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  1. Vought Corsair F4U

    The Airfix transfers went on OK and were starting to settle down over the rivets fine. I did give them all wash over with Micro Sol which is my usual practice anyway and they have settled well. The main issue is the small black lettering for the serial and stencils have become almost invisible on the paint scheme. The photograph probably emphasises the rivets somewhat, I have sanded them down a bit. But they are definitely still there vintage Airfix style.
  2. Congratulations to you both
  3. Vought Corsair F4U

    The canopy isn't brilliant but it's relatively clear and it seems to fit.
  4. Vought Corsair F4U

    Camouflage done and masking tape off A little bit of touching up and gentle scraping required but not much. And here we are with most of the markings on. These Airfix transfers behave beautifully. There is an advantage of the rows of rivets as it makes lining up the transfers easy. The only issue is that the serial cam hardly be seen against the background paint finish. That sugggests the 101 tiny black stencils might not be worth putting. If you can't see them, well what's the point?
  5. Interior looking good. In fact exceptionally good. Humbrol interior grey green is a bit grainy; I dilute it with Flow Improver and brush on a couple of thin coats and that seems to take the grain down sufficiently, for me anyway. I love your washes and the map is the icing on the cake. Don't envy you the fine work with the etch though. You've done a fine job where I would have given up.
  6. Look what arrived earlier this week. Tempting beyond belief And 8Q-TMA is doable with a little bit of cutting on the transfer sheet. Oh the 1st world problems we have!
  7. Glad to see your son is home. He looks as if he is perking up as well.
  8. Another Corsair

    I am hoping. Mind you overall Gloss Sea Blue can be a bit of a challenge painting with a brush.
  9. The instructions are a bit vague. And the paint plan doesn't really show the struts too well, and are probably to small to accurately use. There are faint locations, possibly as slight marks on the wing surface, for the main struts but nothing I can see as yet for the floats or engine. If you have plans you don't mind sharing I would be grateful. Otherwise it does look nice and now I've cleaned of the ejection pins, it's pretty good to go. Sweet or salty?
  10. Another Corsair

    And here we are with some paint on the details. The dark colour of the plastic makes it a challenge to see how it's going, but I usually give at least two thin coats so another session is in order. Also the aluminium paint on the undercarriage has revealed some moulding seams which will need gently scraped and sanded smooth
  11. At the weekend I was tidying out some things I have in storage and sorting through some stash duplicates, I came across this I never realised I had it as this stuff went into store some 5/6 years ago and I had forgotten about quite a few things (Fujimi Wasp, some CMR resin Seafires and a Fairey Delta prototype by Maquette amongst the gems). Looking back at my DH GB experience with the delightful ease of the Tamiya Mosquito against the taxing modelling of the Special Hobby Sea Hornet, I thought this could be a light diversion, with it's hoped 'shake and bake' build compared with the old Airfix kit currently on the go. There are three sprues and a transparency. The plastic isn't brilliantly crisp and there quite a few ejector pins but most seem not to be visible, apart from some on the undercarriage doors. The blue plastic is a nightmare as it is pretty dark. There are transfers for two Gloss Sea Blue options, one Hammy Gray's of the Pacific Fleet and one from an escort carrier of the East Indian Fleet (I think). They have yellowed and so have been popped on the window sill to get sun bleached. instructions are typical Hasegawa.
  12. Vought Corsair F4U

    Some Gunship Gray, the EDSG equivalent on. Again very thin Xtracrylix brushed on. This is the second coat so it's still streaky and there's a couple of bits where I got it wrong which will need filled in with Olive Drab at some point. Coming along.
  13. It is rather a nice kit and should look nice when done. I'm just rather worried about the lack of positive locations for the struts, all 18 or so of them. Please do, I've got that boxing as well. But I thought the post war livery is rather fetching and rather suits this airframe, despite the old fashioned nature of the aircraft and modern style of the paint scheme. I hope I do it justice. Join in the more the merrier.
  14. Fairey Barracuda

    See if you can spot the difference? Here we are after an hour of applying the stencils. Another hour or so to go. And then some more once all the awkward bits are on.