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  1. Ah but the origin of the myth is quite possibly just as humourous. Supposedly a Captain King recorded the word Mee-Nuah as the word for a Kangaroo which led to the myth that Captain Cook had got it wrong. The suggestion apparently is that, when Captain King asked what the animal was the Aboriginies replied Mee-Nuah which the linguists suggest is the Aboriginie word Minha meaning 'dinner' or 'edible animal'. Further to my Mummy Brown entry anyone interested in a gruesome, pretty much cannibalistic, practice in the west should have a read at the following link where the 'medicinal' use of Mummy and even fresh(ish)human is described which carried on into surprisingly recent times.
  2. tough with fly paper
  3. Hi all, I was recently researching traditional artists pigments and I came across a bizarre fact that I will share with you shortly which got me to wondering what other weird and bizarre facts may be lodged in the minds of my fellow Britmodellers and so, I created this thread. My bizarre fact is that, from the 16th right up until the early 20th century there was a popular pigment which was called Mummy brown. This pigment was created by mixing ground myrhh and pitch and, in order to give it a nice transparent quality ........ ground up Egyptian human and feline mummys. Once it became widely known just what the pigment was made from it rapidly went out of use Now if that ain't a wacky fact I don't know what is so let's hear what other fascinating oddities you fine fellows have collected in your memory banks. Interestingly, if you have ever wondered why embalmed Egyptian corpses are known as 'Mummies' it comes from the fact that, because of their blackened appearance the Arabs thought they had been coated in pitch, which, in Persian is Mum or Mumiya.
  4. Koalas makes them mad
  5. looking for hen's teeth
  6. is a futile pursuit (as eyore told me)
  7. ah the napalm diet
  8. with advanced engineering degrees
  9. Indeed sad news, I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Indeed the world has plenty of people who are sad, bad and dangerous to know. Glad I live in the backwoods.
  10. I guess 'stuffing it up' is my biggest concern. If I knacker up a thirty quid Roden 1/32 kit I will just buy another one and say "Hey it was only £30" but it is harder to do that with a 'Sold Out' Wingnut Wings kit where, if I stuff it up it will cost a lot of loot to get another and even the 'in stock' kits are a fair amount of cash to muck up. I have now realised that I need to buy more than one each of kits that are currently in stock and get my confidence up with them. knowing that I will be able to have a second bite of the cherry if neccessary before taking on those rare OOP kits.
  11. which did it all
  12. at a jaunty angle
  13. bright pink crimplene socks
  14. due to tiffany spice
  15. missed the Firkin Point (This is a real place by the way, on Loch Lomond)