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  1. Profil 24 1/24 Maserati 450S

    Yes, Harv's way is worth a try. I was going to say to rest its bottom edge on Scotch tape and dip it - similar to Harvey but he actually pours. Either way is worth a try and iso will remove it if needed.
  2. Profil 24 1/24 Maserati 450S

    Waited a long time for this - not your fault however PC. I would: If still removable, wash it, dry it, dust it with wife's new make-up brush. Then dip it in Future, let wick off on damp paper towel (for no more dust) let dry a day and install wearing surgical gloves. I'd leave off the side windows - the car's lines are spectacular without them. If the 1:1 had it, I'd trim the 'screen flange with a Molotow pen to have the polished ally look. Don't mind me - can make mountains out of molehills...
  3. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Bravo Dan - congratulations....
  4. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Fantastic stuff !
  5. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Others may disagree but I always learned that the best models come from excellent research and 1:1 hands-on experience. You are an excellent example.
  6. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Dave, are you using books and photos for reference? You seem very conversant on what these things had and where plus all the terminology. It shows in your work too.
  7. Pocher Alfa-Romeo (K73)

    For your next wire-wheeled Pocher; a good help to better wheels is getting the spoke nipples flush into the plastic rings. By carefully pressing them down with a warm soldering iron, you sink them into the plastic. Then a drop of CA secures them permanently. Also make sure the three screws in the metal rings holding the 5 wheel parts together are down flush - or the tire will be bulged out where it meets them. I glued the 5 parts together on the edge after construction then removed the screws. Yes making a better jig is worth the time. A brief soak of the tires into heated water will make them workable. Dry the insides so the rims don't rust. A better but more expensive solution is the ModelMotorcars tires.
  8. Both are immaculate -
  9. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Roy, thank you for taking me along on your marvelous journey. I'm ashamed to say as a US resident and auto enthusiast that I have not been to Revs in Miami. Before I depart, I should go there. I enjoyed your entire story - except where my country -woman could have been more been more hospitable towards you. Should have been obvious you're not a bomb carrier...
  10. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Dan, an overwhelming achievement. This is nothing new for you but congratulations - it's spectacular. The 1:1 shown is too perfect in every aspect also. It must be priceless. You will enjoy seeing your model every day.
  11. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    You bring a whole new level of enjoyment to model building Roy. Thank you for taking us along. You're right, the cars are fabulous.
  12. A beautiful, more accurate foundation. All that head-scratching has paid off Wayne.
  13. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Thanks Dave, great info. The simplest tools always seem the best. I am just mentally picturing what a great model you're going to have and getting a case of envy. Can picture it on my shelf in a glass case. Doubt I'm up to the standard you're setting here. Carry on and delight we viewers...
  14. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Dave, a question about finishes; if you don't mind sharing, what type and brands of paint are in use? Is the red lead primer the automotive type? Also, what type of PE bending tool is in use? Thanks, C PS -You are seriously forcing me to go against my 'big-classic-autos-only creedo' with this marvelous build.