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  1. Congratulations to you all! And especially to William, who shares a birthday with myself, Nicholas Montserrat, fellow Welshman Leslie Thomas, William Shatner and many, many others!
  2. Ah ha! I thought it was Beatties in the Bull Ring. I am the same as you, it was there back in probably 1974 - 1976 that i discovered Tamiya. I bought, what was it, The 1/12 casle Ferrari 312T, the Tyrrell P34, the Wolf, the Lotus JPS special, and the Renault F1 car (damned if I can remember it's exact name). However, i was 25 or so at the time. All bar the Ferrari and the Wolf went "astray" - mysteriously - in a couple of house moves. I can remember buying a number of Tamiya armoured vehicles too. I used to go int here and be entranced at the range and variety of models, and have a good look at the cabinets of made models too. Shame it went big on R/C cars and then closed. I miss it !
  3. We had a colleague whose name was M. Lowe, nicknamed Bunga. Because he didn't have much up top, but a lot down below .............. ( I often wondered who'd been in the showers with him to find out ! )
  4. Nice work on this Nigel, good to see you back at the bench (oven and hob) with such an intriguing model.
  5. I don't know about expensive, I'm having trouble getting that £2.99 gladiator from Home Bargains started! Let alone the very expensive Zoukei Mura 1/32 Ta 152 that's sitting in its box, unstarted. But I am getting more expensive zoukei mura p/e for it so when I do start it I'll be fully kitted out. ( ummm, unintended pu there )
  6. Funny thing is that's what my wife says when I point to the new clothes I've never seen before and say "when did you get those", to which she affects a haughty air of injured innocence and says "I've had them for years, you never look at what I'm wearing". I daren't say "but they've still got the label on" after the last time ................
  7. It could be down to poor lighting, the bonnet in the plastic blister and my eyes! Probably best not to rely on my eyes ......
  8. There's a short piece in today's Mail on Sunday about this. Apparently, there is a premium package you can subscribe to that costs an extra £1.50 a week, which means the full 100 issue set costs £1,038. I saw the first issue in my local W H Smith's this week, a fetching black bonnet.
  9. Interesting points. I can vividly remember the newsagents where I bought kits pre 1961- I'm sure it was run by Mr. & Mrs. Peach, on the Cowbridge Road in Cardiff, and post 1961 when we moved it was the ubiquitous Woolworths and another newsagents, this time near to my grandparents (again in Cardiff). Oh, the memories this thread evokes .............
  10. Ummm ............. can I be the first to say I might be doing some serious saving up ?
  11. I'm afraid I must join Old Thumper, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have no recollection of ever seeing a Frog kit, and I started making kits in the mid to late '50's. In fact, I didn't know they existed until I joined Britmodellers a year or two ago ! I do however remember Monogram kits in addition to the Airfix kits I knew and made. I can remember a friend of mine making a Monogram F4-U corsair probably in 1965 - 66, and though my memory does falter a bit, I recall it being a big model, so was probably in 1/48th.
  12. I had the pleasure of seeing this at Telford last year, and a brief chat with Tom - seeing the photos with wings on is almost as impressive as seeing it in the flesh! Well, okay Tom, very, very impressive in the photos too!
  13. Seconded. As I scrolled down the pictures, I saw many of the models I am sure I remember making! One thing that I did think, was that I don't recall making many jet aircraft, or helicopters, but I do remember making a Fairey Rotodyne kit, and a Lightning. As for tanks, ships and cars, I have memories of making those too, but the overwhelming thrust of my model making then was WW2 aircraft. I do remember making the Me 262. And while I would be silly to say I remember the details of all of the original packaging as shown, I do remember the 2 Bob "bag" packs! Oh, steveJ60, I remember making the airfix 1/72 Lysander, and for some reason the memory includes the thought that it was a bit of a pig! And I know I built the Supermarine S6, too.
  14. Can I just throw in the magazine Record Collector? The magazine still has as section at the back where people offer records for sale, and I believe their website has a free facility to value records. If you are cheeky enough, you could take a pre prepared list of the records to a local Waterstones, find the 2018 Rare record price guide that Record Collector magazine publish, sit down in one of their comfy chairs, and browse ....
  15. karl, it is indeed a Toyota Will. As I mentioned, I ended up emailing the picture to Autocar and they told me. There were very few of these made apparently, and to see one outside Japan was very rare indeed, according to the chap at Autocar. I saw another one not 400 yards from my home a year or so later! I have to say the Fuego was a striking shape, but whether it would excite me .... I'm not sure