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  1. of Farley Fruitbat sightings
  2. I rather suspect that things were in flux last year and the whole Weta business didn't help. Myself I am hoping that the camel will indeed be the kit that brings them back from the brink. As Duncan B announced on his Britmodeller retailer section he now has rights to sell Wingnuts in the UK giving us at least two UK retailers and I gather that Uschi Van Der Rosten is now the European distributor for Wingnuts. I don't think these are the actions of a company on it's way out although I think they may have come close to disaster with the Weta sole distributor business. I can't help but think that they need some more colourful releases of well known types (Albatros, Pfalz D.III, Spad, Fokker Triplane etc.) to boost revenue. As the molds for the first two already exist and there are still plenty of colourful options they could sling out, and I am sure plenty of us would snap them up for the stash, I am hoping to see some of those.
  3. they get bad reception
  4. I think that is actually a shore leave lighter for a Fruitbat.
  5. from the other side
  6. No I don't actually resemble a red horse head it's just my self-designed personal insignia. I really more resemble a sasquatch in jolly (firemans) boots, combats and a fedora. I guess I am just a little bit eccentric
  7. Ah but on here we is all international men of mystery Unless of course I am actually a red horses head and you are the back end of a black phantom
  8. I'll be keeping an eye out too Duncan...........Will you be doing hire purchase?
  9. to keep your sheep
  10. I must admit that I have never used a Humbrol, Revell or Tamiya brush. All my brushes are artist quality. A mixture of pure sable, sable/synthetic mix and fully synthetic from Winsor and Newton, Pro arte and Rowney. I can heartily recommend a chap called abcbrushes on fleabay. He only sells pro arte factory seconds and they are very cheap compared to what you will pay in an art store but, at the same time they are perfectly good brushes which have been rejected by quality control at Pro Arte because they have blemishes in the finish of the handle, misprint on the brush handle or other minor faults but every brush I have bought, and I bought forty of his tiny detail brushes alone as I can go through them in days or hours being relegated as soon as the tips of the hairs splay or develop a bend, are of first class when it comes to the business end.
  11. messing up your business
  12. that'll cross your eyes
  13. better not lacrosse them (Pete you put me in mind of an old Ayshire joke there about two chaps from Kilwinning (A town not known for intelligence) who were on a night out in Kilmarnock and wanted to get home so they decide to steal a bus from the Bus depot. One goes over the fence while the other keeps a look out. A half hour passes and the one outside the fence shouts his mate to ask what's keeping him. The reply........I cannae find one that goes tae Kilwinning)
  14. Hmmm methinks they weren't actually ready for shipping but the company felt that they had to give their public something to look forward to still it gives me time to save my pennies. Do you have an inside track on the info Duncan?
  15. to tipperary on foot