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  1. Worst mistake I ever made was grabbing the Preparation H instead of the toothpaste to brush my teeth with before going on watch. I had nice thin lips though
  2. mean you are giving up the free vacation in the JT MPV? With free Leberwurst and Schnapps? And the warm bunking spot near the engine compartment bulkhead on the tasteful waffle pattern metal floor plates? And you don't approve of the crap tasteful interior fittings you can lie under to avoid the rain and condensation drops? You are really a spoiled "Englander", I would say if I didn't know better that you originated from Cornwall but luckily I think I knows better ( I have an Auntie and Uncle in Cornwall, bad place except for Scrumpie and pasties)
  3. Hi Richard, Appreciate the input on the cut marks.The cuts look suspiciously like the cut marks I made with a torch when cutting through chains etc. during anchor-handling operations when I was still at sea. You are spot on correct because I didn't really have any experience beforehand and after my time on anchor handling supply vessels I will be leaving the marks on the JT as they are because I think (hope) they will be less eye-pokingly prominent when painted and weathered and also because I am quite happy with the look. On a different note here, I am not sure what the level of ability of the work force building the last ditch weapons of the 3rd Reich's weapons was. The input is appreciated though,
  4. Thanks Simon, despite the size of the JT it's not possible for the crew to stand up straight to service the main gun. I think it will look even more cramped when the storage racks etc. are fitted.
  5. Coming along very nicely Carius,
  6. All the PE and scratching makes this a completely different animal to the original Tamiya kit. Great build !
  7. Great work on the tracks Francis, this is going to be a real stunner when finished. Super work
  8. That is an excellent build John, love all the details that add to a magnificent portrayal of the real deal. Nice one sir !
  9. 19/3 update. Traverse base for the main gun ready for painting (gun could traverse 10 degrees to both sides). A ready rack is incorporated into the traverse base. First storage rack fitted to the fighting compartment. Some work being done on the spare track storage: The arrangement of the parts over the different sprues as thought up by Trumpeter is beginning to cause extreme irritation I get the impression that no one has considered grouping parts like WNW does, Trumpie seems to get it's jolly's by spreading the parts for a sub-build over as many sprues as possible. This is a pity because the JT model would be up there with the best except for this humongous blooper. Ok, rant over.
  10. Thanks Simon, The welds will be "softened" a bit with sanding and glue. Idea is to have them look the same.
  11. 17/3 update. I have been spending some time building the shells for the stowage bin. I have also been reworking the cut marks on the armour plates to give them all the same appearance. Doesn't seem like much progress but the shells take some time: Cheers
  12. Thanks , it is a very moving song. I heard the Pogues version first, quite a protest song though.
  13. Nice work on a very unusual subject. I can't really see her breaking speed records but it is a gorgeous model to build
  14. Carius, Stix, thank you very much, Julian