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  1. Pet hates.

    My pet hate - the misuse of the word impact. "This will impact the bottom line" - no it won't, this will have an affect on the bottom line. The disppointing results impacted the fans enjoyment - no it didn't, it affected the fans enjoyment. And so on. I once corrected on of my managers in a management meeting over his misuse of the word impact. I can tell you it impeded my promotion prospects.
  2. Pet hates.

    In American it's bomba dear, isn't it? my wife says it drives her mad when I say interesting, as she pronounces it intresting. Anyone know who's right?
  3. That sounds like a cat! In fact, my wife had the greatest difficulty in getting a tablet down it's throat, or eating it hidden in food, but both my wife's cavalier King Charles and my daughter's cocker will simply Hoover them ubiquitous as though they were sweets. Umm, Ced, apologies for turning this into a "my dog ......" thread.
  4. By the way, 1) I hope Flossie gets better soon. This sort of thing does respond well - and quickly - to antibiotics. 2) My daughter 's cocker spaniel is also called Flossie - but just 18 months old. Your post was bound to catch my eye!
  5. You sound confused. All dogs eat antibiotics like sweets!
  6. 1/700th Aoshima IJN Nagato 1942, Retake

    General Sir, or should it Admiral Sir, splendid job. I enjoyed the magazine build article - and also thought how curiosly modernish and old fashioned she seemed with the sponson guns along the side. Can I also say the last two black and white photos seem, to my eye, to be a much better representation of the ship? As if they were taken during 1941/1942.

    i was rather delighted to see in today's Private Eye a very supportive article of the objections to this plan, in theor Nooks and Corners column on page 21. I think there is a paywall on the Eye's website, but frankly, £1.80 for the magazine - which has an honourable record of exposing chicanery is well worth it.
  8. a cure for the arthritis in my knees?

    The weird thing is my brother in law sent me this video today. Don't these things get around the web quickly!
  9. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    CC and Martian, the Stroh was partaken of during our last visit to relatives in 2015 - my God, it can take your breath away! As was some equally deadly clear stuff in a small bottle that was proudly passed around by one cousin. I have no recollection officer of how that small bottle now lies on the wine rack back here in Blighty! 're the anti freeze business, it was a terrible shame that a few people's greed seriously affected the credibility of what can be lovely wine. We are very partial to Gruner Veltliner these days.
  10. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Martian, The stuff my wife's relatives in Austria produce on the farm I would respectfully say was genuine rocket fuel, rather than "schnapps". It would power your Roc to getting on for warp factor 9. In fact, I did think once of bringing a few bottles of said rocket fuel back home, but bottled it when I thought of the conversation I would no doubt have had with a nice chap at the airport.
  11. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Crumbs, sounds like a summit meeting of BMers!
  12. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    No, some were new groaners Congrats to Mrs M and have a good meal.
  13. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Oh dear God you've done it now. You may as well abandon the model, it'll be all old groaners from now on!
  14. I've read in comments on this story in the Independent and Guardian that there are some statistics around that suggest economci/volume oil extraction will be about nil by 2040. In other words, if they can get anything out, it will be too expensive; or there won't be any left that can be extracted. Anyone heard of the pill you drop into a tank of water to change it into petrol?
  15. Dunkirk

    If the Guardian gave it 5 stars it must be good!