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  1. B-17 model kits 1/48

    I was under the impression that those were exhaust vents for the turbo inter coolers and oil coolers. But I am frequently wrong, just ask my wife.
  2. Very attractive build! That just goes to show how nice a classic kit can turn out! I especially like the weathering job you've done.
  3. Excellent pictures! Thank you. I was waiting for an ebay auction to wind down so I could snipe it at the last moment until I got distracted by your photos! I missed bidding on the item. Anyway, love the Hog can't resist any pictures of them!
  4. Another stunner Russ!......wait, wat? you hand paint?....all of them? .....one second.....
  5. One of my favorite Monogram kits. Simply wonderful job on the weathering!
  6. Well Done! One of the best looking Japanese twins and you nailed it.
  7. 1/48 Roden JOV-1A Mohawk

    Excellent work as usual Ian! I have always liked the look of the Mohawk . I got to see one do aerobatics including a hammer head stall at an airshow in the 80's, very impressive. One question, where are the national insignia?
  8. Need info on F-80 cockpit colours

    Take a look at this:
  9. Forgive my ignorance but, what is that first aircaft? The two pictures of it are just brilliant!
  10. Flying 'car' to cross the Channel today

    Was Jeremy Clarkson on hand?
  11. question about a photo

    I suppose they will start to write something like this on future bombs...." We are frightfully sorry our bomb did not explode and kill you along with all your buddies. We hope we haven't hurt your feelings."....
  12. Well Ian, you've done it again! The looks incredible! I find that your style of painting draws my eye in like a moth to flame. Please keep up the good work, in the end it can only make me a better modeller from all that I learn.
  13. strange pic me 109F

    Hmmm, where is the engine intake? It almost looks faired over, but it could be a trick of the lighting I suppose. Also, is that a hole in the aft fuselage, or some sort of marking? I know, lots of questions but you guys took all the other things I noticed. Could this be a night fighter scheme? The Balkankreuz is also white.
  14. Wow! Nice work! Top notch weathering as well!
  15. Your first aircraft model ?

    I always seem to have time or money. If for some reason I have both at the same time ( an ultra rare occurrence ), the Mrs seems to take notice and demands one or the other, sometimes both. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it........huh?......oh.......yes dear.