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  1. "Keepers of the Flame."

    Oh my! Thanks for posting John. I have normally just plonked my finished aircraft on the shelf but want to do more in the way of dioramas. This is giving me a bit of the kick/inspiration that I need. I will keep it simple first though!
  2. Hi - Came across this on You Tube Hope you like
  3. F-104 Starfighter Gallery

    ZELL F -104 G Lockheed test pilot Eldon "Ed' Brown- Edwards AFB 1963 Italeri 1/72 F-104 G Scratchbuilt base, launch ramp and booster/booster frame Decals created and from spares box
  4. ZELL F-104 G

    Hi, Hope you are all well. Progress this week: The decals I needed have now been created with the help of my good wife and printed off. I went portrait. The printer went landscape and won. Oh, well. Bit of an overkill maybe with 3 sets of markings but you can never be too sure - its likely that they will be applied close to the deadline and I don't want another fight with printer technology if I need more The aircraft is essentially finished and in the paintshop. Most of the launch ramp is now finished. The parts have just been primed to show areas missed on the sanding/ filling etc. The rocket booster is done and just needs a paint. I was going to use wooden dowel for the body but ended up using Plastruct tube. The nozzle is a butchered up torpedo from an RN Lynx kit. The frame is getting there...slowly. (There's been a bit of jeffing with this bit- even with the jig) The base just needs a paint. Next post should hopefully be the finished thing.
  5. ZELL F-104 G

    Hi - Nothing like an impending deadline! Things are finally progressing on all fronts having returned from the UK and getting over the jet lag. Rocket and frame assembly: As you can see from this image from Wikimedia the frame / rocket is not a simple construction. For instance the rear support fame is not perpendicular to the fuselage but I make it nearer 82 degrees . The frame is a collection of bars, I beams and struts. It needs to be as strong and stiff as possible as the lug that can be seen on the rear top of the rocket booster (just above the nozzle) is one of three connection points to the launch ramp (the other two being the main undercarriage legs). A jig is essential. I have drilled the three location points into the fuselage of the Starfighter - these are mirrored in the wooden jig below. Both the aircraft and frame/rocket will built separately and then joined when completed - That's the plan anyway Launch Ramp: The width of the ramp is critical. As above, the aircraft was joined to the launch frame through a point on each undercarriage leg and a lug on the rear of the rocket booster. The wheels do not touch the frame but "hover" over stirrups joined to the sides of the I beams. Hopefully the mock up below with the JSDF Starfighter will give some idea. I used the kit undercarriage to ensure I had a width that fitted. The Base: The deep picture frame has been masked and filled with the Das clay. A trench has been inserted. The clay will be sanded, filled then painted The clay will shrink as it dries so I will see what fixes will be needed then. This is a mock up. Eldon "Ed" Brown, the Lockheed test pilot will feature to give some idea of scale. Three day weekend next week (yay!) so hopefully will have more progress to report then
  6. Nice one Jerzy I don't think that I could have got those wings so parallel and straight in a million years I take my hat off to you!
  7. Space Shuttle Landing Simulators

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. ZELL F-104 G

    Thanks Giorgio - appreciated I will definitely bear that in mind. The assembly as a whole may end up a bit top heavy and unstable without some sort of heavy base.
  9. Model Airport Hamburg

    Anyone been there? I can't get enough of the airport vehicles whizzing around!
  10. ZELL F-104 G

    Just a quick update - not much progress due to other commitments but I expect to ramp this up in January I have tracked down most of the bits I will need for the base, launch platform and boost rocket unit. The platform will be predominantly using Evergreen I-Beam and plastic card. The Das clay will give some good weight to the base but it shrinks slightly as it dries so will have to take that into consideration. The markings are going to be mainly from the spares folder. I will probably have to create the serial. Luckily the serial numbers are solid black and should be straightforward- the fonts for the West German Air Force being easily found on the net. Some of the decals are a bit old - I have experimented on the sun bleaching technique to see if they can be made usable I have had the decals on the left placed in a window to get some sunshine for about a week. The ones on the right were not to use as a comparison. A bit of a success there I think. Finally (!) - I have actually made a start on the kit Yay!
  11. Japan aircraft photos 2017

    Thanks Andy - great shots
  12. The Hawker SeaHawk

    Like it... lots!
  13. J.A.S.D.F. F4 Phantoms

    Lucky man! Thanks for sharing