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  1. paul, do you have home and contents cover? You may well have legal cover with that (sometimes added without your knowledge or consent, you know, tick the box if you don't want it sort of thing.) that might help. Failing that, if you have car insurance, the legal cover in that might work. I think the advice you've been given about professional association (eg i.mech.e) is probably the best. Bottoms. Just read your post properly. Sorry to repeat what you've said.
  2. The ship was always displayed in the lounge, as I recall. It's repeated quite often on one of the satellite channels, and was also repeated on bbc1 in the weeks up to Christmas. I always liked the programme, lovely comedy, well scripted and delivered by an excellent cast.
  3. I bought one of those a couple of weeks ago, quite interesting!
  4. Excellent pairing of these kits! One thing that intrigues me, how big are they - eg length of each model?
  5. 'Stix, I've left the photos in from your original post that have taken my breath away. The setting up of the diorama, and the use of b/ w photography really capture the spirit of the wartime scene. I should also point out that I should have left the last photo (b/w) of the FW190 taking off ( or landing, perhaps) is also an extraordinary photo. Tremendous work!
  6. Going slightly off topic, your " on the subject of cylinders, more is more" reminded me of the CEO of Boeing being asked why does he fly on 4 engined planes, he is alleged to have replied "because there isn't one with 5"
  7. You see, you've done it again- someone else likes Saxon! Now if only there were someone here who likes Todd Rundgren as much as I do ........ I'd be astounded
  8. One of the reasons I love threads like this is that I discover people have musical taste like myself. I'm often to be heard saying things like "crumbs! He (she/they) like these (him/her) as well as me! And then I go and dig out a CD by the aforementioned artiste, and as soon as the great design challenge finishes I'm off to listen to Red Rice! Oh, earlier today, Empty Glass by Pete Townshend graced my CD player.
  9. Great to see such a different vehicle being modelled, and the scratched plough takes it a higher level. I saw one of these vintage Ferguson's at an agricultural show last August, it looks just like your model!
  10. Hells teeth, it's been a while since I saw one of those! A while? Ummm, last May, in Austria. Thanks for providing a memory
  11. Wez, "At the time this was a bit of a guilty pleasure... ...but now I'm happy to say my name is Wez and I like Rockpile... " No need to think of it as a guilty pleasure! Thanks for posting that video, it's been a long time since I've seen it. And nice to see Nick Lowe,in the band, one of the great English songwriters. I first saw Dave Edmunds live back in 1967 or possibly 1966, in Love Sculpture, playing in College halls and clubs in Cardiff ... alays liked his music ever since.
  12. A scrapper outside the house, a daft thing inside! It's interesting that you describe him as tolerant of toddlers as Toby, who was 4 when our daughter was born, allowed her to use him as a plaything from the time she could crawl. Occasionally she would go a bit too far and he would extricate himself from her grasp, and stalk off, tail swishing, as if he were trying to rescue his dignity. 21 is a remarkable age for a cat, he must have had a good grip on his 9 lives.