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  1. some camo more "exploited" on the pby don't exixt ? i say as those on Salvadorean Corsair,example , question
  2. guys u are an incredible team!
  3. i thought me too initially to the black cat black version.:)
  4. hi, ive got a decent price a revell 48sc pby-5A, but i'd do a catalina different from those normally seen around some idea on strange camo even if of special purpose or minor aviations? cheers
  5. TROY thnx now and for the eternity! (however the kit i've it's the old battle of britain mould kit without filter )
  6. ciao i' m converting the old model nealy finished of revell 32 sc hurri in nort africa hurri with vokes filter,so i've to scratch build the filter vokes:i'm doing it with an air intake of and old f-14 in 72 sc similar- shape,enough t's not easy buyt i could reach some goal,the biggest problem is the correct shape and WHERE fix it in the round "gondola -motor/under muzzle" of the hurri some drawing/jpg of any help? thnx in ad.
  7. osp sorry ok!
  8. the antenna on the motor cowl and the squared panel make me think to an helldiver
  9. the 2 motor plane with people on upper surfaces in the pic above is a B-25 as i think or what else?
  10. yes, helldiver, above there's there a lack of a squared small panel soon after the front canopy and before the motor pack:, even the raised lines of the 1/48 model of helldiver i've show the panel
  11. or more probably Helldiver ?
  12. B-25 or what? dauntless i suppose
  13. pics of WWII u.s or commonwealth planes in pacific theatre among ithe jungle? till now the finest and dramatic pic is that oen of the PBY ventura john thnx for the effort but being me italian,the silouhette and pics of the WWII planes shot down in the shores /underwaters of tuscania,sicily,calabria, lazio and even in the not too far Greece are well known, btw now i'm searchgin for something more exotic as above
  14. nevermind,no problem,somehting interestig even above,obviously lack of the typical tropical vegetation around
  15. AWF , ciao,a question: " the mould was worn out." ..means? in italian sounds "lo stampo era vestito via" but obviously one can't trnaslatign literally simply i try difficult attempt the meaning in the economy of the quote (probalbly means something as "the mould was so "tired " that was kicked off"?)