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  1. AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    Very nice so far! I like your chipping.
  2. Westland Sea King HU5

    This is looking spectacular Dan, it is really coming together.
  3. EE Lightning T5 - SWORD

    You've made a great start! Nice work.
  4. Amazing work Woody, very inspiring.
  5. I have bought a reference book to help me with painting. I've not had the time to have a proper read yet but there are a lot of interesting images, 432's and ARRV included.
  6. The Turret is complete. There are still a few parts to add but I think I will wait to finish the painting before sticking them on. There is a little bit of cleaning up to do before the paint comes out.
  7. Nice work!
  8. Welcome! Yes Duxford had a Mk.10 in the Berlin Brigade colours. I am sure it was parked up at the front doors of the Land Warfare Hall, however I don’t think it is there now. Does anyone know where it went? Cheers again Dan! The kit really is smashing. I have got the Chieftain Marksman SPAAG, also from Takom, in the stash. I’ll be planning on adding more in the future though. I don’t think I will be doing figures, I don’t have the talent for them unfortunately. The faces always look like a Picasso and they look like they’ve bought their rig off of a Sunday market.
  9. Thanks Stix, it’s getting there. It won’t be long until the paint comes out
  10. Now it really looks like a Chieftain! The turret still needs quite a few parts added and a bit of cleaning up. As does the barrel. The turret took a little bit of effort to like up the parts, as it come in 4 seperate segments. I haven't glued thed barrel on yet, I think I might leave that right until the end to make painting easier.
  11. 50s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    Go on @Col., I'll bite again. I am yet to start my 70's build though so bare with me
  12. How much did your PE tool set you back? I need one.
  13. I have made a start on the turret. The details in the moulding is excellent. One part has to be removed and I have highlighted it in red for you to see. I used that same technique as previously, a chisel type blade and some sanding sticks.
  14. Thank you. The joining of the tracks honestly wasn't that bad, I really wouldn't let it put you off trying a kit. I'm glad your enjoying the build, I'm keeping a steady pace at the moment which is good. Tonight I have continued with some PE work, finishing off what I started last night. I have added the lifting handles and the fasteners for the front mud guards. I have finished the build part of the Hull for now. The parts that are missing are either parts that will make painting difficult, or parts that are likely to be damaged. They will be painted separately and added later. 3 of the large sprues now lay empty so I feel like I have made good progress. I reckon I am about half way through the construction and so far I am loving this kit. Takom have done a smashing job, if you haven't got one sat in your stash you really should get one. Up next, the Turret!
  15. Move over everyone, I'm coming too. And when do you plan on building the extension to house this one?