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  1. Britmodeller running slow?

    Hi all, Just an FYI- I'm getting some long waiting times for the forum again, I've been navigating in other tabs to different websites and they're all rapidly loading. I therefore assume the problem might not be at my end. Anyway, just signposting it in case anyone else can corroborate this. Thanks, Sam Edit: I'm a Firefox user
  2. Airfix 2018

    Vulcan I concur, Concorde (and Vulcan) need a new-tooling. -I built the 1:144 Revell Concorde a few months ago- a real pain to get right in terms of accuracy (windshield, nose droop, landing gear water/spray deflectors, etc). Sam
  3. Airfix 2018

    Definitely 1:72 if that was so, I can't see them competing with Revell's newly-released 1:48 Tornado F3. A 1:72 Tornado Gr4/F3 to complement Revell's 1:72 Gr1 would be nice
  4. Airfix 2018

    I may have just misread that as a Eurofighter Typhoon, although I suppose that Revell have got that (Eurofighter) corner of the market tightly buttoned down. On a side note, is there any hope of Airfix venturing into more modern front-line jets or, as above, is it the case that other competitors wouldn't leave much wriggle-room for them? (eg: Tornado 1:72/1:48-Revell, 1:72 Jaguar-Italeri, 1:48 Jaguar-KH, Eurofighter-Revell. Having said that, until recently Airfix appeared to have an acceptable 1:72 Hawk which has since been somewhat overshadowed by Revell's new Hawk... 1:72 F-35b anyone?
  5. "The Vigilant Victor" -Airfix 1:72

    I've been looking at getting some Halfords white- might I ask what one would use to thin it (or more specifically, clean the airbrush with)?
  6. "The Vigilant Victor" -Airfix 1:72

    I haven't come across Humbrol "weathering paints", but I did have some Humbrol enamel washes but those were somewhat gloopy and unusable, even after mixing. Hence why I tend to stick to the AK washes, which are superb!
  7. "The Vigilant Victor" -Airfix 1:72

    Haha, no I'm not born with it thanks for the kind comments I think the trick is to take your time and build the coats up over time. This is the first large model where i've had a crack at a bit of "tonal variation". So in this case (let's use the green as an example) I sprayed a thin base coat of grey, followed by another base coat but this time a "Medium Olive" colour (I'll refer to the Vallejo names). Following that I sprayed fairly random lines and squiggles of a mix of green/brown to a get a bit of an uneven effect. After that I sprayed over it in a watered down "Dark Green" colour and then to top it all off I did some post-shading (should be post-lightening technically) by spraying the centre of each panel with a watery mix of "White", "Dirt" and "Medium Olive". Gloss coats and a panel wash followed, with a light spraying of a diluted "Black" going along the panel lines to just add that little extra in terms of colour variation. What I had done prior to this model was to slap down the base camo coats, complimented with some panel lightening and a wash- and that was it. Although having said that I would still argue that the single best bit of paint/weathering-related kit that really makes it all stand out is the UMP wash; not only can it be used for panel lines but once it is cleaned away there can be remnants of it left where there is a tight angle between surfaces (see the join between the tail and fuselage, for example) where the wash almost adds a shadow to the area. Gosh, I sound like a pretentious wotsit- "tonal variation", I almost said that the wash "adds to the depth" but I thought better of it Thanks everyone for all of your comments, I'm glad you like it! Kind regards, Sam
  8. RFI is up, once again thanks for following along
  9. Afternoon all, Here is the belated write-up and RFI of Airfix's Handley Page Victor B2 in 1:72 scale. (WIP here for anyone interested) So let's get started! Vigilant Victor Kit: -Airfix 1:72 Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2[BS] Paints: -Vallejo "Model Air" paints Weathering: -AK Interactive washes and UMP dark dirt wash The Build: As you can see from the WIP (linked above), the build followed the standard procedure of constructing the cockpit and any fuselage internals such as the airbrakes and nose gear bay, this was followed by the joining of the fuselage halves. It should be noted that a lot of filler was used to try and close the various gaps but having said that, Airfix have used a somewhat ingenious construction technique of using a flat "plate" that slotted into place of a built-in recess along the top of the fuselage to mitigate any potential seam issues. Following on from that were the wings, tail and main gear bays. Again, the construction of the spars, bays and intakes were noteworthy and added a lot of structural integrity to the wings when fully assembled- the intakes utilised a "drop in" method for the intake vanes where slots had been cut into the upper and lower intake halves and the vanes were simply slotted in (no more worrying about removing intake seams, I hear you cry! Huzzah!). Finally the Blue Steel fairing, antennae, aerials, gear, crew door and other such details were added; with all but the Blue Steel door being added after the main paintwork had been completed. Talking of painting, I always seem to have a devil of a job trying to paint white (dust tends to stick to the painted surface with almost reckless abandon!) but I persisted with painting, sanding, painting, sanding until I was satisfied. The venerable Blu-Tack sausages came in handy- as did many, many feet of cheap masking tape (imagine the expense of using Tamiya tape for all of the underside and the demarcation lines!)- when it came to painting the camo. Gloss coats were quickly followed by the exceptional decals (which I think were printed by Cartograf) and then I moved onto weathering. I had a dabble with streaking some AK washes down from the cockpit windows and some of the fittings lining the radar fairing, furthermore the exhaust streaking on the underside of the wings was done by several light spraying passes of diluted Vallejo paint -Edit: a UMP dark dirt wash was used on the panel lines and rivets. Cue the pictures! : (Centre console decal stolen from a Revell Victor K2 ) Conclusion: All in all it has been a great kit to work on (except for painting the white underside! ); the decals were a dream, the surface detailing was top-notch and the Blue Steel is by far the most comprehensively detailed and decaled piece of kit ordnance that I have ever had the pleasure to build. Thanks for having a look! Kind regards, Sam
  10. "Digital Dambuster"- RAF F-35A

