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  1. Looked everywhere Ced but no sign anywhere. You can't win. Put setting solution on and they migrate, don't and they fall off never to be seen again. All I can think that happened is overnight the carpet monster got hungry; so it climbed up onto the table for a small nibble.
  2. What on earth has happened here? Over night one of the transfers has disappeared!! There must be a conspiracy. Especially as we have a busy old day today and no real time to fix it. Luckily I do have one of these little maker's transfers left.
  3. Thanks PC. It is a particularly attractive Aircraft and although not without its challenges this Azur kit is building up well. Most of the problems have been due to my ham fistedness. I feel I'm on the home straight now. Or should that be turning onto finals.
  4. Resuscitated prop. I'll leave it a little while before putting some setting solution on.
  5. Here we are with the Dark Green on and the first coat of Dark Earth on. I'm not 100% sure of the front end but let's see how it looks under a couple of coats of paint. A thin layer of filler might be necessary. And it looks like it may be squint.
  6. Here's the first finished specimen of Grumman's little naval fighter, courtesy of Airfix Once the other is complete with its prop I'll pop them onto RFI.
  7. Resuscitation of prop started. First, old transfers scraped off. They resisted being stripped with tape. So a new layer of paint needed.
  8. Almost there. And disaster strikes. Airfix give transfers for the prop blades which were carefully and gently put on and left to dry under a dash of Setting solution. This one looks fine. I have spotted that a sliver of yellow paint is needed. A 10 second job. However, on the second it looks like a couple have migrated. When found a couple of hours later they were rock solid. Nothing would move them, I tried lukewarm water, setting solution, saliva and finally boiling water. As they are a pair I can't really get away with it, or stripping them off one. I do have another Airfix Martlet in the stash so will have to rob from that and reappraise when building it.
  9. Thanks CedB. A little bit further on the way. Wings on, canopies painted and unmasked, and the aerials, pitons and exhausts firmly glued in place. And a couple of coats of matt varnish brushed on. I have tired of 'modellers' matt varnish which dries anything but matt. So I popped into the local art shop in Kingston and purchased this after a discussion with one of the very knowledgeable staff. I went for the less expensive artists mix. There is a more expensive professional version. It wasn't cheap £9.95 but lots of it as you can see. But it brushes on a dream thinly with a broad brush and dries with a very flat finish. A second coat is truly matt. A couple more snaps. Just some transfers on the props and they are done.
  10. It's been a few months since I did anything with this build. It's been sitting in a box waiting for me to finish other things, Christmas, New Year, rugby trips and a lack of courage about sorting out masking. So today I girded up my loins and got stuck in. So masked up and an initial coat of Dark Green. And some silver for the inner frames of the front end. I think the front end may need a little bit of filler and gentle sanding. But I'll wait and see what the first coat of Dark Earth shows.
  11. This rather nice little book. It was on back order at Hannant's and arrived on. Friday
  12. Joining in a few days in and already over 400 posts. There goes a few hours. You can never have enough Spitfires. All the best with one man Group Build.
  13. Brilliant idea. I've got the bits for a 1:72 build but always drops to the lower end of the pile. I'll be following this for ideas and inspiration. Excellent.
  14. Some more photos to show progress. Not much to do now, canopies on and painted, a couple of transfers, the wings on the folded version, a coat of Matt varnish and the exhausts fitted.
  15. There's been a bit of a hiatus in this build. Loads to do at work, a couple of weekends away watching rugby, can't complain too much, Paris and Edinburgh are not bad places to go to, a Burns Supper and a weekend with 825 junior coming back from uni. Little bits have been done, some of the sticky out bits stuck on, the props painted, and undercart finished but un-photographed as yet. Both are looking nice. Had a little time today and started masking the canopies. Careful use of 2mm tape, cuts of Tamiya tape and a sharp new scalpel blade.