons on my posts?

    why is everyone obsessed with being liked?
  13. Walk around and detailed vehicle pictures.

    as a general comment: this thread is pretty helpful getting ideas and direction for research.
  14. research topics thread

    thank you; that's helpful. I did not think to look there being somewhat tunnel-visioned by my own thoughts. since I don't build specific models, but rather incorporate details I like, I can glean ideas from any thread!