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  1. Very nice job! It all works together and your extra detailing look real good.
  2. She's coming along beautifully! That first pic with the freshly painted gray is actually quite captivating.
  3. Not a big /72 fan myself, but I'll be watching because the B-17 is my favorite bomber. Good luck!
  4. Thanks! I hadn't thought about about the the treads used on the studio models, but you're right. Some tricks never get old! As for the guns, here are the links for them. The quad guns actually come in two sizes, the one there and another at double the size. And I'm buying extra Pegasus guns straight from Moebius, at about $8 for thirty.
  5. Thanks for the continued attentions, gentlemen! Now for a Battlestar Update. Here is the mount for the ARDRIS, just a misc piece from a Gundam kit. And with the array temp mounted. Then the top of the head was glued in place. It wasn't until it was dry that I realized it was off center. The kit tabs were still in place, but with me 'adjusting' the head and cutting it down, they were suddenly off center, so it had to come off! I cut them off and then centered a metal rod and glued it back, and all was right again. The lower jaw was then attached. For the detail on the back of the head, I cut up some gear from a 1/72 T-70 X-Wing, trimming and sanding down one side so they would sit flush. On the bottom, I used tank tread as armored cargo doors and have a few more sprinkled around. For the conduits going to the engines, I used some styrene to fill the small gap between them and the engine fronts. They are not closed up completely but they're harder to see. And the first one glued into place. As for armament, I'm using a mix of kit guns and Shapeways stuff. They'll be four Quad guns on the spine, as well as regular turrets and the flatter guns to the right in the pic will be the bow turrets for that extra special 'punch.' And that's it for now. More to come!
  6. Wow, incredible job! Sweet looking Butcher!
  7. I paint mostly in my attic, which would be why I spent four days cleaning it out! For paint, I use acrylics so there are very little fumes and I had a fan facing out from the open window for that little bit that did smell. Of course being Winter now the window is staying closed (mostly) and i use a space-heater to warm the space up before I use it.
  8. That's a big beast! I've started two 1/48 ones in the last twenty years that never saw completion, so I sure hope yours does! As for room to paint, do you have attic or basement space? Even an area just closet sized could suit.
  9. No idea about removing the decals, other than to say that you should if you can, but the rest is looking just awesome!
  10. Impressive. Most impressive... Lovely work on that stellar SD!
  11. Beautiful Falgore! Love the paint and you took some great pictures.
  12. Great progress on this old bird! Looking sharp.
  13. Lovely looking cockpits. The fighters to follow must be just as impressive!
  14. Detailed and dedicated! That PE work looks straight and orderly!
  15. Nice work on the Sulaco. She looks great.