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  1. That is awesome in every way. Finnthedude.
  2. I've often thought about trying to do some homebrew as I am partial to the odd beer now and then, but I've been put off by the prices of some of the gear required. I'd be happy if there was some kind of starter kit for a few quid but the local homebrew suppliers want a fortune for what seems to be a plastic bucket, some tubing and a tin of powder. Any advice on where to start? Quite happy with only brewing a few pints just to see if I have the knack. Finnthedude.
  3. No it's not. The Home Bargains "bargains" were many and varied but I only bought the ones I wanted (all WWII aircraft). It's not a bargain if it's something I don't want, If I didn't really want them I wouldn't buy them. At least that's my definition of a a bargain - something I want at a knock down price and the HB Airfix stuff had some absolute belters. Finnthedude.
  4. Depends on what is posted in the Bargains section! I've got a decent stash that I don't want to grow by too much but if there's a bargain to be had I have to get some. The last blowout was when Home Bargains had the Airfix stuff for £2.99. Unless something like that comes up again I probably won't spend anything on kits this year. Finnthedude.
  5. I've got loads of old DOS games and I've got an old Toshiba laptop with 98SE on it for playing them. DOSBox is ok but it can be a massive pain to get some stuff running with it so sometimes it's easier just to bang it on the old laptop. I've got an xp machine just for the same reason. Finnthedude.
  6. I think Christmas TV has been particularly terrible this year. I know everyone moans and groans at this time of year but even the usual Christmas fodder was missing this time. I kinda miss the cheesy regulars like The Great Escape and such, much rather have them than some of the comedy remakes that seem to be popular now. The only things I've really enjoyed watching was classic Jason and the Argonauts (never miss it, even though I've got it on DVD, somehow it's different on broadcast TV?), Captain Phillips (hadn't already seen it, enjoyed it), James May's Reassembler and a documentary about the Hurricane on an obscure Freeview channel last night. Didn't really enjoy Jonathon Creek as I guessed the antimony reference right away and everything else seemed a little obvious or implausible, but it was ok as chewing gum TV. Looking forward to Sherlock but even more excited about Endeavour in the New Year. Finnthedude.
  7. Ikea Detolf cabinets. They are amazing value at £40. It's also easy to add extra shelves to them using wire rope clips. Link. Finnthedude.
  8. Organised alphabetically by title, irrelevant of subject, apart from Moby Dick which was relegated to a place in the loft after being the most difficult and disappointing "Classic" I have ever had to force myself to finish. Finnthedude.
  9. Time of year doesn't help, seasonally affected disorder because of the dark nights, cold if you have an outside shed and besides that there's a massive amount of other stuff going on with Christmas and stuff. I don't even bother with modelling until work finishes for Chrimbo and then I usually get a bit of a spurt thanks to time off. Can't wait till the 16th when I get a few weeks of time away from work. Finnthedude.
  10. Nice little RC car, Tamiya are a good way to get into RC. I run only nitro cars myself because battery life is still so low. Getting extra batteries is definitely good idea because just as you're having fun and getting used to a car it goes flat. Don't run it in the wet, puddles will kill it (you can insulate almost everything if you take the time), don't run it out of range unless you enjoy a walk and find a nice open space to run it in. Unless you have a massive flat garden you'll soon be frustrated with the lack of space. If you're running it around your garden look at getting some spares as you will crash it and need replacement suspension parts. You and your son will love it, but you will knack it up into a rock and the love mending it and going again. Finnthedude.
  11. I had this kit in the mid 80's and never finished it due to the landing gear collapsing so I got fed up of it and binned it. Yours is stunning, so much so that I want to buy another and try again. Finnthedude.
  12. Just finished "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. I found it a real slog and had to force myself to finish it. For a quick fix to cheer myself up I'm going to read Pratchett's last discworld novel "The Shepherd's Crown" next. Finnthedude.
  13. Very nice! I'm not brave enough to tackle one of these beasts yet and I admire anyone who builds one, especially to this very high standard. Finnthedude.
  14. In "Porridge", Lennie Godber makes a number of models in his cell I think. Pretty sure in one he episode he was working on a B-17 of some sort. Finnthedude.
  15. It's a beautiful beast, The Emperor would be proud! Finnthedude.