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  1. Sea Gladiator

    Now with some more paint on. Light slate grey and dark sea grey on the lower wings, dark slate grey on the remaining upperworks, along with Sky grey (I use Barley grey for this) on some other surfaces. Waiting for a coat or two of Extra Dark Sea Grey
  2. Sea Gladiator

    Done quite a bit of painting and masking, so just catching up with the photographs. There are 7 different colours on this little airframe, so masking has been fun, even for brush painting. I have done in little 10/20 minute sessions before going to work in the morning, hence the lack of photos. Here's the underside, the black is Revell Aqua and the white Citadel Ceramite White. Took about 3 and 4 thin coats respectively.
  3. My sin. I missed Telford this year as I promised 825 Junior that I would come and watch the opening game of his University American Football season. It gets worse, it was in Birmingham, only 40 minutes away from SMW, he wasn't able to play as he was injured and they got thumped. Ah well, saved me a bit of money, eliminated SWMBO ire and there's always next year.
  4. Phantom F4K

    Intakes on. Needed a tiny bit of light sanding to get a tight fit. Not a bad fit for a 40 year old mould.
  5. I arrive a little late and I'm already at the back standing with all the seats gone. This looks like a great build. Ever since I built the Airfix one back in the 60s a kid I've always had a soft spot for the Wimpy, although I've never built another. On the interior, an option could be to paint the reddish dope colour with something like Humbrol flesh or a brick red. Then give it some variation with a dry brushing of a linen dope shade. There is a lot of variation in the shade and not much is seen anyway. I would then highlight the frames with an aluminium dry brushing from an almost dry brush that had been dipped in Revell Aluminium and the paint effectively almost all wiped off using a tissue. As a hairy stick man I do find that the old fashioned dry brush technique is a very useful one. I've no doubt you will come up with an effective approach that will give an excellent finish. All the best with the build.
  6. Thanks for the link Pat. Although some of the embedded links didn't work, John Aero's plans are helpful and the picture of the completed Aeroclub vacform gives some good visual reference. Don't be too perturbed as the Sea Otter is sitting in its box till I finish a few others, so no great rush. If you come across them great but don't do yourself in, I can wait. Thanks again
  7. Phantom F4K

    Strange indeed Dave. It's been in the stash for some time and may well have been picked up second hand. Everything else is in the box and just about everything was still on the sprue. A few random things were partly detached but they didn't look deliberate in any way. It is strange indeed.
  8. PK-8 Gloster Gladiator

    The dinghy fairing was detachable, I believe so will probably omit that. I've got some Aeroclub arrestor hooks somewhere and should be able to use one of them. The scheme is nice. Chris, the profile is from the sheet of transfers which I believe is one of the Wings and Waves sets from Aviation Workshop as was. I think Hannants took over some of their range when they went under. I'm away at the moment so will have to check on my return. Hope that's OK.
  9. Phantom F4K

    Wings on now. A piece of sprue was needed as a spreader on the middle section but otherwise fine. i also attacked the fin, literally as the plastic was pretty hard, to remove the RWR for an earlier version. I was was going to add the tailplanes. In the instructions it shows options of two types, one set for the FAA version and another for the RAF version. In the box however, there are only two. But, and it's a big but. They are both the starboard planes, one from each version it seems. Pause for a I think. The F4K version seems a little smaller so hopefully I can sand the other to shape and reverse the locating tag.
  10. Phantom F4K

    Cockpit in And fuselage closed up. Went together pretty well and although a small amount filler will be needed, not at all much required. A little bit of sanding of the upper fuselage joint was needed.
  11. PK-8 Gloster Gladiator

    Put a bit of a spurt on. Fuselage finished off with coming and lower wings and tail planes on. Joints are great and no filler see yet, only some light sanding. First coat of Sky Grey on. I had planned to finish in prewar Cerrux grey and Aluminium dope but unfortunately could not find any transfers in my stash. There is one set in a Sword kit I've got but it's the same one from the Wings and Waves transfer sheet and I did an old Airfix kit as this a couple of years ago. So from all the TSS I could do I rather liked this option.
  12. Sea Gladiator

    Masked the collector ring and applied a few coats of Barley Grey, as an approximation of Sky Grey. Done some more masking and first coat of white under the lower wing done. No photo yet but will sort out later.
  13. PK-8 Gloster Gladiator

    It is indeed and I'm doing it in the radial rocks GB. Thought I'd build them alongside each other.
  14. Sea Gladiator

    Cockpit painted assembled and Tamiya tape seat belts added. fuselage closed up, engine attached and front upper decking and cabane struts added. And believe or nor there is a join in here the full length of the fuselage. It's almost impossible to see. The engineering on this little kit is excellent.
  15. Sea Gladiator

    Looking through the stash for my Revell reboot of the Matchbox Gladiator for the Matchbox GB I came across this. Its packed a little different with each sprue in a separate plastic bag and foam wrapped around the fragil integrally moulded parts. It is exquisitely moulded with restrained but crisp detail. Simple instructions to follow. Two versions and i and I will build the Malta defender but I think the paint job is a bit more detailed with a shadow scheme on the lower wing and black and white underneath the lower wings