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  1. That was Jack Hargreaves, better known for How! (with a young Fred Dineage) and Out of Town. Out of Town had a great Spanish guitar theme tune and the opening sequence was a gypsy caravan rumbling down a grass track. On How! I remember Fred using a model to demonstrate how the Americans froze newspaper to their Sherman tanks as winter camouflage.
  2. Bad management again, the British disease.
  3. Thank you both. The close ups show a few things I didn't notice with the naked eye, time for stronger glasses maybe.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and likes. This may be the last Matchbox B-17 we see on here, they were never the most common kit and like Cheezburger said are getting harder to find. 2nd Patches is a nice subject for a B-17 and I believe there are aftermarket decals available should anyone fancy doing a more modern build.
  5. Nice job, well done!
  6. Another kit is added to my Matchbox collection 2nd Patches was an Italy based olive drab painted B-17G, at some point or points in it's life various parts of this machine were replaced with parts from other aircraft giving it a part painted / unpainted livery. Nearly all the larger clear parts have been replaced on this model, but apart from that is pretty much as Matchbox intended with very little re-scribing or other work. Paints are Revell olive brown with Humbrol and Testors olive drabs, while the bare metal is alclad. To sum up, a fun build that I could of carried on messing about with for ever. The windows need a bit of a clean. Thanks for looking.
  7. I have finally declared this build as finished. This was one of those kits that I could of carried on building for the rest of my life but I had to draw a line underneath it in the end as I was getting bored. Rather than not messing about and just getting on with building the kit straight out of the box as originally intended there were so many bits that I couldn't resist changing. The clear parts are pretty bad on this kit, firstly they resemble pond ice and secondly they don't fit. In the end I finished up replacing the nose, dorsal turret, radio compartment window and main cockpit windows with unwanted parts from the Revell B17F kit, the smaller windows were mostly done with glue and glaze, the waist gun windows are the original Matchbox windows but have been botched up by surrounding them with filler. The wheels on this kit are rubbish but I wasn't going to pay out on aftermarket and used them anyway. The decals had gotten damp but actually turned out pretty good in the end. The guns and pedestal for the dorsal turret were donated from the spares box as were a number of other bits. I enjoyed building this kit but will never build another. For it's time it was a better kit than the then Airfix or Revell alternatives but is now obsolete. I would still recommend the kit as a fun build, Matchbox kits are still more fun to build than most modern kits.
  8. In the Scottish boxing movie "The Big Man" the main characters father in law is featured building an Airfix Short Sunderland.
  9. I think it was an Airfix B-17.
  10. I would like it if they did.
  11. But you can't really blame people for doubting the Airfix or Hornby management's wisdom in a lot of areas, one example you will probably agree is how they treat retailers, another may be the quality of Humbrol enamels. I think the Phantom is a absolutely excellent choice by Airfix, even I as a WW2 builder may well buy one.
  12. 2016

    I like that!
  13. It reminds me of Iron Annie. Well done, lovely stuff.
  14. I think that people will always want kits of WW2 aircraft, and particularly the better known ones. An A26 would be very nice as would a B26 but I think the B25 is the right choice of subject. For me it is rather like Airfix opting to produce new B17 and Lancaster kits rather than new B24 or Halifax kits. Once Airfix have all the most popular subjects in their range they will probably produce more of the lesser known ones. I think the exception may be to keep subjects like the Defiant out of the clutches of other manufacturers. I don't see any other manufacturer producing a Whitley now Airfix have one. Airfix may have missed the boat already here with the Sterling, Sunderland and Halifax although maybe not if they can win on price and quality.
  15. When I buy this kit I won't dna test it's genes, I will just build it or most likely add it to the stash.