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  1. Apparently HONG it`s way better (I have the Meng kit)
  2. Awesome build ! This machine really looks like a modern IFV should. We`ll wait for MENG kit, imagine how awesome that will be
  3. I got the Meng kit, it`s incredible !
  4. Ok, browsing various forums I`ve found the above info
  5. Hello, can we make a list of the best kits for : M1A1 Abrams M1A2 Abrams (SEP) - Dragon 3536 T-80 T-90 A - Meng 006 Leopard 2A4 - Meng 016 Leopard 2A5 Leopard 2A6 Leopard 2A7 - Meng 027 Merkava MkII Merkava MkIII Merkava MkIV Challenger 2 JSDF Type 10 Leclerc PLA Type 99
  6. That's a good link man, thanks. Also I rate Academy (as a company) pretty high, was it a good build ?
  7. Gents, as the title says, in 35 scale who makes the best M1A2 Abrams ?
  8. Hi Mike, I was trying to create the inner contour of the F-15s vertical stabilizers. Basically I did the contour itself with Patafix and on the outside I`ve added mr masking. Ammonia aside, even Patafix (I don't know how you call it in uk) removed some paint also To be precise though, it was only one paint layer
  9. Thing is, I was lazy and I masked it like 10 days after painting it, so this is even stranger. Check the pic below please
  10. Hello together, maybe you can help me, I used Mr Masking Neo over a painted surface (Mr Hobby acrylics) and after I removed it some paint peeled off or the surface was damaged. Also I used Patafix on the same part and the result was the same, damaged surface. I primed my parts with Mr Surface 1000 and the paint was thinned using Mr Color leveling thinner Am I doing something wrong ? Cheers
  11. It`s a Fulcrum, how not to like I`ll be following this build
  12. I already bought two cans of it
  13. Nope, I don't have that locally. What I have though it`s a rich offer from Vallejo, AK, Tamiya, Mr Hobby
  14. Hello together, can you tell me please if I can use primers developed for enamels (like revell`s Airbrush email basic) and then to spray over them acrylics like AK Interactive ? Cheers
  15. So you are saying health wise acrylics are/could be worse ?