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  1. Pocher Ducati

    Ron I am sorry to hear about this. Your build was the finest example out there. I hope things turn around soon for you.
  2. Very meticulous work there Wayne! It really is a lot of material to remove but the final product will be worth it. I didn't appreciate how extensive the modifications are to the frame. I like your reference bible. With a build this complex you need lots of pics to figure out where all the PE/struts go. Unfortunately there is no Paul Koo DVD to guide builders. You have to create your own
  3. Aoshima McLaren f1 gtr long tail

    I am looking forward to this build. The F1 is one of my personal favorite cars. Your first build was great so can’t wait to see what you do with the second. Rich
  4. Very tidy work. Thanks for the explanation too.
  5. Pocher Volvo F12 Build

    Interior is Done The build is not dead, just moving at a glacial pace. With all the various interior pieces complete, it is time to fit them all together one last time. Everything went together well until I realized I had glued the seat stand on backwards to the driver seat. The map pocket was facing the interior and not the door... I was able to chisel the CA and get the stand off the seat without any damage which was a small miracle. Here is a shot of the complete interior.
  6. Looks great Wayne! That is a Herculean paint job. You would never know it didn’t roll out of the factory gloss black
  7. Top 1/8 kits of all times

    What a great thread Roy! Your research and presentation is incredible. It has me really thinking about what my favorite 1/8 kit is. Rich
  8. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    That is a really clever solution. How do you intend to upholster the front and back of the seat? Rich
  9. Truly incredible work. It is amazing how little details like this really bring the car to life. I can’t wait to see how you tackle the lettered end plate!
  10. That is nice, clean work with the PE. Are you going to paint the parts or leave the PE in stainless?
  11. You need real force to get the seat into the floor. Don't worry the parts are sturdy! As as for the engine lid I had fit problems too. The countersink screws helped as did not using some of the screws that held the side of the body to the main cockpit. I don't recall which set it was but when I left them off the lid fit fine. I think the screws were squeezing the frame too tightly, distorting the rear deck and throwing the alignment off. Rich
  12. It is not obvious to me how to bend that piece. Perhaps you can trace it on paper and practice. That way if you make a wrong fold you won't ruin the part
  13. Pocher Volvo F12 Build

    Thanks sir! The Pocher engineers were definitely asleep when they designed this kit
  14. For organizing the PE sheets I like using Manila folders for each sheet and then tucking the folders into a plastic pocket file. It is really easy to get to each sheet and keeps them flat
  15. Pocher Volvo F12 Build

    Thanks Wayne. I am finding that putty and plastic card/rods are becoming my new best friends ha