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  1. Thanks guys, great links and info. .
  2. Seems I can't post in wanted - I have also built the S6B, but the Frog kit (which is better), and the decals instantly shattered. So I painted the tail by hand - which means the blue will match - and applied serials form Model Decals set 104, RAF interwar numbers and letters. The white outlines could be wider but did the job

    1. vinnie the panda

      vinnie the panda

      Interesting thank you, I have one set on the way, perhaps I can combine the two and make my own decals.

  3. Does anyone know of a current producer of aftermarket canopies for this model in 1/72, preferably for the Italeri kit?
  5. Thanks chap, I want a few bits off him now
  6. Mine was a Manta B, 2 litre but running a 2.2 head, Kent 214 cam, twin Weber 45's, 2" Powerflow exhaust...I think I was getting about 140-150 bhp.
  7. I never had one either, my best friend was a huge fan, he had loads, I was into Opel Mantas myself, had 4 of them. Spent a lot of time tuning his Fiats though, led me to owning a few Alfa 156's!
  8. True, it was standard on the later models, the earlier ones had much cleaner lines.
  9. The Fiat 127 was much smaller than either of those, tuned up with a 1301 Uno engine they could kick out 120BHP and match the XR3 or GTI. The Ritmo Abarth was a bit ugly but again they could fly with a tuned Twin Cam motor!
  10. They're looking for volunteers in 2017, I may do it myself pending caring responsibilities.
  11. Don't forget Fiat's hot hatches...127 Sport & Ritmo Abarth!
  12. They were a babe magnet too!
  13. Food for thought there guys. The colour I intend to match to whatever colour decals I can find (I'm an ex sprayer). If I could find a scale scan of the original Revell decals I would have a go at printing them.