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  1. Aussie P-51D AIRFIX 1/48

    That looks great. Lovely metal finish and I'd like to know what paints you used too. I'm a 1/72 man really, but thjs is a nice looking kit so you never know.... Justin
  2. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    It's looking great Bill, and your work on the undercarriage has really paid off. When I look at the TSR2 my gaze often lingers on the main legs as I try to figure out the retraction mechanism. You've got the angles and the plumbing spot-on as far as I'm concerned. The white paintwork looks lovely too. Justin
  3. Haystack

    How absolutely lovely. Well done with that. Justin
  4. 1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    NB the above is written in jest and should be taken as such! And sorry Airfix for trashing so many of your nice kits as a lad... J
  5. 1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    Troy, how could you cast into doubt my credentials as a bona fide modeller by even suggesting that I don't have Airfix Mosquito bits in my spares box? True, one or two propeller blades might look a bit ropey and there are always odd numbers of exhaust stacks, but I do my best to find them. I suppose the question is whether to do an Airfix kit properly this time, or use the Tamiya as the base? 😉 J
  6. Looking forward to seeing the paintngo on the XVIII, and am v tempted by the Colourcoats too (slight q over the need for individual plastic shrink-wrapping though - blue planet etc). J
  7. 1/48 Mosquito XVIII - TseTse

    Gorgeous - really nice conversion. Like Steve, I think I need one in 1/72... Put it on the list Justin! J
  8. Interesting that the E is far from straight, and leans rearward quite significantly. Justin
  9. Special Hobby new-tool P-40's

    Ignore. My question already answered above. Want to do a Merlin one soonish. J
  10. Antonio, this is looking great, and I love the pilot too. Maybe I should do a 1/72 scale Missouri Armada, just to complete the set... Justin
  11. That is just lovely. What a great job of that old kit. Wonderful. Justin
  12. Spitfire Mk 24 80 Squadron RAF

    It's a joy to look at. Excellent model of a beautiful aeroplane, and the finish, or is it the lighting, gives it a bit of menace too. Almost as if it's saying "you don't want to mess with me - I've got form running in the family"... Justin
  13. supermarine spiteful canopy

    I've just discovered this assessment to be 100% accurate, but it's cost me EUR 15 to find out. Back to the drawing board for me too. Interesting (and encouraging) that the new AZ Seafang is different in shape to their Spiteful. That might be the way ahead. Justin
  14. Thanks for putting me straight on KP vs AZ. Definitely want the KP ones! Justin
  15. Agree these are nice looking Vbs. Haven't done one since I was a kid, with the old Airfix. But these new AZs look the business. Justin