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  1. they live in towers
  2. I rather liked the bottles with some telly DIY'er on them that gave you a bottle plus a can of accelerator for a quid.
  3. very easy to topple
  4. of finest saharan camels
  5. who tell their fortunes (You're for the chop(s))
  6. According to the article it was some blunder during the take-over of the 99p stores that de-valued the company and the new parent company has shut down what I would imagine are the underperforming stores or stores where there was both a 99p store and a poundland in order to gain back the financial ground they lost.
  7. where the sheep are
  8. for use as stuffing
  9. I didn't know they were as I am rarely in towns/cities where they are present but, according to an article in the Telegraph back in November the company was taken over by a South African company called Steinhoff who were planning to close 80 stores across Britain.
  10. from the neck down (Jeez, don't think I would try that one or at least take off running very, very fast)
  11. Enjoyed many of his books myself. 93 not a bad innings though.
  12. Yes but I am sure they were no more peculiar than the regular inputs of the pilots, especially Flight Lieutenant 'Squiffy' Sideways.
  13. tearing their stripes off (I would imagine re-loading an elephant should be done very gingerly)
  14. by the imperial gallon
  15. even if you squint