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  1. Impressive work so far on a challenging project. Good luck with it. Mind you to date it's skill that's winning and luck isn't needed yet.
  2. Unbelievably quick. The sprues in mine are still sealed in the plastic bag. Not even removed for a grubby feel. The stencils put me in awe and that has stalled me. And all the other stuff going on.
  3. Chance Vought Kingfisher number 2. Airfix kit straight OOB apart from seat belts and a control column. FN678 of 765 Naval Air Squadron FAA, Sandbanks, Dorset in 1943. Airfix kit brush painted in Temperate Sea Scheme with Xtracrylix and matt varnish coat from Liquitex. Transfers from Aeromaster FAA Part 1 sheet
  4. Chance Vought Kingfisher. FN709 703 Naval Air Squadron FAA, HMS CIlicia Flight. Lindberg kit, brush painted with Xtracrylix and finished with Liquitex matt varnish. Transfers from an Aeromaster FAA part 2 sheet with the serial from a combination of the Airfix serial and some Modeldecal numbers. Out of the box apart from a little detail in the cockpits. Scrubbed up well for an old kit. The canopies are a bit cloudy but otherwise not a bad kit. Here with camouflaged Airfix colleague
  5. Finished, matt coated with Liquitex and all the little bits stuck on Pop into the Gallery a little later
  6. Unfortunately this isn't going to finished in time. It's a little complex and time consuming and I'm incredibly busy at work at the moment as well as having some time away. There's also the 6 Nations rugby coming up. . I've finished both the Kingfishers but this one will have to be put to the side for a little while till I get a bit more time. I'll transfer to WIP when I restart.
  7. Finished. Couple of coats of Liquitex matt varnish, unmasked, all the little bits fixed on. And then left to sit for a week for some unknown reason. Will pop in the gallery a little later. And here here it is with the parallel Lindberg build
  8. It was a painstaking job, 36 panes (appropriately named) to mask on each Kingfisher. To be honest I just sat down and got on with it using small rectangles of Tamiya tape. Thanks Jaime. I did think about weathering, especially the grey version as it spent its life in the Indian and Pacific Oceans so would probably faded somewhat. I did think about using Intermediate Blue rather than Dark Blue Grey to reflect this. Time however is against me and the mat varnish I'll use will dull the finish quite a bit.
  9. Here we are almost done. The wing floats took a bit of gentle effort but much less taxing than I expected. Transfers from the Aero Master Fleet Air Arm Part 2 sheet whic has a fairly anonymous TSS camouflaged Kingfisher with no markings beyond roundels and serial apart from a name 'Brenda' on the cowling. I used these apart from the serial and the name. The serial FN709 is 8 inches rather than standard 6 inches and the Airfix boxing has transfers for FN718 in larger size so they were used for the FN7 part and the 0 and 9 from a Model decal sheet. Only the 0 is currently on. The walkway non slip sections on the float came from offcuts from the Airfix wing walkways. pitot from brass rod. Needs fairing in.
  10. Floats on and all the transfers on. The transfers are from the Aero Master Fleet Air Arm Part 1 sheet which has a nice range of FAA planes (see first post above) and has this Kingfisher from RNAS Sandbanks in 42/43. I think the fuselage roundel is probably a little too large so the 'Royal Navy' and serial had to be fitted round. I thought the wing floats wouls be a challenge but getting them on wasn't too bad. All in all doesn't look too bad, despite the ill fitting canopies. i replace do the pitot with a piece of brass rod and the aerial is to be added. Mind you the latter seems to have got lost in the box so I may have to fabricate something from plastic card. Apart from that just the decal solutions to be cleaned off Somme touching up of the paint and a couple of coats of matt varnish and she'll be in the gallery.
  11. Thanks for the information Jaime. I've just about finished the Kingfishers but the Sea Otter has been a challenge and has had a quick, slow, slow progress. I'm now hopeful of finishing it by the new deadline.
  12. Thanks Pat. Doing a bit here and there between enjoying time off and doing a few things with the family. All the best and have a Happy New Year. Thanks Jaime. They are simple and went on pretty well. Lovely and thin.
  13. Canopies and main float on. The canopies seem a little on the large side and there's a bit of overhang on the rear compartment but I'll live with it. Can't be seen at the moment but I scavenged a machine gun from an Airfix Avenger, which wasn't going to be used anyway, and glued it to the Scarff ring. Painting finished and some transfers on.
  14. Some of the canopies on and almost all the touching up completed. Now with all canopies on, some transfers and the he canopies painted with a layer of interior green, then the camouflage colours. I've fixed the overhanging walkway transfer with Micro Set. I'm not greatly impressed with the canopies, too complex and that means that they basically don't fit. If I had more time I would do a bit more work. Also the instructions are vague if you have the rear compartment sections off the sprue. I think the first section may be the wrong way round. I'll have a rethink in the morning.
  15. Thanks Jaime. I'm just hoping I can finish both the Kingfishers in time. I should be able to unless I have any disasters on the way. I have heard the canopies on this one can be awkward but I've got the windscreen and the first of the rear compartment on. And they seem OK so far.