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  1. Thanks John, definatly saved a few quid and pushed my modelling skills, OD was predominantly seen on US vehicles where the British covered with bronze green. Like most colours there are a number of different shades of the one colour.
  2. Tiger I Mid Production w/interior

    looking forward to this one Lloyd.
  3. Thanks Francis, i thought it it would be a good idea to spray the complete model green, however the inside of the screen has some nooks and crannies that I should be able to get a paint brush in there.
  4. Thanks Lloyd, there is a leaver that I've not attached yet that sits behind the turret that disengages the propellers, that the commander would flick across to allow the drive to go to the tracks. At this point the screen is up but in full view of any high placed Germans, a floating tank defies all logic and definitely an intresting story to tell the grandchildren. Thanks Juilian, it could have been worse, I could have been sat in with it. I'm currently in the process of painting the screen a grey yellowish colour. Thanks Stix, i had to have a go in the bath before I lowered the screen, I'm really pleased that I found the various bits in my LMS for all the supports. Thanks Cromwell, ive been wanting to build a DD tank for a while but not playing resin prices, so thought I'd have a go myself the screen was made from curtain blackout material and some bent wire.
  5. Ok ive gone for screen down, I've had a fairly productive day today. I collapsed the side screen and set about making the many poles that make it all work, having looked at various pictures I think it looks like a DD tank. I just need to do the propellers at the back and we are nealy there, the whole thing has been airbrushed with Vallejo bronze green.
  6. British 6-Pound Anti-Tank Gun

    I think AFV club do various coloured cam nets, a little tighter weave.
  7. British 6-Pound Anti-Tank Gun

    Nice vingette Shaun, you could try cutting foil from wine bottles to produce scrim for the cam net.
  8. Stug III C/D by Bronco

    Nice whitewash Lloyd,
  9. Tamiya 1/35 Wespe

    Nice build siairou, the wespe is a nice little kit.
  10. I tend to liberally dorb it on leave it to dry then with a stiffish brush rub the excess off, for a wet look I use gloss varnish it leaves a wet look. sometimes the weathering doesn't show up to well in pictures, or that may just be mine.
  11. Nice start Mikeron and , your build looks very nice. I will just mention if you apply some weathering pigments to the top of the tank. You can rub any excess off with a brush and will blend in nicely to the running gear, your weathering on the running gear looks very nice, after a hard days blitzkrieing across Russia.
  12. Welded Cromwell Mk.Vllw.

    Looking very nice John, I've gotter get me a Cromwell.
  13. i stuck the screen onto the hull, I also put the placements for the support arms. I couldn't resist to have a go in the bath, it floated really well once I've made it watertight I will have another go with a bit of weight in the hull.