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  1. Andre B, you are very obviously a loyal Airfix customer. I agree some old kits are much better than others. Some of the old kits are still among my favorites, for example the P-38F.
  2. Lovely build, can't beat a bit of the old Matchbox.
  3. It looks great. Along with the Matchox Buffalo this is one of the kits that I would like to have a go at building again. Sadly these kits are a little hard to find these days, especially so the Matchbox version.
  4. That is what I call a proper model and proper modelling.
  5. I have never owned a Leopard tank so wouldn't know. My guess is it will last until someone drops a large bomb on top of it.
  6. Nice job on a lovely old classic kit. I remembered building one or two of these back in the 1970's and decided to have a go at building another one last summer. When I finished it I found the propeller was missing.
  7. I thought it was really good, there wasn't that many sellers on this first occasion but I can see things taking off in the future. It felt a better venue than Yeovilton, more space and better lighting etc. I managed to pick up some old kits that I had been looking for, unfortunately none of them were Matchbox though, only Airfix and Frog.
  8. That is a lovely job, you were better off building the revell version as it has better quality decals. I may go for building one of these in the matchbox group build later this year. Everyone's idea of ugly is different, I tend to like most aircraft myself, shame there isn't a Heyford in museum somewhere.
  9. Put the model in a sealed plastic bag to keep it clean and then pack around it with shredded paper.
  10. A lot of ebay sellers want funny money for old kits. I get my old Airfix and Matchbox kits from shows at a fraction of the price, for example the old Airfix P-38F kit is normally about a fiver at shows while £10 to £20 on ebay (inc postage).
  11. Like the others have already said you can get strong money on ebay for them. If don't want the trouble of ebay then donate them to one of the larger oxfam shops, they would probably sell them to some ebay seller. Your models might make enough money to build a well in Africa.
  12. That's great, I only get squirrels in my garden.
  13. Thanks, I did see that but didn't know if the traders listed would be the kind that deal in old kits. If I can get up early enough I will pop down, not been to Bovy in a couple of years. I used to live in there when I was a kid, that was back when the entrance was at the front of the building and it was free to get in, you could climb on some of the tanks back then as well.
  14. Will there be anyone there selling Matchbox kits though?
  15. There are a lot of users in this world, but it sounds like you have had a real bad deal by meeting more than your share of them. Just out of curiosity, how do you get on in the bush for keeping nasty insects and spiders out of these aircraft? I saw a documentary in which someone died from a bite while recovering a P-61 from the jungle, they said old aircraft are always filled with deadly creatures and that recovering them is a risky job.