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  1. Nice going on the Bren gun carrier, your weathering is very effective.
  2. Nice start, Slow and steady wins the race.
  3. Thanks Stix, after you returned to yours, I've been itching to start mine, the zimmermit is going on really well. Thanks Robw, the zimmermit is going on really well, I've not used a PE variant before but will definitely use PE again.
  4. The Panther is being built as part of a diorama currently in progress in the dio section. This is one of my Christmas presents I'm finally getting started. I didn't take any pics of what you get in the box,as Stix's has a comprehensive set on his thread. I did take some of eduard horizontal set of zimmerit pictured below, I have recently been in the states while I was there I had a look for some gator grip glue as recommend by gremlin 56 as an alternative to CA glue. But couldn't find any, however I did find this gorilla glue it's a cross between PVA and CA it's activated by a damp cloth. Just the job to slide large sections of PE into place. Two sides on and the various anchor points along the sides for tools and tracks.
  5. Nice going Mrs Stix, my first armoured vehicle never looked like that.
  6. Thank Stix, its my first plaster build since I was a kid, when I made buildings from using the sets you molded yourself. As well as two sections of garden wall, I've got a bonus rubble set too. Defiantly like Christmas as my zimmermit and grill set also was there to, I think we get excited as its a little different. I had the same excitement when I built, the BR 86 as it was somthing I'd not done before. In regards to the damage I will probably do it for all shell/ bullet holes, as until the tanks turned the corner the village had not been exposed to the 2 way firing range of WW2. Thanks Bodmin, a picture definitely paints a 1,000 words, it gives me a reference and also allows those passing through to see what I'm trying to build. Also you can't beat a bit of Band of Brothers.
  7. Dropped into the office on my way home, it all came in a nice steady box with air bubble packaging. This is what was in the box, the casting is really nice. Can't wait to start.
  8. Thanks Badder, That sounds about the same size as the one I've brought, I picked mine up today will post some pics later.
  9. Yep sign me up, water, Palm trees, LVT's.
  10. Coming along nicely Badder, what are the dimentions of your buildings?
  11. Those tracks look a lot better than those supplied, I will definitely be getting some. Nice work on all those road wheels, I will hopefully start mine over the weekend.
  12. I'm going to give this a go thanks for your step by step guide, I will post my results in my thread.