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  1. Really nice. Love the colour variation on different parts of the airframe. Pity these are now history. Justin
  2. Fair do's. Must say I'm quite taken with the Burmese XVs, as these de-navalised ones are like Spit XIIs but with symmetrical radiators. And therefore even more pleasing shape-wise, at least to my eye. Justin
  3. Beautiful job. Love the XII. I so need one of these kits, but can't get hold of one for love nor money... Justin
  4. Interesting photos, but I'm not sure they're conclusive, as I can't see any fuselage triangle markings either. Justin
  5. Looks very nice, with Aeroproducts prop and cowling gills for UK models. Pity there's no filletless fin, though offering the two styles of fillet is a nice touch. I don't really do 1/48 but might be tempted... Justin
  6. I reckon it's alright as it is: Justin
  7. Interesting aircraft this, and thanks for the great pictures. I think I'm right in saying that the high-back 'FR XIVs' with the teardrop lens covers were all converted in the field by 2TAF - or at 2TAF's request - to do the kind of job that the pink FR IXs had done previously. As far as I'm aware all 'pure' FR XIVs, that were built as such, were low-backs, and they came later. V happy to be corrected though. Justin
  8. Now I've done it. Just got home, got an Ikea chest of drawers to build, but I've opened up BM and am now transfixed by this education on the Canberra. Worse still, there's no beer in the house... Justin
  9. My word, makes you think how far we've come since the likes of the Sopwith Camel a hundred years ago. So an interesting trio just from that perspective. Sweet models too though! Justin
  10. NB the dorsal fin fillet on the B/C extends forward of the joint at which they have separated fuselage and tail section. So it looks like it'll need a bit of fettling to get bang-on. Good to see stores & pylons though. I like this kit overall, so I'll be persevering with the one I have and getting a couple of these updated ones in due course. Quite fancy the post-war racing paint jobs... J
  11. Rick, Like it. Looks the part, as you say. Great finish too. I'm working, honest, but when a nice Spitfire appears on BM... J
  12. I think I can see a wheel well bulge here: Can't really see from these though: Justin
  13. That's a great trio Mr P, and it's been good to see them take shape. Most desert Spit models are finished with quite heavy weathering, but I really like the cleaner look you've left yours with. So of the three, that's my fave. Justin
  14. For my money Bill, yes definitely e wings. I don't think any of the low-backs had c armament in service. Which means that the Duxford 'MV268' is incorrect... Hopefully a 'real' BM Spitfire expert will be along soon to remove any doubts! Justin