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  1. Folding wings. How about this kit?
  2. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Although a WW2 aircraft modeller I have dipped my toe into the world of old Airfix armour kits a number of times again over the last ten years, they are very basic but enjoyable builds. I was also impressed by the Frog topic, a gold mine of great kits from Frog also. The original vehicles with the assaults sets were made from that bendy plastic that Airfix moulded their figures in, paint would flake of them.
  3. Airfix 1/76 Control Tower

    I enjoyed building my Airfix control tower but having said that it is as others have pointed a representation. To somebody that wanted to build something more accurate from this old Airfix kit I would say that they would probably be better off just using the stairs, doors and windows etc that are included in the kit and making the building itself from that textured plastic used by model railway people. Speaking personally I didn't mind the shape of the building, it was more the texture of it's concrete walls that I was unhappy with. Not much point in building a really accurate control tower if it doesn't match the aircraft sat next to it though. I would one day like to build a collection of aircraft based at New Forest airfields, no point me building a Ibsley control tower and parking Stoney Cross based Lancasters or Holmsley based Marauders next to it. I would need a selection of different towers to fit the different airfields and units.
  4. Matchbox II GB

    I have the Privateer. it is not calling me at the moment though.

    Very nicely done, I'm not really a jet person but the Phantom in Royal Navy colours always takes me back to my childhood and watching Warship on the telly. I can still hear Rod Stewart with "We Are Sailing".
  6. Matchbox II GB

    I should build the Wellington, it will be yonks before we see the new Airfix kit. You could do the Coastal Command version.
  7. Matchbox II GB

    There are a number of other old Revell kits that were packaged as Matchbox, I have the P-70 in my stash.
  8. Old Airfix B-17 Bit o Lace

    Very kind of you to offer but I want to use as many of the original kit parts as possible, even the bits that are wrong as long as they are usable and fit I shall use them. I only want to glue together and paint it nicely really, unfortunately even that isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Thanks though.
  9. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    I had the Gun Emplacement Assault Set, it came with British and German infantry, sandbags, tank traps, Centurion tank, SPG, DUKW and armored personal carrier, if I remember correctly. The vehicles were those poly ones you don't see anymore.
  10. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

  11. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Prospective "Airfix The Golden Years" group builders so far. 1) Old Thumper 2) Ventora3300 3) Rob G 4) Arniec 5) Theplasicsurgeon 6) Malpaso 7) Stevehnz 8) Caerbannog 9) CliffB 10) Zebra 11) Big X 12) Lawzer 13) Greg Destec After only one week we are already close to being half way there.
  12. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Yes you are right on all counts. I am quite happy with 10 recruits in the space of a week though, if not then there is always next year. I shall start making a list soon.
  13. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    OK thanks. I also read the guidelines, it is just that sometimes things can turn out to be more complicated when put into action. Having never hosted a group build before I'm a bit worried that I might run into one or two problems and finish up letting people down which would leave me with guilty conscience.
  14. P-38 Lightning 1/72 (Dragon)

    Looks good to me, always good to see a P-38.
  15. Airfix 1/72 Dornier 17z

    Very nice, I should build my one instead of leaving it in the loft.