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  1. Alclad airbrush cleaner is really strong stuff, it would probably melt right through plastic. Alclad II alone will eat into unprimed plastic. Maybe try oven cleaner, it strips enamels without damaging the model.
  2. I am most certainly not one of the above people. I wish for kits for years, run out and buy them and then put them in my loft with all the other ones. Kits are like wine, and some of my favorite ones have been maturing for 50 plus years. Not that fussy about accuracy either, I don't check kits with micrometers against original drawings, if a panel line is a bit out of place then so what in my mind.
  3. I am pretty rubbish with tech also. When I post flickr pictures with my desktop all I do is the following. Use google as browser not microsoft explorer. Go to Britmodeller, reply to topic. Click the link button (8th from left) Next to go on to flickr. Find picture. Click the share arrow. Click bb code and drag the link across to the britmodeller window. I don't have an internet phone, so don't know how they work.
  4. Who would know which model kits would sell best? Kits of subjects such as the Bristol Beaufort, Vultee Vengeance and DH Hornet have not been released by a proper manufacturer since Frog. Airfix may find that even though these aircraft are not the most widely know that kits of them may be good sellers. The B P Defiant would be a good example of this principle. We have the recent Airfix Whitley as an example of Airfix covering a forgotten Frog kit, whether it was a success of course is another matter.
  5. A quick update on progress made. Both sets of props cleaned up and sprayed. Not so sure if I like the shape of the NF MkII props, but they will do. The FB VI props look a lot better, the spinners and nose were sprayed with alclad II chrome onto glass black primer. I will likely go back and respray the nose and spinners, but will need to see how they look on the rest of the model first. Started to dry fit and glue the cockpit and fuselage halfs today. All looks good but will need to add a shelf for the radio behind the seating. While I don't really see a need to spend time on cockpits I still have my standards and don't like leaving such a large open void to the rear of the cockpit. The radio supplied with the kit looks as though it should be behind the pilot rather than the navigator. A second radio will need to be added to the shelf which I shall scratch build a little later. The old kit (pictured to the right) is a much better fit than the newer release being less warped and with less flash, this really brings home how moulds start to wear out. The newer kit is still pretty good however.
  6. I had forgotten about that kit, Austrian markings were included as an alternative I seem to recall.
  7. HU 30 always looked great to me until some bright spark said it looked blue, and now it looks blue to my eyes.
  8. Funnily the kits I have the most fun with are the old kits from the 60's and 70's.
  9. I have had mixed experiences with Revell, some good some bad. I have always felt of Revell as being a mid range reasonably priced manufacturer, a lot like Airfix in most ways just not as good. I think of Revell has having moved through the same generational changes as Airfix, from rivets to raised panel lines and finally recessed panel lines, For me Revell have always seemed to lag behind Airfix in quality and especially so with their original generation of kits. Airfix are now on their third generation P-51D while Revell are still producing their original kit from about 1958 or 60. I like to make old kits but the old Revell kits really stink next to Airfix, Matchbox and Frog kits of the same time, so much so that rarely will I revisit them. I love Revell for releasing the lovely old super Matchbox kits.
  10. The old Airfix B-26 Marauder is one kit that I would expect to still be able to make money.
  11. I won't go into details, but it has been known for workers in such factories to add their own ingredients. The main problem was poor and often disgusting management practices.
  12. Some may complain about the old moulds, but some of us like them. I like the idea of marketing the old moulds as vintage kits, that should suit both camps. I think Airfix could make a bit of money from re-releasing certain old moulds but not enough to solve their problems.
  13. I have to admit to having had a number of years experience in the Pork and Pastry industry. I am not in a position to comment on whether such a product would catch on, as usually with new products trials would need to take place. The problems I can foresee with this idea are that while a bar shaped pork pie would by easier to eat it would be more difficult and costly to produce. Mass produced pork pies are produced in stages, pastry pressed into a tin to form a case, case filled with meat, lid added, sprayed with glaze, baked, de-tinned, jellied, chilled and packed. There would be difficulties in creating a small rectangular case robust enough to withstand the production process. New machinery may also be needed if a move away from the current round shape was desired. Long rectangular Gala pies are so much more difficult to produce without damage than their circular cousins. I wouldn't eat a Pork Pies unless I was really hungry, I know what goes in them.
  14. War graves are by th War graves are by the nature of war multi-national. Added to that the Commonwealth contains many nations that have soldiers buried in our soil, as well as UK soldiers are buried in many foreign countries. It seems our French, Belgian and Dutch Allies amongst many others have more respect for our war dead than we do ourselves at times.