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  1. Adventures in neverland by The Reasoning.
  2. Ced, when you said I said (there's a joke for this, surely) John had warned me that, when you're retired, you have less time because you do the jobs you want to do rather than those you have to do I wasn't warning you, just making an observation! Based on real time experience of 1 test subject (myself) and theories from other retirees. But it's clear that it works, as all the computing stuff is seriously extending into your modelling and doing nothing time. Me? Busy doing ... errr .... nothing at the moment - the light shower we're having (possibly just had) has scotched plans to spike the lawn, (i tell Mrs H that it's dangerous to use garden tools in the wet. Any minurte now she's going to realise the lawn spiker has no electric motor in it ............................ just hand and foot power!
  3. Those photos and graphics are very interesting, thanks for the link.
  4. Although not strictly Glastonbury, when I saw Greg Lake on his "An old rock musician reminiscing about his career tour" (my description, not his) the "intro music" played for him was a track by Kanye West that featured a sample of 21st century schizoid man. Actually quite an interesting track. Oh, I remember reading reviews of Kanye West at Glastonbury that agreed with you over his treatment of bo' rap.
  5. Pierpaolo, it's of absolutely no help at all, but when we went to the Maldives a few years ago the absolute highlight of my holiday was the flights on the Twin Otters to our hotel and back. We flew in a blue and yellow one, but we saw many of the red and white ones. What was really impressive was the safety briefing, where the pilot turned around in the cockpit and leant through the door into the cabin, said "please sit down, put your seatbelt on and stay in your seat" and flew out to our hotel in bare feet. Landing and taking off from water is really, really impressive!
  6. I was reluctant to mention the fact that I remembered when there were only 2 channels, as I thought it would make me look old, but after your confession, I can now say I don't remember as far back as 1955, pre ITV. But I definitely do remember 2 channels.
  7. Advertisers require an uncritical audience with wads of cash to flog over-priced tat to. Doesn't augur well for programme quality, but there are still a few gems -strangely, on channels with adverts! I recall when there were a mere FOUR channels for us mortals, FOUR ? FOUR ? some of us remember when there was only 2 channels.
  8. It's a beautiful model of an often unsung plane, and taken from real life adds a great deal to it. Do you know what the circumstances were in the photo you posted?
  9. As my daughter has recently had to go through he'll to get a mortgage with the Halifax, I confess to swearing at the advert. Badly. No, ummm, I don't swear badly, but I swear .... you get the picture.
  10. I wonder how many mee too replies to this comment you can get? here's number 1 - Me too.
  11. If I see that James Corden parking a car ad again I might throw something at the tv. However, I do like the David Coulthard driving like a maniac ad. Incidentally, Does anyone else remember an ad but have no idea what the product is? Oh, for the glory days of carling black label, cinzano and Campari ads!
  12. Mike, This will sound like a me too post, but I do honestly agree with other comments that the only people to blame for the failures in aviation here are the politicians and crap management. Empire of the clouds and the 1957 defence review are required reading to see why. As is Frank Whittle's bio. And I can only speak from experience from our holidays to the States and the American Who fans I know that you are all great people.
  13. Idly flicking through the channels last night and discovered I'd just missed the Philadelphia experiment 2 on movies4men. Will now have to check the listings to find the next showing.
  14. Martian, On my kindle they look distorted, but this happens with a lot of posts - in the same topic I will see some pictures that are "normal", others will be distorted.