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  1. I've been having a terrible time with photobucket. It just wont work on my iPad anymore, which is my main camera and networking tool. I have taken to emailing the photos to work and uploading them onto my PC then adding them to PB and then updating my entries. Even them PB only seems to allow me to copy one picture before crashing, and deleting my post as it gets Windows re-booted. Anyway, little has been done over the past few weeks due to general busyness and scooting up and down to Scotland for the rugby. But here are a couple of photos showing the transfers all on. The close up shows how nice they look; it's just they are nightmare to get on with their propensity to rollover and fold up. also the seam along the nacelle might need a touch of filler.
  2. Are good for shape, etc. But they are limited run and do need your modelling skills to a fair degree. The build into nice replicas but be prepared for a lot of filler, filing and sanding. As well sometimes forming your own aerials, struts, etc. The instructions are good and take you through the build well and interior detail is usually pretty nice. There are sometimes resin parts and you have to assemble propellers from constituent parts. (Although an issue for the lovely and wonderful Sea Vixen). Good transfers as well. If I recall some have vac foremost canopies. Good for clarity but not as easy as moulded. I've built a Seafire 'sans' propeller at the moment, and I replaced the canopy with a spare moulded one. Unfortunately I cannot upload photos into Photobucket at the moment to show you but it does look good . Hope this helps. By the way the world can never have enough Sea Vixen models. But that is a personal opinion.
  3. Moderators, I've put this in the wrong place. It should be in the Ready For Inspection pages not WIP. I put it up late in the evening and popped it in the wrong place. Can you move it for me please. Thanks
  4. And now the 893 mount
  5. Here we are; a pair of completed Martlet IVs. Both from HMS Formidable during Operation Torch. One with US stars from 888 Squadron FAA, and the other with wings folded from 893 Squadron (not 888 as per Airfix instructions. Not overly difficult to build, WIP can be found here although the undercarriage was a serious pain and I had challenges with disappearing propeller markings. The prop hubs aren't quite right but they are all black Andy I can live with them. Brush painted with Xtracrylix and artists matt varnish. I think they capture the pugnacious look of Grumman's tubby little fleet fighter. First the 888 machine
  6. Here it is up on its wheels with the transfers on Not 100% sure about the nose, despite all the work on it. Perhaps it will look better with a coat of matt varnish and the masks off. And here is the underside. I'll live with the step as its underneath And there's my collection of CMP 15 cwt trucks at the back. Only the undercarriage doors, the sticky out things, some matt varnish and this build will be complete.
  7. Here we are with the upper surfaces
  8. I've got a lot done but am having problems with Photobucket uploading my photos. Ive had a go at work and think it's working. First here is a view of the wavy demarcation. Its a bit sharp and a little bit of touching up has since been done I initially started on the transfers and they were a nightmare. They are ultra thin and fold over themselves at the slightest whim. Once straightened out and put in place they do adhere well and pull into the surface without any setting solution.. Here is the upper wings done. Or it would be but Photobucket has only allowed me to copy and paste the same image. I'll come back later.
  9. Finished. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that there is still a missing prop label. I added a new one for the missing and lo and behold when I popped the little minx down another had gone AWOL. after much mumbling, swearing and searching all over the table I gave up. I might pop some gloss or semi gloss paint over it to look like a repair. Here they are. I'll post some more on RFI later on
  10. Been really busy over the past few weeks, combination of work, rugby weekends and an unexpected trip to Portsmouth as 825 junior got unwell and had to be admitted to hospital over the weekend. He is out now and back at Uni, and with the nights becoming lighter I'm getting some work done. Here she is painted up and the masks removed (I'll leave the canopy masks until after transfers and matt varnishing). A little bit of touching up to do but overall looking good so far. (IMHO). Unfortunately, after everyone's helpful advice I've taken the photos and the wavy line can't be seen. I'll show my attempt later once transfers are on. Front end isn't brilliant but I'll live with it.
  11. Looked everywhere Ced but no sign anywhere. You can't win. Put setting solution on and they migrate, don't and they fall off never to be seen again. All I can think that happened is overnight the carpet monster got hungry; so it climbed up onto the table for a small nibble.
  12. What on earth has happened here? Over night one of the transfers has disappeared!! There must be a conspiracy. Especially as we have a busy old day today and no real time to fix it. Luckily I do have one of these little maker's transfers left.
  13. Thanks PC. It is a particularly attractive Aircraft and although not without its challenges this Azur kit is building up well. Most of the problems have been due to my ham fistedness. I feel I'm on the home straight now. Or should that be turning onto finals.
  14. Resuscitated prop. I'll leave it a little while before putting some setting solution on.
  15. Here we are with the Dark Green on and the first coat of Dark Earth on. I'm not 100% sure of the front end but let's see how it looks under a couple of coats of paint. A thin layer of filler might be necessary. And it looks like it may be squint.