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  1. Thanks Hepster, yeah fair one, I will give them a little trim.
  2. Thanks Gremlin, hopefully she will blend nicely next to a proper haystack.
  3. Nice build, looks like you built it yesterday not 41 years ago.
  4. Looks fantastic Stu, I'm building the same scheme but in 1/48. I hope mine turns out as good.
  5. Thanks Stix, good to have you aboard, I enjoy aircraft modelling as its a little out my comfort zone. I'm here to build a nice Mozzie and pick up some tips along the way.
  6. Thanks Francis, with the zimmermit the pain was dabbed on rather than a smooth brush stroke. Thanks stix, looks like we have both inspired each other along the way, I shall look forward to you build of the dragon kit as I nearly brought one a few years back but ended up with a panzer IV instead.
  7. There is my entry a Tamyia Mosquito B MK IV, I'm building out the box with some added extras. A CMK 4,000Ib cookie, verlinden control surface's and a set of montex masks for both canopy and markings. I shall build her as 109 Pathfinder Squadron.
  8. Thanks Gerrardandrews, in all the years I've been modelling it's the first Panther I've built, it's been a really enjoyable project. Thanks Badder, when I did the initial coat of dark yellow, she did look rather good at that point. I gave the straw a coat of desert yellow, looking at the pictures I need somthing a little lighter I think.
  9. Thanks Matt, ive always wanted to do a D, and after watching Stix start his last year I was sold on the Tamiya kit.
  10. Thanks Stix, i thought I'd make a start, I've got a bit of casting to do during the build. Panther now in the RFI section, hope you have a great weekend to.
  11. So so here she is, I've built using the separate track links and also the grill set. Everything else is OOB, the reason for the straw on the front is due to the tank being used in a Band of Brothers esk diorama. So here she is.
  12. Hopefully this weekend, I've got some straw substitute to add then she'll be finished.
  13. The grossdeutschland scheme isn't that scary, honest.
  14. Nice going on the Chevy Dave.