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  1. M7 Priest

    Finished. I'll weather it and take some more photos to place in RFI gallery. Sorry I missed the deadline for the GB but too many things got in the way.
  2. M7 Priest

    Ran out of time unfortunately. Here's where I got to before leaving for the airport on Good Friday at 4.30 am. There isn't much to do so I'll finish it off in the next couple of days. But unfortunately it won't go in the gallery.
  3. Hawker Osprey

    Its certainly a navalised version of the Hart family. I think the Nimrod fighter was a naval variation on the Fury.
  4. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Getting closer to the end now The undercarriage doors took a bit of trimming, not just removing the tags to hang them in the open position. Next time I would fit the doors before the undercarriage to make sure I could get in easy. Anyway, they are on and I'll leave them to dry before painting. Here here is the raw material for a replacement pitot. But that's for another day.
  5. Hawker Osprey

    Here we are at the end of the day.
  6. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Almost done, transfers complete, tanks on and just awaiting the Sidewinders and undercarriage doors. And a little touching up. Probably benefit from a coat of Satin varnish. oh and a new pitot.
  7. Hawker Osprey

    Started glueing the inside bits together. Quite Nicely detailed but lacking a little bit in location points. I think the control column looks a bit long. There's also a little bit of touching up to do.
  8. Firefly Images Wanted

    I may be wrong but is it that the roundels are on the stripes on the Sea Furies and outside on the Fireflies? Perhaps due to the differences in wingspan?
  9. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Undercarriage and wheels on, along with a lot of the sticky out bits. The load is coming along but will take time as it has to be repainted and transfers stuck on. The underside will need touched up as I had some problems fitting the cannons and got glue smears. I've done a little sanding but will leave it a while to harden up before smoothing off. The pitot is commendably thin and well moulded. But I broke it after taking these photos and there is no way a plastic join will work. I think a bit of scratch building will be needed.
  10. Hawker Osprey

    Some paint on. I do like to get as much painted as possible on the sprue. The Aluminium dope is Tamiya Dull Aluminium brush painted. I'm not a great Tamiya acrylic paint fan as it dries too quickly but their metallics are an exception. The Cerrux grey is Xtracrylix Light Aircraft Grey. The instructions suggest the interior should Aluminium but I think the doped linen sections are likely to be brick red from the undercoat. The interior is quite detailed for a limited run but I wonder how much will be seen, even with an open cockpit.
  11. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Jet exhausts on, along with most of the undercarriage.
  12. Hawker Osprey

    I know it's a bit of a challenge but I thought I'd give it a go. It's been in the stash for a few years and it's a beautiful little plane. So typical of pre-war FAA. There are 5 sprues of nice but softly moulded plastic, typical of a short run model. There is also a small film for the windshield. The sprues have a whole bundle of things not to be used. I think it's a kit for a number of two seater Hart versions. And a rather nice transfer sheet for an HMS Eagle based aircraft.
  13. Sea Harrier FRS1

    A couple of sessions of fixing transfers on has got me here. Now time to start the finishing off. There's a little bit of work to assemble paint, and more transfers, for the weapons load, but the undercarriage can be fixed on along with all the bits and the airframe will be complete. Some paint touching up needed but nothing onerous.
  14. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Canopy masked and on. Painted and mask removed. I think I'll have to attack the fuselage roundels with some softening solution, but we're getting there.
  15. Sea Harrier FRS1

    Paint on, nose cone fitted and some transfers on. I'll pop the canopy on and then finish the transfers before starting to add all the bits on.