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  1. BRDM2 NBC 1/72

    That's some cool braille scale modeling! I like the weathering and the rio.
  2. 1/72 Canadair CP-107 Argus

    Most impressive! It must have been a hell lot of work.
  3. Germany prefers F-35

    Given the problems plaguing the A400M it is understandably that the German Air Force this time prefers to buy off-the-shelf and off shore. There might also be a political-economic background, however: Germany has a growing trade surplus with the US and this is not only annoying the current POTUS. There is a certain pressure on Germany to change this and also Germany itself admits that its trade surpluses are not ideal. As the US industry is unlikely to produce anything that German consumers will be buying in large numbers in the near future, government spending (=buying weapons in the US) are a proven way to re-balance trade between the two countries. In the Cold War, there was even a formal treaty in which W-Germany agreed to buy in the US for a sum equivalent to the money the US spent on its forces in Germany. A lot of the weapon acquisitions of Germany, Japan, South Korea, and in particularly the Gulf states, I think, can be explained in this way. The US usually have a trade deficit with these states. In a way, it's a form of paying for US military protection.
  4. Tu - 22M3

    Great model and great weathering. The photos of the real thing show that the deteriorated paint scheme is in no way overdone on the model. How did you make the patches of yellow primer shining through the grey camo?
  5. Well built and cool looking! This brings back some memories. I also built this kit in the mid 1990s. Not being a great Luftwaffe 46-fan, I still find this Mistel a particularly fascinating subject. IIRC it was a very fine kit. The boxart was cool, too.
  6. A very fine looking Mustang! Are the dropped flaps part of the kit or your own modification? I think, they add a lot to the look of the model.
  7. Very fine looking model! I imagine that construction was not quite easy with these early AZ kits.
  8. Hi guys, I experienced a short relapse into armour modelling. This is the 1/72 kit from Revell which is a fine little kit with a very high level of details and good fit. I always try to base my model as close as possible on photos of the real thing. Therefore, I had to make some additions in the form of storage at the rear of the vehicle, a rolled tarp and a kind of exhaust cover on the left, a towing cable on the right and the antenna with the flag (aluminium foil). I had the impression that the paint scheme suggested in the kit's instructions does not match the real thing, so made my own interpretations based on photos. The new(ish) German desert colours (Umtarnfarben) are a confusing subject, however, and even the Boxer carried several versions in Afghanistan. Finally I also build a small base for the Boxer. Some work-in-progress pics of the model and the base can be found at the end of this post. Any comments welcome. Like on the real thing, the cabin is actually removeable. Nevertheless, I glued it in place. Small modifications visible here: jerry can at the rear and a kind of rolled tarp as exhaust cover on the front left. Weathered tires and a photo of the real thing (non-weathered). Base made from foam board... ... and covered with toilet paper and thinned white glue. Later a mixture of wood putty, sand and pigments was added. In the middle of the base is an area which is still even with no gravel added so that the Boxer can sit even without any of the eight wheels floating in the air. With paint and (sparse) vegetation.
  9. Remarkable what can be done in this scale. And it is an attractive little jet in its yellow paint scheme.
  10. Pink Spitfire

    Just experimenting with Imgur: (I don't want to spam the forum with my old photos, but at least for me it is annoying that so many of our posts have got lost due to Photobucket's new policy)
  11. Plane and base look great! I also love making such bases. It's a lot of fun because you can play around with all kinds of materials (wood putty, plaster, sand, gravel, white glue, static grass, ...).
  12. Really great work with the painting and weathering! What did you use for the scratches and chipping on the wing roots?
  13. Aircraft engines: Turbochargers vs. superchargers

    Yes, good point. I suppose, the reason was that the Navy was more focussed on low and medium altitude operations. Dive bombers and torpedo bombers flew and attacked much lower than the USAAF's B-17, -24 and -29s. Turbochargers were in general used to give good high altitude performance. The security/reliability concerns mentioned above might have added to this.
  14. Aircraft engines: Turbochargers vs. superchargers

    My old post has experienced quite a revival. Still I wonder why turbochargers were (almost) exclusively limited to US designs. Can this be explained by raw-material supply/metallurgy and simple path dependency (nations stuck with whatever technology they had chosen in the 1930s)?
  15. I like Japanese floatplanes and this one looks very good. Also the weathering and the wood effects on the dolly are impressive.