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  1. Hello,Glynn - She may have fought you at times during the build but you certainly won the battle with this superb 'F-111'.I love the quality and detail of the painting and finishing work together with your chosen scheme.She portrays the brutal elegance of this iconic aircraft perfectly.Great work. 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  2. Hello,Dago - My full compliments to you on your magnificent build of the 'Sea Vixen'. I love the quality and detail of the painting and finishing work together with the open canopy, hatch and folded wings.Superb work. 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  3. Hello,Graham - I know what you mean.I'm happy to put a wash on undercarriage and a touch of exhaust/cannon staining if I so desire but I'm not brave enough to go much further into the noble art of weathering.😳 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  4. Hello,Graham - You're more than welcome.Credit where credit is due. There is another superb build of this kit on RFI at the moment.This shows excellent weathering work. 'Whether to weather' is a topical subject.I respect both sides of this debate but at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice and preference.The clean 'classic' finish is exactly how I like to finish my builds. I've just enjoyed studying your photos again and your 'Typhoon' displays meticulous paint and decal application and is my idea of perfection. "Keep up the great work!" 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  5. Hello,Noel - She may be finally finished but one thing's for sure.She's beautifully finished.A resplendent looking tribute to the charismatic 'Tracker'. Great work! 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  6. Hello,Graham - I know that as far as size is concerned this is a beast of a kit. However,after studying the photos,you've created a vision of beauty with your 'Typhoon'.You've obviously taken great care with the construction aspect but my eyes are immediately drawn to the quality and detail of the painting and finishing work.This shows great eye for detail and I also love the clean 'classic' appearance. If this was my model,I'd be extremely proud of it.Great work indeed. 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  7. Hello,Ian - Here's another beauty off the production line.Finished to your hallmark standard,she looks resplendent in her 57FIS markings. Great work as always. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  8. Hello,Bjorn - Another beautifully built and finished subject from you,as always.This is an education for me as The 'J-36' is new to me.It looks most impressive in model form.It certainly would have been so in real life.The size comparison against the Draken is very interesting.The design,and please forgive me for saying this,looks quite 'Miragesque',particularly in the wing.This leaves no doubt in my mind that it would have been a remarkable performer,like her predecessor and successor. A great tribute to a great concept. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  9. Hello,Tony - At first,I thought this superb model couldn't be yours.I knew you wouldn't forget to add the propeller!?😳 Then it registered."Bless him, he's built a jet!" Looking over these photos,I reckon you deserve a Gold Star for this beautifully built and finished 'Silver Star'.I love the quality and detail of the painting and finishing work.The sharp demarcation between colours,the crisp and clean finish really nails it for me.The crowning glory is that she carries the same serial as my beloved Vulcan. Fabulous work as always,My Friend. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  10. Hello,Tony - My apologies for being late in spotting your latest masterpiece on my radar.😳 Built,finished and portrayed with your customary expertise,this 'Barracuda' is a fine tribute to the type. Great work as always. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  11. Hello,Bjorn - My full compliments to you on your superb builds of the 'Spitfire' and 'Mosquito'. I love the quality and detail of the painting and finishing work on them both and commend the restrained weathering.I built the 'Spitfire' in Swedish Markings(not as good as yours!😢) and the simple 'elegance' of the PRU Blue and Swedish Insignia really appealed to me. Great work indeed. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  12. Hello,RMCS - You've made a superb job and complete success of this 'Typhoon' build and I wish you equal success with the real aircraft.Great work in every respect. 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  13. New Theme

    Hello,Mike - Wishing your Goodself and the Tech.Team all the very best with the new-look Forum.Splendid it looks too! Onwards and upwards for Britmodeller.I just need to increase my New Topic numbers?!😳 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.
  14. Hello,Avgas - I can't see any issue with the canopy or otherwise.What I can see see are a pair of superb looking 'Vipers' and both are beautifully built and finished.The schemes look marvellous and really suit the type well. They'll do for me! 😉👍 All the best,Paul.
  15. Hello,John - Its always a pleasure to view and admire your airliner builds and this delightful BAC 'One-Eleven' is no exception. Beautifully built and finished she looks superb alongside the 'Britannia'.Both wearing the 'British Eagle Airways' Livery,they're a splendid reminder of the halcyon days of British commercial aircraft. 😉👍 All the very best,Paul.