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  1. TVs best characters

    Yup, Sledge hammer and Scrubs, definitely two very, very good films. I quite like Brooklyn 99, and in older comedies loved Green Wing, a very anarchic, dark, and satirical (I think) look at hospital life, with some very well known people in the cast, like Steve Mangan, Olivia Colman, Tamsin Grieg, Michelle Gomez (Missy in Doctor Who) and Pippa Haywood, who also played Mrs Brittas. One of my wife and I's absolute favourites though is Gimme Gimme Gimme, which has us literally gasping for breath laughing sometimes, and wondering how on earth they got away with the dialogue, which is filthy beyond belief! The thin blue line (Rowan Atkinson) has its moments, too. Apologies for the slight thread drift, but I have mentioned Kathy Burke in Gimme Gimme Gimme !! (Now )
  2. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Chris, There's a photo of your table in the April 2018 Scale Aviation a modeller International on page 40, taken at the Model Engineers Show last December. No credit I'm afraid.
  3. Jonathan Ross the Modeller

    Alas, I fear you're right.
  4. Jonathan Ross the Modeller

    The new BBC sitcom hold the sunset features a character who is a modeller. The trailer for next Sunday's episode shows him in a shed with what looks like a stash on shelves in the shed.
  5. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Beardie, I don't want to cause upset, but surely it is precisely because in the sporting world, as someone else pointed out, when we don't have the history, or the climate, or the facilities to properly prepare for or take part in these sports, that when someone comes along and does win a medal, we are entitled as a nation to go overboard?
  6. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    Was that the daytime one? I've experienced two earthquakes here in Kidderminster, one in the daytime that made me wonder what had happened, and the more entertaining one about 2 in the morning. I say entertaining because we were woken by the burglar alarm going off, the radiators clanging like hell, the dog barking, and a hell of a thump in the house.
  7. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Not seeing your photo's ...... And now they've appeared ! Very nice work, a lovely example.
  8. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Do great minds think alike? I think so, as when I scrolled down to your comment I am listening to Quantum Gate by Tangerine Dream!
  9. Most memorable film scenes..

    Roy Scheider on the beach when the shark attacks and the background recedes while the camera closes in on him. I still, 41 years after Jaws came out, find that scene incredibly powerful. "bend over and 'I'll show you" scene in National Lampoon's Christmas vacation Burn dust and eat my rubber from the same film; Archie being put in the cooler in The Great Escape
  10. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Forgot this one;
  11. it sounds as though your Doc is better than my brother in law's doc. When he had a cyst on his back and went to the Doctor she told him " I'll give you some cream for that". 2 weeks later he had it whipped out in a minor op! Major to him, but as it was a local we scorned it and said it was minor!
  12. I've got to say the whole concept is brilliant, and as a father (and I'm sure I speak for all fathers here) to see the wonderful relationship you have with your daughter in making this is an absolute joy. Your combined work so far is championship material and I can't wait to see the final result!
  13. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Beardie, right place, right time, right circumstances, that's all. You've probably had those occur for you in something that I'd be envious of. And yes, they should really have gone on to bigger things - Canterbury was their downfall but it is a really good album, probably a little while before its time. Growing up in the 50's and '60's I generally heard all those artistes on things like 2 way family favourites, and I have fond memories of "Jim, of 16 signals, Munchen Gladbach, wanted his wife Peggy to know he loves her very much and wil be home on leave soon, so would like Peggy Sue to be played to remember her". They were as you say trail blazers. As for not liking the Beatles, Zepp (Oh dear, I feel the need to tell you the story about meeting Robert Plant in the queue at W H Smiths, no ... stop - stop ..) etc. we all have different taste, and I am absolutely sure that there are bands/artistes we both really wnjoy and we will each like people the other doesn't. That's life, we're all different, and that's what makes things so fascinating!
  14. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    I went to see the Who in the Labert Hall a few years ago, and got talking to an American fan who when he discovered I'd seen them back in 1968, said quite enviously, "hey, you must 'a seen them at Woodstock". he was really put out when I laughed. I explained to him that for a 19 year old "blue collar" kid back in 1969, the airfare to the States was probably more than a year's pay in total, and that I would have had to know that the Who were playing there. I pointed out gently us oldies didn't have the internet then, so the only way we would have known where any band was playing was by reading Melody maker or New Musical Express, and they probably would only have had a little piece a week or two before the event saying something like "The Who will be playing the woodstock festival next week". I acknowledged there were almost certainly British kids at the festival, but they were probably rich. he was placated, I think, but try telling someone younger than say 30 (as he was) what life was like before the internet and cheap airfares and I don't think they believe you. Oh, and live, Summertime Blues was utterly magnificent when played by the Who. And loud. Oh, Loud. Very, very loud.