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  1. Lovely model of one of my favourite marks of Spitfire. Good spot on the standard wingtips - I only clocked it in photos after you pointed it out. Justin
  2. Seafire III 1/72

    Thanks for that link Cookie - a useful reminder. Talking Sword Spitfires & Seafires has got me all nostalgic for my unfinished XV. Just dug these out of Shpotobucket and I'm looking forward to getting the Mark III up to this point soon... Justin
  3. Seafire III 1/72

    That'a lovely collection. Can I ask whose paints you used? They look spot on. I have a tendency to end up going too dark on a lot of my models, and only realise when it's too late. With this one I'm keen to get it right, so any tips welcome. Justin
  4. Seafire III 1/72

    Good spot Seahawk - I've had a look. Perusing the serials in Spitfire the History it does look as though the LRs were the first production batch, with c wings so it says (perhaps this could be interpreted to mean not the later wings with the second cannon tube removed). Which is great, cos I've already gone and filled & sanded the holes! Edit: Actually reading STH again, it's the first 30, of which LR866 was not one, that had c wings (non-folding). So there's still room for doubt, and I've read that on operarions the changing of wings was carried out - particularly given the number of accidents. So I spose there's some scope for an old stager like LR866 to be flying on VJ Day with some later wings. Justin
  5. Seafire III 1/72

    Thanks - really interesting and I'll do some more reading about that. In the meantime I've enjoyed a morning's modelling and can report as follows: On this kit there doesn't seem to be anything to mount the exhaust pipes on inside the fuselage, so I've made a pair of blanking/mounting plates that will themselves be stuck to a couple of bits of plastic card to keep the plates well inside the fuselage: And here they are fitted, together with the pretty-much completed cockpit. I think I'll display this one with the door closed but the canopy semi-open using a vacform central section. So I've detailed the cockpit just about enough for that. Seatbelts are just Tamiya tape with a bit of detail painted on. I've also added a small strip of plastic card along the sills of the rear section of the canopy: the Sword kits seem to give you a rear canopy section that looks more like the pressurised one of the VII/X/XIX, so I'm trying to remedy that. Looks like I've now raised the sill line a touch too much, but I can whittle that away gradually to make it look right. Almost ready to close it all up! Justin
  6. Seafire III 1/72

    Now you've got me. What are Iceberg Serials? J
  7. Seafire III 1/72

    Please do Brian. Hey Cookie. I'd better make a good job of it then!💪
  8. Ah gotcha. Even nicer! Justin
  9. Seafire III 1/72

    Hi Brian, Below are the options in my boxing. Indefatigable late 45 is not one of them. If I remember correctly, earlier boxings had Reynolds' machine in Indefatigable from May 45, and Murphy's aircraft from 15 August, but I think they are hard to come by now. I think there are some aftermarket decals available but can't remember which firm. Justin
  10. 1/72 Thunderbird Mustang

    Oooh, do I like that. Lovely job, and the airframe wears that artwork beautifully. Justin
  11. Seafire III 1/72

    So I might as well ask away my first couple of questions. I'm thinking of modelling the aircraft flown by Sub Lt Victor Lowden on 15 August 1945 (LR866). There's a profile of his aircraft at http://www.aviationartprints.com/supermarine_seafire.htm, but I have a couple of queries: a) I would have thought that all Seafires by the date in question had the Vokes tropical filter in the slightly longer curburettor intake. Should I model that, or go with the untropicalised version depicted? Did LR-series Mark IIIs retain the outer cannon stubs as depicted in the profile, or would they have been omitted by that point in the production run? Any pointers v welcome! Justin
  12. Glad to see this back on track, and the paint going on. Looking forward to seeing the Dark Slate Grey. Lovely underwing serials, and that prop looks gorgeous. Justin
  13. Seafires are interesting aren't they. A couple of years ago I had great fun converting the new-ish 1/72 Airfix Spitfire 22 into this Seafire 47: ...and insodoing caught the Seafire bug. A Sword XV is half-completed, but I am separated form it currently. So you know how it is in this hobby - having just finished a Mustang I turned to the stash for inspiration, and my eyes fell upon this: It's the most recent boxing, which contains most of the parts for a Spitfire Vc as well, but doesn't have the resin gun barrels. No matter, this is my next little project. Luckily I've got a few references: but I know I have a few questions that the books and Internet don't seem to be able to help me with, so if anyone is able to help with those I'll be grateful. I've got a week off work and so hopefully progress will be relatively swift. I made a bit of a start yesterday: The first thing to say is that the propeller was pre-assebled for a Sword Spitfire IX which I fear will not be built now due to the arrival of the Eduard kit. I also seized the tailplanes from that kit (at the bottom of the pic) as they have the later extended horn balance on the elevators which I think is correct for the Seafire III. I'll need to remove the representation of fabric from them as I believe all Seafires had metal elevators. Other tasks done include drilling out holes for me to do the forward catapult spools under the wings, and the aft ones in the fuselage. The sword kits are very nice. I have nitpicked about the slightly short wingspan but I'm going to live with it. That will help me finish my XV too in due course. The cockpit is slighly fiddly with the need to construct the seat mountings, but it looks nice. The instrument panel comes up beautifully with a bit of coloured pencil highlighting: Makes me start thinking about doing it with the cockpit open. Decisions decisions... Justin
  14. 1/72 F8F Bearcat

    That's really nice. Somewhat neglected by the kit producers maybe? But this is a beauty. Justin
  15. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    I got a reply from him on the P-51 SIG a few months ago; though that was on H model business.