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  1. Err ... I'll keep it, ta!
  2. Two weeks after I pick up the 1/72 Revell Tony, Tamiya announce theirs. Anyone want to buy a Revell 1/72 Tony?
  3. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Gorby, Recommending a Tangerine Dream album is a dangerous thing , but if you like Underwater Sunlight, then in my experience much of their work since then would attract you. It certainly has me!
  4. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Christmas. Christmas records. I finally accepted that I have a very short interest spen when in shops playing Christmas Music, and can no longer hear certain Christmas songs without flinching. (Over exposure mainly!) But I did idly make a short list of the songs I really do like hearing at Christmas, and in no order, they are I believe in Father Christmas (Greg Lake) 2000 miles (The Pretenders) Ring Out Solstice Bells (Jethro Tull) Stop the Cavalry (Jona Lewie) Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses) Wonderful Christmastime (Paul McCartney) In Dulce Jubilo (Mike Oldfield) Step into Christmas (Elton John) And most of the Phil Spector Christmas album.
  5. What music are you playing? Pt III

    One of my favourite tangerine dream albums is Underwater sunlight, though Canyon Cazuma is fairly high up in the list of fairly frequently played. Optical Race and melrose, too. Very early Tangerine Dream doesn't quite have the same draw for me, I'm afraid. Bullbasket, I have 52 CD's at the last count!
  6. Scale Model Challenge 2017

    As Gorby said, I lost myself in those photos- thanks for the link, they are some wonderful examples of the modelling art.
  7. Scale ModelWorld 2017 Pictures

    Seen at Telford. Actually, this is by way of a test of my long unused account at photobucket - which seems to work. I wonder if I can link to more than an odd one or two, or perhaps it is the fact that I have long unused it? we shall see ....... Oh, err ... off to see Iron Maiden again next August ........ not at Telford, though!
  8. Suitably chastened, must pay attention to avatars in future! Dog sitting duty - carry on !
  9. Ced, "that's gpoing to be hard " What breed is Molly? I only ask because my daughter's cocker, who we look after while she's (daughter) is at work, could no more stop charging around (unless drugged) to save her life. hopefully all will be well, it's amazing how resilient dogs can be, and how quickly they recover. Nice job on the spit, too!
  10. Avro Heritage Museum

    I watched the programme tonight, and I don't think you were anywhere to be seen! A shortish piece, concentrating on the Horsa, a bit of history of the plane, some archive film, and it was over. I wonder if there will be any more military museum visiting in this series of the show?
  11. Thames Valley Scale Model Club on our local radio

    Last Thursday someone from Bolton IPMS was on Radio 5 talking about modelling, in the context of his "shed".
  12. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Two, on successive days; Yesterday a converted Anglia Van with side and rear windows, in a dark blue, I would think it was around 50 years old, looked in good condition; and today a dark green Karmann Ghia 2 + 2 coupe on an H plate, looked in lovely condition, the drive looked pi .. ed, actually; wandering all over the road. My wife actually asked me to hang right back as she didn't trust the driver. Given I didn't want a potentially drunk driver go into me, I was happy (just this once !) to oblige her.
  13. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Caravan - Land of Grey and Pink - it might be played after Days of Future passed by the Moodies has finished. Dam .... errr . it will! (Does anyone else fing the opening poem a touch ...... Pseuds Corner like? Rest of the album is fine, but I just find that poem - said in that portentous patrick Allen voice - um. Oh, and mention of the sainted Antipodean pocket Sex Goddess with the voice of a chipmunk, too - My God, BM'r's are mena nd women of awesome taste !!
  14. Recycling plastics

    Are you Jeremy Clarkson in disguise
  15. I can imagine why the Legs video helped the album to become a huge seller in Australia ......