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  1. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    That's a lovely painting. Mike Rodot's Jags first came to my attention when I visited a small hotel in the West Country in the late 90s and there was a beautiful Granby Jaguar on the wall with signatures all around. Fancied one of his ever since. That photo of you over Norfolk(?) also takes me back. Justin
  2. Jack Cleland's P51D 1/72

    That's a beaut. And what a great connection you have to the original. Really nice. Justin
  3. Meteor PR10

    V nice indeed. That PRU Blue/Medium Sea Grey colour scheme is simply lovely. Want/need one myself. Justin
  4. Very nice indeed. The new wheels really set it off. And I like what you've done on the canopy too with that sealing strip at the back. Justin
  5. A better 1/72 P-51B?

    Hee hee! Got the primer on just now and it's looking OK. This is Mr Surfacer 1200 out of the rattle can. The spinner is the Airfix one which I'm using for good luck. The 75 gal teardrop tanks are from the kit, and the 108 gal paper ones are Freightdog. The pylons are modified from the kit items with added sway bars as correct for the B model. Still a bit of tidying up to do but the shape looks right and overall I'm pleased. I'm still mulling over what finish to give this, either Olive Drab/Neutral Grey (for Howard Hively's aircraft) or natural metal (for Jim Goodson's last B model before he got a new D). Either way I want it to be 4th FG with Malcolm Hood and I'm avoiding Hofer's machine as it's been done too often (and too well) by others. More good news is we have the Monaco Grand Prix and Indianapolis this afternoon. And nice weather to boot! Justin
  6. The one that got away

    I've done this too, including recently. Once you've sorted it you'll be even more pleased with the result. Justin
  7. Nice choice of 356FG/8AF. Don't see them often. Giz 'em in 1/72 too! Justin
  8. Col. Olds Scat II, MPM (Academy) P-38J Lightning 1/72

    Magnificent. Love it. Want one! Justin
  9. Black Friday Pt1 - Mustang III HB836

    Nice work on that wheel well. I'm a 1/72 man (not physically of course) but it would be great to have a corrective resin in that scale too... Justin
  10. A better 1/72 P-51B?

    Well its been a while since my last update on this, mostly because I had a bit of a disaster, dropped the model and cracked the nose. This led to reappraisal of the situation, and I decided that if this was going to get finished I would need to replace a couple of parts with new ones, namely: a new fuselage from Hasegawa! I reckoned I could get the KP wing (which I think is very good) to fit so decided to give it a try. So step 1 was to use plastic card to replicate the nice detail of the KP cockpit walls in the rather sparse Hasegawa fuselage, fit the KP floor and seat, add a fuel tank/radio from a broken Airfix D model, add the KP tailwheel well and radiator, and stitch the whole thing up. Step 2 was to fettle the KP wings so they fitted the Hasegawa fuselage, trim back the incorrect Hasegawa leading edge wingroot extensions, and put it all together. The Hasegawa fuselage it a bit short in the tail department, but everything else looks OK. So step 3 was to remove the Hasegawa rudder, then remove the fin and move it back about 1-1.5 mm, fill the gap with plastic card, and refit the rudder. So here's where I am today. I put some card behind the exhaust openings to avoid having to glue the exhausts in before closing up the fuselage, as Hasegawa would have one do. The prop is from that broken Airfix D model I mentioned above, but it dry-fits beautifully. My mojo is more or less restored on this: just a bit of rescribing to do around the lower cowling, do some rails for the Malcolm hood (though I'm still undecided on whether to use the original framed canopy or the Malcolm hood) and it should be ready for priming soon. Justin
  11. I've had this kit in my stash for 20 years, but have never dared to touch it. I doff my cap to you for making the leap and getting off to such a good start. I'm following! Justin
  12. 1/72 TF-86F Sabre Trainer

    Just seen the RFI. Lovely job on a really interesting subject.
  13. 1/72 TF-86 Sabre Trainer

    I like too! Really nice to see a 2-seater. Justin
  14. Spitfire PR XIX seat belts

    I seem to recall that the XIX belts ran down the back of the seat/seat armour and were anchored low down in the fuselage but still within the pressurised compartment. I'm not near my references this weekend but Morgan & Shacklady might have a diagram. Justin
  15. Blimey that was quick, Really pleased to see how these new kits build up, AS I'm keen to invest in a couple of these myself. You've done a great job on both, particularly (for me) the sliver machine. Justin