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  1. Nice job Blackmax, you first pictures looked like the sort of shots you get from model shows of the latest releases. It's been a few years since I've been to med hat, I seem to recall there was a fantastic model/hobby shop in town near a railroad crossing? I could have filled my bags twice over with goodies.
  2. After a little time away with work, it's nice to get a bit of modelling done. I started by finishing the tracks the instructions state 85 per side, I took Stix's advice and added an extra on each side. I put the against the kits band tracks, if I'd used the kits band tracks they would have been a tight fit to say the least. I then got the smoke discharges attached I used 30 amp fuse wire on the back of my he units into the turret, I drilled holes into the back of each discharger. I just need to give the turret and side skirts a lick of paint.
  3. Yeah fair one, I built as a Gulf War one with some of the pink rubbed off on the back. I think there may have been a bit of filler used too.
  4. Thanks mate, ive read the the info in the diorama section, saying that you build elements in the various sections and then bring them together in the dio section. It's gone together really well, I should hopefully get a bit done tomorrow.
  5. Nice job Jjlain.
  6. Nice start mate, I built one of these in the late 90's I remember it went together really well and all out the box.
  7. Your figure painting is amazing,
  8. Nice job Carius,
  9. When sticking the two halves together, I found super glue works best a little at a time to get the join right. Using the flex as you mentioned to line everything up, then a quick squirt to stick it down.
  10. Nice progress on the mini art building, nice idea about the reinforcing the joints. Some of the buildings I've built the corner joins, have been been hit and miss when it comes to any kind of gap. It does look a rather nice fit all round, in regards to the front to back wall joins.
  11. Very nice build Dave,
  12. Nice going Stix, looking forward to the camouflage scheme.
  13. Just looked through you thread fantastic work, the kit looks amazing.
  14. Nice build Steve.
  15. I shall be following with intrest as I'm building this kit, with a 4 ton cookie using the night bomber scheme. Will you be showing the finished model at the Salisbury show? After your advice at the Wallop show I built my avenger in a US scheme and found some figures that fitted nicely cheers.