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  1. Looking so awesome!
  2. She looks great! Always liked the Excelsior. Enterprise-A should have been an Excelsior!
  3. Very nice work on the 'pit. She'll be a big bird!
  4. On HLJ the preorder for the newer 2202 ships is up, available in March.
  5. Done decals! There are only a few and most went on easy. The most work was in the dotted white surrounding what look like heat radiators on the stern. The are full decals with film going across the detail. I cut them into fours and trimmed out the middle, then pieced them on.
  6. Outstanding! The paint and lines are very nice.
  7. Not a long build by a long shot! But then I'm only doing the one ship. It's definitely a 'weekend' build, as working on it around my real work has only taken a few days to get this far. And yes, I'm loving the look of her, except for the wierd position of the bridge atop the turret. I have two of the Fine Molds versions that are 1/500, although they are just about the same size of the Bandai one, about 20cm long. 8 inches from the tip of the drive cone to the bow. But the Fine Mold ones I'm thinking of kit-bashing into a Super-Kongo, with a longer hull and more turrets and separate, dedicated command tower. A build for another time though... As for availability, they do seem to be becoming a little scarce - and 'spensive! I see two on EvilBay for $70!!! Hope you get one for a reasonable price. With the new series there should be some new ones coming out with the new colors and designations, and hopefully not before too long. I really want to add Kodai's Kongo to my collection! With this one, assembly nearly all complete. All I have to put on it now are the trailing edges of the bow fins. I did have some snafus though. During assembly a drop of paint hit the starboard side, which needed to be touched up. Also on that side, I saw that I had missed cleaning up two spru-gate nubs... Some gentle sanding and more touch up have minimized them and hopefully all will be less noticeable under the coming flat coat. I also thought I had put a fingerprint into the paint, but it was merely 'on' the surface and not 'in' the paint itself. I just have to make sure to clean it off good before the flat is applied. Anyway, here she is now. Next, I'm doing decals!
  8. Just beautiful!
  9. Thanks, that's cool! As for agile Kongos, check out the ten min preview they put out. Kodai's Kongo is kicking booty! Anyway, I painted when I got home from work. White, trainer yellow and then red. I cut the red too much with thinner, so it took a little more time to cover the preshading, but I think it's good now. When you don't know if too much is showing or not enough, then you've reached the point when it's done! The first pic is a bit washed out by the flash, but the second shows a better example of where it's at. Tomorrow I'll assemble as instructed and glue, then add decals. After that will be a gloss coat and a wash, then a flat.
  10. With the new Yamato series about to be released, I've prodded myself to start yet another kit to smother the work table! This one is the EDF Kirishima, Okita's Kongo class flagship at the Battle of Pluto from the first episode of Yamato 2199. I don't think it'll be a long build. It's a small kit - and I'm ready for paint after just one morning! The only glue used so far is on some bulges and the fins. Everything else is press fit for painting. That's all for now. Hopefully some paint after work on Sat and Sun.
  11. Really am enjoying the progress. She's looking good, especially the weathering. It really stands out.
  12. Hawt Dam that's looking spectacular! Absolutely loving those details.
  13. Love seeing another B-17 going together. That cockpit is looking good.
  14. That is an insane amount of work. You sir, are nuts. And thank you for being so!