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  1. Thanks Guys Based on replies the Location is correct in either place. Glad I got it posted.. Cheers Bill
  2. Thanks guys. Sad end result, heroic story. cheers Bill
  3. Hello All This is the Hobbyboss F4F-3. Gunze paints and Yellow Wing Decals, "Wake Island Wildcats" Used EZ line for Antenna,photo-etched seat and engine wiring Only weathering was pastel dusting and a few panel washes. The plane was painted on its way to Wake in November I did use Karaya 50 Cal barrels. These where great. Thanks for for taking a look lots more VMA 211 in the future. Cheers Bill
  4. Thank You for the compliments Bill
  5. Thank Yo All Very Much I am a big Israeli aircraft fan and this one just stands out. Thanks again for the positive feedback Bill
  6. Hasagawa 1/48 Mk IXe Just a simple single color Pretty Aircraft Mostly out of Box, Eduard Steel Belts for Cockpit, EZ line for Antenna Decanted Tamiya Rattle Can Black with Gunze Clear Gloss sealer Smooth Thanks for Looking Comments Always welcome Cheers Bill
  7. Thanks Guys I did enjoy the uniqueness of the scheme. Thanks for Positive feedback Cheers Bill
  8. Thank You sir Cheers Bill
  9. First Finished model of 2017 True Details interior Simple decal scheme, Tamiya weather powders for final finish. EZ Line for antenna Thanks for Looking Bill D.
  10. By the way here is a shot for my USS Arizona,1/350 Trumpeter Cheers Bill
  11. Thank you Guys for all the positive comments. I will look to display USS Indianapolis and USS Arizona as a 1st ship and Last ship sunk for USA (Technically this may be challenged) with greatest loss of Crew members. The Masking and assembly were challenging as I had very little experience in Ship models and their components. I muddled through. Thanks again for support Bill D.
  12. Greetings Thanks for Reference support on this site from Richard G Completed with a few corrections to Kit that I thought were needed This is the 1944 version(Somewhat) with a beautiful "dazzle" scheme using Vallejo paints across the board Changed the dual 20mm guns to single gun using 3D model parts and they were great. I also added Photo-etch to the Aircraft to what a challenge in 1/350 Master Barrels and they where also real Nice Thanks for Looking Bill D Comments are welcome.
  13. Richard Thank You so much. This is the perfect information I was looking for. Thanks I will post completed photos when finished. Thanks Again Cheers Bill
  14. Hello I was posting a question on the ship side and though I might share a recent aircraft project. Out of Box Revell of Germany 1/144 Typhoon Custom Mixed paint using the Testors Small Square bottle of Copper,Red and Yellow, and some generic Grey Overcoated with Mr Hobby Rattle Can top Coat Gloss Did use Uschi Polishing steel on Exhaust petals The Decals were fantastic Overall fit was very good and construction was fairly simple Cheers Bill
  15. Greetings I have a discrepancy between the Instructions (Below) and information from "Warship Pictorial # 10" . The Instructions call for a deck painted in one color ,(I assume is Deck Blue) The Pictorial mentions two deck colors ,Ocean Grey and Deck Blue. Does anybody have any pattern for the deck colors??? Thank You in advance Bill