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  1. On the M1 past Leeds going north on Saturday saw a very good condition silver grey Granada towing a caravan. Further along on the A1 M was overtaken by a cream and black RR Wraith! It looked in beautiful Nick and seemed to just glide along at 70ish. Had to slowly overtake just to have as good a look at it as I could.
  2. We have a busker in Kidderminster who regularly turns out and plays a 5 string bass guitar. Extremely well. There are times when he sounds very much like a guitar, lovely tones and I can - and have - spent a while listening to him.
  3. The snow globe ending was very, very odd. I don't mind admitting that. I remember feeling slightly put out, but hey - If Dallas could run a whole series with Pam dreaming Bobby was dead, the snow globe ending doesn't seem so odd! Moonlighting - excellent programme, but yes it id go astray a bit. I also liked Cybill, but that was '90's. Even so, any programme that features the divine Christine Baranski has tto be worth watching.
  4. I second that. he seemed to be too wimpy for her. I confess to briefly thinking she might be a replacement for Felicity Kendall in those moments ..... Eeeerrmmph. Back to reality. yes, Hill street Blues was a fine show. I live in hope of seeing the episode where the squad joker sent a toy crocodile down the sewer to wind up some colleagues searching it ..... And if on the subject of sublime '80's tv, may I throw in St Elswehere? The only tv hospital soap I know that featured ZZ an episode!
  5. I'm sure we could swap many stories of interviews, but I particularly remember a colleague who I used to do interviews with, who would effectively bore the individual almost to death by producing reams of documents and getting him to acknowledge each one, and so on an on, and then go for the jugular in about 3 questions. It worked just about every time! I remember once sitting there trying hard not to snigger ..... Good luck with the colonoscopy. My wife (worked in the NHS for 25 years) tells me the doctors will soon get to the bottom of it ...........
  6. Assuming it doesn't have a bad motorvator!
  7. Customs officers in Britmodeller could only be good cops!
  8. Umm, actually, I did that when my father died. Sort of. When he died, we had a phone call from my step brother, who told me the circumstances of his death in hospital (which fortunately was peaceful and painless), and after a conversation about what I was going to do, and how my stepmother was doing, and agreeing who was going to tell other members of the family, we finished the call. We had been expecting this news for a few weeks, and I remember talking to my wife about it, and then it seemed as though I was talking about something that hadn't happened. The feeling got so strong that I rang my step brother back and asked him if he had told me Dad had died. I can assure you the conversation that followed was quite strange. Fortunately he told me he put it down to shock. I suspect my father would have moaned at me for not paying attention.
  9. In Kidderminster yesterday a Morgan 3 wheeler on a 16 plate.
  10. Ah ha!. Two fine examples then of this model.
  11. Was it your model that was on display at Cosford ?
  12. I'll second alfisti. Congrats to the Shropshire lads for organising a great day out. Spent a lot longer admiring the models compared to last year, but still managed to admire a number of the exhibits. And browse a number of the traders too! I really couldn't pick any models that stood out above the rest, they were all so good, but I did like the fact that - to me - there seemed to be more small dioramas this year, and there were a number of quirky and smile making models, like the railway "tank" halted by a cow on the track! And it was nice to see so many visitors to the museum - and their children - browsing around the club tables and enjoying what they saw.
  13. Well into One for the Money, by Clinton Heylin, a deeply fascinating account of how - shall we say, unscrupulous publishers, studio bosses, label owners ripped off the artistes and composers from the early '20's onward. Also just started NOS4R2, by Joe Hill, Stephen King's son. As I read this book, I am more and more confused, because it is exactly like Stephen King's style. Incidentally, does anyone else have a book stash, similar to their model stash? Looking at my book stash, divided into history, biography, music, military, fiction, I count about 85 books not yet started!
  14. I love this book, too. I have it on a shelf of "reminders of my youth", with books by Hal Clement, R F Delderfield, Len Deighton, HMS Ulyssess, The Cruel Sea, and W. M Gibson's the Difference Engine.
  15. I've come to this far late, but I agree with you both - as a Christmas special it was very good. I like the look of the new series, too.