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  1. I would love to but I can't find an armoured British carrier deck. I've found US and Japanese wood decks but Formidable was an armoured flight deck Fleet carrier. If anyone knows a source I'd be grateful.
  2. Fairey Gannet AEW 3, 849 Squadron B Flight HMS Ark Royal. A tail sitter despite a load of Liquid Lead up front. Sword 1:72 straight out of the box. Brush painted with Xtracrylix. Looks good now its finished
  3. A Shesto portable light. Charges off the mains or your PC. Not a wide field of light but more than adequate for my needs. And makes a wonderful difference in the grubby winter light as well as the dark evenings
  4. Added the rear transparencies and the landing light covers. Fought with the last off the etch and added all the sticky out bits. Done all the touching up and now we are ....... Finished. Ta da! And I must admit, apart from the tail sitting propensity the Gannet AEW is rather a beaut. Too late to sort out gallery. Will do tomorrow.
  5. Here's today's work. Masking tape off, a little bit of touching up needed but not so bad. Paint done and the transfers on. Followed Tony O'Toole's advice the position of the phi marking. Will look at my generic transfers for some cowling markings as Tony suggested. Here we are at the end of today. Tamiya tape in front is masking for the canopies. No photos but I've started in masking of the props and canopies as you can see.
  6. Had a careful look and the wing/fuselage joint on one needed a bit of filler. The other on looks OK
  7. Some more paint on
  8. Some more paint on
  9. Great picture Chris. I originally painted it a light grey but after looking at Tony O'Toole's build and there were some photographs in his build that suggested it was black or very dark grey. So I changed it to black. I am going to give it a dry brush with aluminium and/or gunmetal which should lighten it somewhat.
  10. Finished all the masking and painting of the bumble bee colours. I used 2mm tape for the arrestor hook and it was surprisingly straightforward. Undercart on as well as some details. Just needs a few aerials, rear cabin windows and a few small details, some touching up and it will be fit for the gallery. Slightly atmospheric version.
  11. Here we are today, undersurface repainted, tail plane and rudder on, wings together and added. The outer wings for the folding version are ready for fixing but that will be done later. In passing, does anyone know the colour of the struts used to hold the wings when folded? Post war they became red IIRC but I'm not sure if this would be the case in the Med in 1942. Any advice greatly appreciated. Paintwork is a bit of a patchwork quilt at the moment but the wing demarcation is razor sharp, and I have now masked the underside of one, and will do the other next before starting to complete the upperworks. And I think I've sorted out the tilting undercart on the right hand one since I took these photos.
  12. Front end on. A little filler was used to smooth out all the joints. I've turned the reduction gear housing round to have the little extension at the top as per other threads. I repainted it from Grey to black and will dry brush it once fully cured and dried to bring out the relief. The engines are a bit dark being well recessed and I may use some silver/aluminium for dry brushing rather than my usual gunmetal. The Martlet to the right has a pronounced lean which isn't just camera perspective. I'll have to have. A look a this the undercarriage and see what can be done to straighten it up.
  13. I would be up for this GB. My grandfather was in the Highland Light Infantry and fought at the Somme. So although I won't be doing any figures, I have some resin Sea Planes in the stash, including a Campania, so a torpedoe carrying biplane could be an option.
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed making my three kits for the 2016 GB and there is a lot still sitting to built. So count me in.
  15. Another one to be counted in. As my stash is heavily FAA there is an obvious start. Though as 825 junior plays American Football for the Portsmouth Destroyers and it's a long time since I built a ship, the idea of building a Portsmouth based RN destroyer is beguiling.