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  1. Dear Lisa... Your Peter has been a frequent and kind visitor to my Rolls-Royce. But I am here because your work stands on its own merit. Tremendous and meticulous build of a lovely bike - several in fact. Great work for one who claims to need tutoring. Of greater interest to me is the hint that you have aspirations to pilfer 'his' Alfa and have a go. PLEASE DO SO; there are many of we big-scale builders here for help, tips and advice. You don't have to rely on just one local tutor... Looking forward....
  2. Interested to see progress on this one. As a builder and racer of a slightly larger one, these are always dear to my heart.
  3. I continue to be blown away by the positive response and hugely generous compliments of you all. I also include the gang of you who have issued 'likes' - very, very kind of all. Thanks, C
  4. You racer-guys are tough customers BUT, I am thrilled to have ultimately pleased a skeptic. And I also thank you for saying so. Early-on I often said that my direction would not please everyone. It may not have, but those not pleased are possibly being polite and not saying so. But I would gladly welcome negative views. That always has value as perspective on one's work. Thanks to all and Ken, cheers for your also newly completed FIAT.
  5. If the warp is really bad, consider heating in hot water first to take some tension out. Mark's solution may work but if the tension is very high, only epoxy will. I'd use a 30 minute cure on clean surfaces and tape it in place until cured. Apply very sparingly.
  6. More generous compliments than I ever imagined! Deepest thanks and I'm happy it has brought some entertainment to you all. Seeing it every day gives me pleasure as does the wonderful thoughts you've sent! Many thanks... C
  7. To Pete and the rest of you boys, sincere thanks for the heartwarming and thoughtful comments. Part of the reason I've been negative about continued hacking on the bench has been the mental prep to go this distance. I sometimes feel I'd have to build a 1/2 scale Titanic from toothpicks to rival the fussing I did here. EVERYBODY but me builds beautiful Pocher RR's in A LOT less than three years. But as implied earlier, this is not my forum obit; I will participate in everyone's work as long as you all feel I have something to contribute. And I thank you for the welcome all these years. C
  8. Once more I am astonished to have yet another group of members, new and old, describing the unforeseen impact this old crock has had on their modeling lives. Words fail to express my appreciation. I only hoped to present work for criticism, comments and lessons from those higher on the ladder than I. And to do it all with a sense of humor - especially when times got tough - BRITTLE 40 year-old Plastic for instance !!. I must dispel the idea that I'm going far away, never to return (unless the Big Sleep overtakes me) to this large group of friends I've been blessed to make here. I assure all that if you'll tolerate me, I will invade all your excellent threads of complex projects, with questions, comments and a smile or two. I live vicariously in the work of all of you. Yet again - Thank You All.
  9. No longer can superlatives suffice for your direction, work ethic or skill. This is tantamount to constructing the 1:1. Moreso because you are creating the parts (wires, connectors, terminals and hard parts), not just opening boxes of them for the 1:1. This is without doubt the benchmark build of this particular kit - period. And Ron, you are giving a clinic to anyone dedicated enough to emulate your work. But that's a daunting task. In fact, impossible from where I sit.
  10. A three year project... Finally at a close after 2475 hours. Close to 2900 parts, many highly modified or scratchbuilt. Radical body alterations to emulate the elegant coachbuilt bodies by Gurney Nutting and Barker of the early and mid-thirties. Custom accessories by Model Motorcars and David Cox. Build progress of 70+ pages here (if you're patient): http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961409-a-big-rolls-royce/
  11. I must say again, I am overwhelmed by those of you who have found my hacking and yacking to be of any value whatsoever. And who took the time to write and say so. You forum members have added immensely to the pleasure and adventure of this build and I am deeply fortunate. I look forward to all your projects and interacting there with questions, comments and any tips I can contribute. You are all inspiring to me and I'm glad to peek over your shoulders.
  12. For Pocher Rolls crazies... A tip for an idea hatched very early on and just remembered while taking these last few photos. I wanted to show tire contact with the ground but not take a sanding belt to $45-per tires. Craft acrylic paints are your friend. Adheres to the rubber MMC tires just fine and a drybrushing is all it needs. It's subtle (if done right) but adds so much of the full-sized look. In this case I mixed black with maybe 1/3 of ivory color; didn't use white to make the gray because it would be a very 'cool' gray. The ivory makes it a warmer, slightly brown gray. In keeping with my used but not decrepit theme. Go out and view your tires: Maybe seen a bit easier from the back: Now something nice to say about Pocher; our mascot Lady is a gem. In fact. she 'works' just like the prototype. If you make your hood panels hinge to open upward, (instead of having to pull them off to see the engine), she must be turned 90 degrees so her flowing 'wings' allow the panel to clear when opened. The threaded cap allows this and when hood is closed she will point forward to lead the way to the next casino : OK, I'll stop now with this Thread-From-Hell....
  13. A great save and resourceful solution Rich. Learning the 'feel' of materials and how best to work them is part of the Pocher challenge. Getting it right is the great satisfaction.
  14. Deleted duplicate post.
  15. Jan, This is a very eloquent and insightful message and I appreciate it deeply. And to the others who have been so kind, I thank you all. Contemplating another advanced build has gone on continuously for the last couple of years. There are several factors that have made me be negative about the idea here 'in public'. One is seeing the large number of highly advanced, big-scale builds undertaken and currently in progress. You guys are tremendous, with creativity, machining, patina and huge skills. You all have simply 'raised the bar' from three + years ago when I started. I might have caused a stir when I started but now to me, my effort seems dated and handily eclipsed by at least a dozen Pocher and scratch-built projects. Oh for sure I love it like crazy but I sense I will have 'nothing new' to share with the pack who are advancing the 'sport' of advanced model building. Another factor is the need to summon this level of patience and discipline again to produce acceptable work. I confess, I am now enjoying jockeying around the camera instead of 1mm parts and slippery bits of chrome. The last really big issue is the physical one; greatly diminished vision and old geezer tremors are making tasks like placing a spot of paint, cutting materials to very close tolerances and locating 00-90 bolts in .046 holes, very daunting and sweaty tasks. Fumbling is not fun with scalpels in hand. Adds greatly to the time-to-build and subtracts from the having-fun quotient. Although I know much more now than back then (this has always been a learning experience for me - not a teaching experience) and would theoretically take less time to get 'right' parts, I feel I may have just completed the best I can ever accomplish. But yes, I confess, the continuous study of 1:1 classics of the '30's gives me ideas all the time about how I'd do another. But I live vicariously though the work you all share and I will always be here watching, helping, asking and suggesting. I'll never say 'Never' to a new build, but for now, I cherish looking across the room and seeing my Phantom anytime I wish. So thanks to Jan and all who have expressed desire to see more scraps from my bench. Indeed, I seem unable to completely halt the process and will shortly post some minor tweeks of just the last day or so - forgotten from much earlier in the build. The sign of a professional is knowing when to stop - so apparently I'll never make the professional ranks..... C