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  1. The Hawker SeaHawk

    Like it... lots!
  2. J.A.S.D.F. F4 Phantoms

    Lucky man! Thanks for sharing
  3. Mig-19S Syria - 1/48 HPiM

    Excellent finish there
  4. Italeri 1/32 F-104G Hellenic Air Force

    Nice! Just want to strap myself into that seat!
  5. ZELL F-104 G

    Will do Rene - it may a bit sporadic due to work commitments but I hope it will help. First I am looking to do the red/white/natural metal DA + 102 as flown by Lockheed test pilot Ed Brown in the You Tube video. The main source of reference for the rocket and frame configuration is the ZELL F-104G walk around at the Aviation Images site http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/F104ZELL.html I will be mounting the aircraft on a scratchbuilt launch frame. The whole set up stood over a trench to allow the exhaust to be guided away from the aircraft. Luckily I can include the trench as I have managed to track down a deep picture frame in Woolworths which will act as the base. (yep, for those who remember, we have Woolworths general stores out here in Oz but its known as Big W with Woolworths itself being a supermarket like Sainsburys). The general set up will look something like this: I have started on some preliminary sketches (not to scale) just to work out the various dimensions Now where's that protractor?.......
  6. 1/72 Canadair CP-107 Argus

    That is one great model. (and the Crusader is looking good too ) The wood carving must have taken a lot of patience and care. One nacelle is enough but four!
  7. Lovely finish there, David. Thanks, its given me renewed inspiration. Still wrestling with my Emhar, Replicant. Not quite on the shelf of doom but also not hurtling along the production line!
  8. ZELL F-104 G

    Hi - Well, its got to be a ZELL The Zero Length Launch Starfighter always intrigued me as a kid and now I have an excuse to try and build one by converting the 1/72 Italeri kit (I am very tempted to actually try and test fly it but not sure what state it will end up in) For those unaware this was a proposed rocket assisted take off idea that placed aircraft away from vulnerable airfields in the event of a surprise Warsaw Pact attack. You would not want to be beneath one of the falling ejected spent rocket canisters. I don't know if any cows were hit. This You Tube should give you some idea of what it was all about The kit- just need a test pilot
  9. Hi. The Australian National Aviation Museum is hosting the Wings Model Show this weekend in Melbourne at Moorabbin Airport. Its a great informal show aimed mainly at aviation and the museum is well worth a visit especially for the magnificent Beaufighter. Hope you enjoy. The Beaufighter was rescued from a children's playground Beaufighter with Beaufort front fuselage in foreground. The Beaufort is part of a full scale restoration project One of a pair of BE 2a wings in the WW1 display Now for some models A great Aermacchi 1/72 Thunderjet Some 1/48ths Some 1/32s The P-51 table Outside museum exhibit - Bristol Freighter Vickers Viscount- thought to have been occasionally used by Fidel Castro when it was owned by CUBANA Lastly - A T 28 parked up near the Royal Victorian Aero Club in Laos Air Force markings
  10. Tu-22KD

    Молодец Юрий. Вы попали туда, в конце концов! Добро пожаловать.
  11. Tu-22KD

    Привет, Юрий, надеюсь, это поможет. Вы разместили свои фотографии в разделе обсуждения. Четвертый раздел вниз (Ready for Inspection-Aircraft) - это место, где мы размещаем фотографии готовых моделей. Было бы жаль, если бы больше людей не увидели ваш прекрасный самолет!
  12. Tu-22KD

    Ницца на Юрия!Если вы опубликуете это в разделе Готов к проверке ("Ready For Inspection"), вы получите больше просмотров
  13. Douglas D-558-I Skystreak 1:72

    Wow!- lovely finish there Replicant - I've always loved the Skystreak since I was a kid. I have made a start on the Special Hobby version and will be pleased if if turns out anywhere near as good as yours
  14. White Lightning

    Thanks 71chally, Seahawk and canberra kid - This is really appreciated
  15. White Lightning

    Hi I was looking out for an interesting Lightning scheme to model and came across this part white Lightning trials aircraft on You Tube. I think I have traced a picture of the same aircraft in "The History of Air of Air Refuelling' by Richard Tanner but its not fully clear. It is , again , shown refuelling from a Valiant. The aircraft is not fully white - just the forward fuselage to behind the rear wing root and part of the wing. It seems to have a grey spine. Can anyone shed any light on it ? Are there any other photos of it available ? Not having much luck!