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  1. Super build! The clean lines of the canopy frame really accentuate the finish.
  2. Was it really you wrote Blister on the Moon? I love that song!
  3. We used Cougar in Customs for many years. They (I'm retired) use something different now.
  4. I thang yow
  5. That was the colour of the E type 4.2 hard top my best man drove me to the church in. All together now .... aaaaaaahhhhhhh.
  6. I saw it in 3D about 3 weeks ago. I thought it was very well done in 3D, not overdoing the effects.
  7. Extraordinary 3 minutes driving from Droitwich up the A38 towards the Bromsgrove turn - a Bentley 4 1/2 litre Blower in racing green, followed just a minute later by what I think might have been a Bentley 4 1/2 with a Weymann style body, in black and cream. I know it's possible the green Bentley was a replica, but my goodness it looked GOOD!
  8. Grahame, Done, but the drop down boxes didn't work, so I hope it doesn't invalidate my participation! Good luck for your daughter.
  9. Thanks for the reference. Those are some beautiful, if disturbing photos. Dark Sun sits alongside my copy of "the making..."
  10. Baron, and PC, have either of you read "The making of the Atomic Bomb " by Richard Rhodes? it is a stunning book about the Manhattan Project. it doesn't editorialise, or support or criticise the use of the bomb, but it brings the extraordinary story of the bomb's development to life, through the histories fo the scientists concerned, the descriptions of their work, and it is utterly absorbing. I've read several books on the Manhattan project, one being a novel, Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon, another being Atomic, by Jim Baggott, concerned more with the events surrounding the Manhattan project (eg the raid on Vemork (heavy water plant), and the spies at Los Alamos. Another I can recommend is Ruin from the Air, by Gordon Thomas and Max Norgan-Witts, about the setting up of the 509th Composite Group Hiroshima and Nagasaki missions. In the spirit of the thread, 'm currently readin the Cyprus Emergency, about the struggle for independence of the island, by Nick Van der Bijl.
  11. Given I'm running a 17 year old PC on WinXP I'm not!
  12. Dazz, I use 2gb ram on a Windows Xp machine - no idea about the processor speed. - and Firefox and have none of the issues being described. My PC is 17 years old.
  13. Good to hear that. I did read the first couple of chapters a day or so ago and found them quite interesting - I began to be drawn to the Mikami character straightaway. I bought the Simon Bradley book on the Railways at the same time, and Malpaso; I also have the Silent Deep in my stash, am looking forward to it. I counted up my stash of unread books before this and I have 77 - ranging from Domink Sandbrook's historis of the '70's to Joe Hill's NOS4R2!
  14. Got this one in the stash to read. Hopefully it'll be as good as the reviews suggest.
  15. And then we'll need an anti-anti-anti-adblocker (ad infinitum!) And thanks for the tips on using adblocker from all here, very useful.