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  1. Model Airport Hamburg

    I've been, it's truely amazing! Such attention to detail and the vast scale of the whole place is spectacular. It's also pretty amusing that our tuetonic cousins have a scale railway which runs with more precision than our full size one!
  2. British MBT Group Build

    No it's a MBT
  3. Hataka Modern RAF colours accuracy?

    Thanks, keep me updated! Did you use the acrylics of lacquers?
  4. British MBT Group Build

    The guys at Bovington also quote the Chieftain as the first true Main Battle Tank http://www.tankmuseum.org/museum-online/vehicles/object-e1996-2025 as does here http://fighting-vehicles.com/chieftain-tank/ and here https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=dN0bDAAAQBAJ&pg=PA3&lpg=PA3&dq=chieftain+britains+first+main+battle+tank&source=bl&ots=1NCk8U29E5&sig=wrt1tVNgKV1ruwxwNfNnOeNGzbk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2xO25v_vXAhXBAcAKHWo-Bas4ChDoAQhIMAI#v=onepage&q&f=false The army doctrine of the 1950/60s was for Centurion to play a medium role with Conqueror in a Heavy role for penetrating more heavily armoured vehicles. Chieftain was designed with sufficient firepower to fight anything that could be encountered at the time. Therefore making it the first true MBT. I suppose it just depend on how you interpret it all. Eitherway I don't mind, maybe I'm just too much of a purest!
  5. British MBT Group Build

    I don’t think you got my point you aren’t half trying to take this one off on a tangent! Basically what I’m trying to say is there are only 3 MBT’s that have been in service with the British Army. Naming it a MBT GB/STGB but letting in tanks that aren’t MBTs in just because it would be more popular would be wrong. @Enzo Matrix help me out mate
  6. British MBT Group Build

    That doesn’t seem right to me. That’s like saying I’m going to hold a Multi Role Aircraft GB but I’ll let in the V-bombers because Wikipedia says that they are multi role and it might make it more appealing to people who don’t know better.
  7. British MBT Group Build

    Ah Wikipedia, we all know that the information on there is correct. In short Main Battle Tank means a universal tank, of which Chieftain was the first. Prior to Chieftain there were tanks for different roles, dependant on the ability to penetrate armour and manoeuvrability. I will still play but I think the name is misleading.
  8. British MBT Group Build

    There have only been 3 Main Battle tanks in the British Army. Chieftain, Challenger 1 and Challenger 2.
  9. Hataka Modern RAF colours accuracy?

    I'm still considering getting some of these paints Duncan, once you've used them please let me know how you find them!
  10. PlaStix's Brush Painted 2017

    Beautiful work and a great variety! That Mossie build was a real stand out entry in the DH GB for me.
  11. British MBT Group Build

    100% yes!
  12. i'm not an expert on chieftian tank,so i ask..:)

    The Tamiya kit is ok considering it's age. However he Takom kit its light years ahead, the level of detail and quality is well worth the extra £30ish. And it's certainly worth it if you want a more accurate model.
  13. i'm not an expert on chieftian tank,so i ask..:)

    The more I thought about this the more I doubted myself. A quick search flashed up some Mk5s in the Berlin Brigade scheme. So the answer is yes, however the Tamiya kit isn't correct.
  14. i'm not an expert on chieftian tank,so i ask..:)

    Well...technically the Tamiya Mk5 chieftain isn't a Mk5. The biggest error on the kit is the NBC pack at the rear of the turret which is from a Mk2&3. As for Mk5s wearing the Berlin Brigade scheme, I believe it was only Mk10s with the StilBrew armour upgrade that had it. At at the end of the day though they all look fairly similar, and it's your kit so do what you want to do with it. Hopefully this helps.
  15. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Just like it's namesake, the RAF GB has turned up late tried to take all the glory! Happy Birthday Crab Air. Count me in