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  1. Greetings Guys Dragon kit had a few tricky areas but nothing catastrophic. The nose for the Photo section was a single clear section and required a bit of cutting and filling in the front. Basic modelling skills were required for model but isn't that the objective.. Build awayBill
  2. Thanks Guys second picture was on workbench not photo area. Way different light. Photo booth has much more accurate colors but workbench has accurate propsπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  3. Next to last 8th AF aircraft . Still have P-47 on radar Corrected props after review and feedback Xtracrylics PRU with a touch of lighter blue in a few spots Uschi line and Bulb filament for antenna. Just some Pastel dust for weathering Testors Dullcoat (decanted) for final finish Thanks for taking a Look Comments Always welcome Cheers Bill
  4. Thanks 109 Fan...What an understatement
  5. Thanks guys. I do have a prop collection for most of the 1948 Aircraft. Later Bill
  6. B.O.B. Typhoon

    Thank You Guys for the Compliments Cheers Bill
  7. B.O.B. Typhoon

    Thank You all for the Compliments I believe this is the early Revell Kit. The date on this kit is 2000. The biggest issues was the Intake sections .These are missing details and the fit required quite a bit of modeling "Patch& Fill".
  8. B.O.B. Typhoon

    I envy those who got to see the actual aircraft 🀀
  9. Greetings all , busy couple of modeling weeks. This was the early Revell of Germany Typhoon and there are some inaccuracies related to the real aircraft. But it is still a Typhoon and so.... Despite the aircraft inaccuracy, I like the end result. I wish I could have seen the real thing. I used Uschi powder on the Exhaust as that is now my go-to material for metal surfaces (Small ones) Mostly Out of Box Construction..Actually complete Out of Box...Xtracrylics used for the Green and Brown (Figured British Manufacturer would by good for British colors) Grey was gunze. Decals were from Caracal and they fought me on settling down . End result was hairdryer and Solvaset and victory was mine. Thanks for taking a Look Cheers Bill PS Comments welcome
  10. The Tamiya Mosquito was pleasure to build. Great fit and easy construction except the landing gear needed a bit of magic to get the axels correctly aligned I used the Barracuda decals for the basic airframe stencils...these were super and highly recommended. The Israeli Decals were from Decals Carpena Ref 72.30..These could have been better. Mostly weather with pastels to simulate the harsh environment. This is not my best area, mostly accomplished by brush and rubbing into surface Gun-barrels were hollowed out and nose guns were installed as the last thing. Used Uschi Very Fine line for antennas. Silver finish was Alclad High Speed Silver finish. Testors Flat-coat over wooden sections. This is the 5th and last of my Israeli 1/72nd prop aircraft. Thanks for Looking Comments welcome. Bill
  11. Congratulations...That is an outstanding example of workmanship..WOW. Bill
  12. Paint scheme Help - Tiger Tornado German ECR

    Thanks for the information. I appreciate your getting back to me. Cheers Bill D
  13. Paint scheme Help - Tiger Tornado German ECR

    Thanks Here is my Decision .. Used white Thanks Bill
  14. Greetings Completed this 1/144 challenge today. Added to lots of stuff for this size. Resin Interior,Resin Exhausts,Resin Wheel Wells,Master Brass Pitot Tube Lots of Decals and major usage of Solvaset and Hairdryer as these decals would not settle down. Uschi Powders to Highlight the Exhausts Thanks for Taking a Look Comments welcome Bill D