    Mine cost exactly £40, compared to an equivalent Kitty Hawk F-35A for exactly £50 which I also noticed at the time. The irony is that the KH kit came with RAF roundels, and I spent the £10 difference buying the RAF decal sheet!
  11. "Digital Dambuster"- RAF F-35A

    Gosh, I say, those photos are fabulous! As you say, using metallic paint would just look a bit odd. I was thinking about going for a relatively low contrast between the RAM and the main grey coat, although if it looked slightly amiss I could always tone it down with a thinned coat of the main grey colour. Over the weekend I will have a crack at mixing a reasonably decent grey (I recently built a 1:72 F-22 and I kept the paints I mixed for that so I can lighten/darken those accordingly). I noticed on your photos that the canopy (when looked from the side) looks to be relatively clear, and yet when viewed from an oblique angle (as in them first image) the canopy has a slight orange/purple tint. Again, I'll have a play around with a few ideas and a plastic canopy in the spares box to see what I can do. (Here's one of the ideas that i'll try) I haven't heard anything official (or unofficial) but I would guess that the RAF would want an F-35 or two to pop over to the UK next year for the RAF's centenary. At Cosford this year one of the RAF staff in the commentary box said something about the airshow having a few "very special" things ready for next year. My hope would be for some kind of RAF F-35B display but we'll see how that plays out Kind regards, Sam
  12. Good afternoon everyone! While I'm waiting for a spot of sunshine to photograph the recently completed Airfix Victor B2, I thought I would open up this thread in preparation for starting the build. Now, I should probably begin by saying that I do have a soft spot for the F-35: it looks sleek, sharp, crisp and its capabilities (from what I gather) are exceptional despite its initial problems during testing. You might be asking, "Hang on, why on earth are you modelling an RAF F-35A when the current focus is on the F-35B and the perfectly acceptable Kitty Hawk F-35B kit is already available?" After being made aware (thanks to BM's very own Mike, for making me aware of this) of the UK's possible future intentions to purchase the F-35A in order to compliment the Fleet Air Arm F-35B's, I decided that due to the rarity of the KH kit in physical model shops and online in the UK for a decent price, and having seen a review of the newly released Meng F-35A kit, I settled on the F-35A. The kit looks jolly good with a good fit of the fuselage halves straight off the bat! The RAM strips look a tad too prominent for the scale but I'll see what I could do (if anything) to correct this, furthermore I'm slightly sceptical about the colours of the kit decals (the painting guide shows F35's in a suspiciously dark shade of grey.....). Regardless, I needed some decals to do an RAF F35 so I bought these from the fine folks at Hannants: Here are a few snaps of the kit contents: So that's it for now. With Uni starting next week I hope you will forgive me if progress is sluggish (even more so than usual ). Kind regards, Sam
  13. Airfix 2018

    I know this is my own personal experience but I have never per-ordered anything from any model manufacturer, but the Phantom is the single exception for me. My LMS has anecdotal evidence of a high amount of interest in the kit too. I suspect its a mix of interesting subject, decent-ish price, what look like excellent details and a whole host of options and schemes (aftermarket decals, etc) (Edit: as well as/in spite of the eye-wateringly numerous array of decals! )
  14. I understand Perdu, thanks for the comments
  15. Right, that was... interesting... I finally managed to finish the Victor last night and I was quite pleased with it. *Huzzah!* And so, as per my original intentions, I took it along to the IPMS show and entered it into the competition. After having made a few purchases I left for a few hours and returned after the judging. I then had a chat with one of the staff (who kindly relayed some of the comments from other modellers), who proceeded to say roughly the following: quite a few people liked the Victor and it scored quite highly, the only problem was that it scored 0 marks for presentation. "Why?" I ask. The (albeit courteous) reply was that it wasn't displayed with a base, according to the longstanding rules of the competition. ............. >_> Yeah, thanks for telling me that after the judging, thanks for not publishing said rules.... I wasn't expecting to do particularly well but at least advise people before they enter a model, or preferably before the show, what the rules/criteria are. Nevermind- here are a few snaps of the Victor after all was said and done: Now which one to do next; Airfix Me262, Meng F35A (in RAF colours shades of grey ), 1:32 Tornado Gr1 or a 1:72 Lancaster... decisions, decisions..... I'll probably post an RFI up this week with a brief rundown of the build. Overall I highly recommend this kit without any reservations at all! (except if you're struggling for space I suppose- in that case steer clear!) Thank you guys for following along with this build, it's been great! Kind regards, Sam Edit: After having re-read my comments, I just wanted to highlight that all of the staff were exceptionally friendly, the show was great and I'll definitely be going again in the future. I think the main takeaway from this is that perhaps competitions aren't for me