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  1. Thanks for sharing 72 - there are a lot of brave men pictured there
  2. Thanks for posting Nils Its a pity this part of the BM site doesn't get the views!
  3. Excellent one there Nils
  4. Hi - In case you are interested- This radio control model has the wings fold- (about a minute in on this You Tube video )
  5. Very nice MRMLA - I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that the lower wing retracted into the fuselage and upper wing It must have been an interesting aircraft to land.
  6. I will be a bit more mindful of using Wikipedia in future! Thanks again for your comments - its a subject in its own right (I will be raiding the spares box for the Bulldog)
  7. Thanks again, tempestfan - it will be the Type 10- copyright date is 1991. Hi Alan and Graham- big thanks for your comments. I am with you on the film It seems that the interwar blue would have been "Identification Blue" which was changed to "Identification Blue (Dull)" during the war years hence the darker shade. From my digging there are a lot of illustrations of inter war aircraft with very pale blues. I am wondering if the illustrators themselves were mislead by photographs which give the impression that the blue is pale without realising that it was the film stock.
  8. Thanks for the book tip tempestfan. I do not know how old the decals are but the quality of printing is not the best the kit was certainly made by Humbrol (it has the Swedish Air Force alternative)- eek!
  9. Very nice Is that Wellington ?
  10. Thanks again Pete - will take a look out for it.
  11. Thanks Pete- appreciated I think the Airfix ones may end up in spares box Hope Spring comes early for you up in R.I.
  12. Hi - Hoping someone can help out here I am building the Airfix Bristol Bulldog and am not sure about the blue used in the roundels on the decal sheet. It seems that some interwar roundels may have had a paler blue than the "identification blue" normally used. I also know that film used widely at the time made the blues come out very pale in black and white photos which muddies the waters. The decals supplied seem to be a bit too pale. This hasn't been helped by seeing the same Airfix decal sheet in a kit review with the standard blue used. So I am not sure if the sheet I have has a colour printing error. The decals shown are from the Airfix sheet sheet. The larger roundels at the bottom are from the SMER decal sheet for their 1/48th Bulldog which has a richer blue. Any thoughts anyone? Do I need to raid the spares box? i
  13. Great choice of colour schemes there Mark