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  1. I just wanted to assure you that it wasn't the Bham branch Best wishes, Sam
  2. That's nice to hear! I'll make a few inquiries over the next few weeks and see whether it could be possible (I think it'd probably have to be IPMS-affiliated; it would be quite nice to have a table at Telford Sam
  3. Hi again I'm afraid not, I was very tempted to sign up to my local IPMS one but I became disillusioned with it (I won't go into the details). Added to that is the constraint of having started uni (Uni of Birmingham) this year- I barely get any time to rest/model, let alone participate in club meetings which are in the evening! I have been toying with the idea of creating a scale modelling society at Uni next year as I already know a handful of people there who have scale modelling as a hobby. As far as I can see it, apart from any associated literature, the only tangible benefit for me when it comes to joining IPMS would be once a year at Telford (beating the crowd and getting in for free). Best wishes, Sam
  4. Ha! I'm only just down the road- i'm from Aldridge! Welcome aboard Best wishes, Sam
  5. VAAC Harrier Cockpit References?

    Hi everyone, @Vingtor I just thought I should let you know that the decals have arrived safely, thanks for that! And for anyone else reading this thread; the quality is superb and the decal placement guide is top-notch as well- so before I try them, I can already highly recommend them! As I said, I'll link to the build thread when the time allows. Best wishes, Sam
  6. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    I'll be tagging along for this, if you don't mind I've got plenty of R1 pictures and a handful of MR2 snaps if you ever want them. Here's my effort (from quite a while ago!), the main problem I had was the wing-fuselage join but apart from that I seem to remember it being a jolly nice kit to work with! Best wishes, Sam
  7. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    (Notices that it's a Navy Bird build)- "Count me in! " (Notices that it's a TSR-2 build)- "Oh gosh, this will be a great build!" (Notices the aftermarket parts)- This has all the makings of a great project, I can't wait to see how it progresses. Best wishes, Sam
  8. Ooohhh, good start so far! I've got a 1:32 GR1 boxing waiting in the wings *pun, most definitely intended*, (possibly conversion to a GR4 or a Raspberry Ripple example with homemade decals) so I'll be watching this build closely Best wishes, Sam
  9. VAAC Harrier Cockpit References?

    Yeah I did come across those- the shipping costs did put me off somewhat Ah, that's great! I'll send an email across in a few minutes, thanks for letting me know Ok- would you mind sending the photos across? I took some photos of it with my DSLR but it was my first DSLR outing (both camera body and lens!) so mine aren't particularly helpful :/ I'll PM you my email address in a minute. And thanks for suggesting QinetiQ; I'll see what I can do. Thanks everyone! Best wishes, Sam
  10. Gosh, that's looking rather good! How are you finding the putty? I've tried Milliput (way too time consuming and messy) and Revell Plasto (works fine for most purposes but it's definitely not for precision work). So i've been looking at replacements such as Vallejo's putty and now PPP. Can it be sanded when it's dry? What's the drying time like? Best wishes, Sam
  11. VAAC Harrier Cockpit References?

    Aha, Just the thing! Thank you so much. I had ordered some red/white/blue VAAC harrier decals, but alas I was refunded a few days ago as they were out of stock I'll post a link on this thread when I get some and when I start on the kit sometime in the new year (uni work permitting...) Best wishes, Sam
  12. Love the model- love the aircraft. Great job!
  13. "Digital Dambuster"- RAF F-35A

    It's been a busy few days- in a brief period between revision, I have managed to make some progress: (Apologies about the lighting of the photos) Have a merry Christmas everyone! Best wishes, Sam
  14. Airfix 2018

    Well, I'm sure NASA have retained documents relating to the Altair lander, and with SLS lumbering slowly to completion this gives the SLS a range of goals (apart from the DSG). I'd put money on commercial companies being contracted to fly manned lunar missions (NASA have already opened a lunar cargo supply competition for industry). From that you might be able to tell that I'm a bit of an aerospace nut; hence why I would also love to see a new-tool Saturn V. (Perhaps Airfix saw how well the Lego Saturn V sold?) Edit: references
  15. VAAC Harrier Cockpit References?

    You wouldn't be able to screenshot the particular photo please? I'm getting a blank page still :/