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  1. Rafale Tiger scheme

    Thanks All for Positive comment Cheers Bill
  2. I have been having fun with these small scale aircraft. Not because they are easy(their not) but because they sure do save space. After 40 years of modeling, space has become critical. This is a Trumpeter 1/144 scale model and went together very well. Decals were excellent. Painted with Gunze and topcoat with Gunze GX 100 Mostly out of box except seatbelts and HUDS Used Uschi powders on exhausts. Cheers Comments always welcome Bill
  3. Belgian F-16 Tiger scheme

    Thanks for the compliments. These are fun kits. Cheers Bill
  4. This was a Revell of Germay Model kit with a few aftermarket decals The Revell Tail decal was great and really sucked down to the surface I used Wine bottle sealing foil for the F.O.D. covers Gunze Paints were used on the model I forgot to mention ..This is the 1/144 F-16 kit. These kits from Revell of Germany are very nice models and I have had great luck with the decals. Thanks for looking Comments Always welcome Cheers Bill
  5. 1/48th VMA-211 Skyraider

    Thank You all for the Very Positive comments. I am off to model the A-4M in VMA-211 markings. This will be Hasagawa and hopefully a little less challenging on the build. Cheers Bill
  6. 1/48th VMA-211 Skyraider

    Thank You All for the Positive feedback.This kit was not a throw in the glue and shake.Glad for the End Result Cheers Bill
  7. 1/48th VMA-211 Skyraider

    Greetings Decal Sheet was Euro Decals, 1/72 & 1/48 scales ED-48107 - Korean War US Marine Corps Skyraiders Lettering from Spares (FC codes) Cheers Bill
  8. This has been a bit of a challenge . Turning the ESCI model into something a bit presentable. First model I have rescribed (so much damage to details during construction)..Not a habit I want to continue. Resin Interior(may not be as accurate as some would like), and Master Gun barrels and Pitot (Beautiful parts) Lots of modifications to backdate this kit closer to AD-4N. I did take a few liberties with some antennas and aircraft ID numbers, but still focused on the VMA-211 concept. Colors are Vallejo with Gunze GX-100 Clear Gloss over-coating. This model is part of an ongoing Wake Island Avengers theme. Thanks for looking Comments Welcome Cheers Bill
  9. Greetings I truly enjoyed this model build . The project needed a little modeling skills but the kit is quite nice. This is the aircraft of Lt. Heinz Ewald, June 1944 The markings came from the Kit decals and a Kagaro Pamphlet "Aircraft Aces 3" Used Gunze Paints except for the final finish using Testors dull-coat and Semi-Gloss decanted from Rattlecans Used Barracuda Resin for Gun Blisters, Oil cooler cover and underwing gun pods. Aftermarket cloth seat-belts from HGW, I also used the Uschi red dot wing stencils, they were great EZ Line and Invisible thread for Antennas Took a little work to get the props and spinner correct agin with help from Barracuda Prop alignment jig Thanks for Viewing Comments always welcome Bill
  10. Airfix 1/72nd Gladiator

    Thank You all for the Compliments and information. Cheers Bill
  11. Airfix 1/72nd Gladiator

    Thanks for all the positive feedback and thanks for the Beaufighter info. I tend to agree with you regarding the daylight aspect of the Battle. Cheers Bill
  12. Airfix 1/72nd Gladiator

    Thank You All Very Much. Rigging was a challenge ,but a few beers and seemed to steady up. (I wish) Cheers Bill PS..Question to all...Does a Beufighter belong in the Battle of Britain collection??? Your opinions Please ? Thanks
  13. This is the Airfix Kit and it was fun. Two toned scheme ...light and dark greens and browns. Decals from Hannants and they worked great, Xtradecals... Battle of Britain. SBS Resin engine....Very nice and very hard to see. Steel Wire for Bracing, EZLine for antenna. Photo-etched seatbelts,drilled out gun barrels Loved the shiny spinner and don't care if its correct for BoB. Looks cool Last photo shows the cross arms I almost forgot. Thanks For Looking Cheers Bill
  14. Monogram 1/48 F-105

    Thank You Sir for the Compliments Bill
  15. Monogram 1/48 F-105

    Thank You All for the Positive Feedback Bill