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  1. [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    Wow! You've done a great job there, I particularly like the oxygen bottle and the cowling flaps. I will wait patiently for more, your progress can't be any slower than mine! John
  2. [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    Only just found out this so I'll have to stand on a box at the back. I've always liked the Tamiya 1-48 Wildcat and Corsair kits, they shout " build me now! " at you when you open the boxes. looking forward to more John
  3. Here's another one I started earlier.

    Thanks for the comments guys, while I'm waiting for some dry weather for spraying, I will do some work on the propeller, spinner and wheels. The spinner will be night black ( Xtracrylic ) and I will use Revell anthracite for the propeller blades to give a little contrast.. Cheers John
  4. Blimey you have been busy! No snow here but lots of rain and storm force 10, I think I'd rather have snow. For a big aeroplane, there wasn't a lot of room in the cockpit once the seat was in. John
  5. The weather here is pretty atrocious today with strong winds and heavy rain so I turned on the TV as I sat down to eat my lunch and Bargain Hunt was on. It wasn't long before one of the teams got to a stand with some aircraft instruments and picked up a morse key, the type fitted to the starboard cockpit wall in the Spitfire, and decide to buy it for £30 ( it sold for £70 ), but what really caught my eye was a complete instrument panel in the background which I reckon came from a Meteor judging by the shape of the lower edge of the panel.The event was held at the Kent showground which I believe is on part of the old Detling airfield.


    Good luck with the snow



  6. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Hi Olivier The cushion looks really good, but may I introduce a note of caution. One of my references states that the large cushion was a post war introduction and that during WWII the pilot's parachute pack was the back cushion. Hope the storm's not too bad where you are. John
  7. I made a black night intruder many years ago ( I think it's still in a box somewhere ) and if I remember correctly I stippled some thick, unmixed paint behind,the leading edges to simulate the peeling paint. I am not a big fan of uniform pre-shading and centre panel fading either, about 35 years ago there was a teenager who regularly won classes at the IPMS Nationals ( remember them? ) at Soneleigh who was an absolute genius with an airbrush and used a lot of shading, he produced beautiful models but for me the just weren't realistic. Keep on keeping on John
  8. Here's another one I started earlier.

    09 Dec. Upper wing roundels take two. These are the kit roundels which eventually gave me the result I required. I used both Microsol and Humbrol Decalfix and a tiny drop of washing up liquid to help position the transfers on the model. Initially the roundels did not conform completely then I remembered the ' hot water treatment ' as described some time ago on BM, so I put some almost boiling water in a mug, wet a pad made from a piece of old shirt and pressed down on the transfers for 30 seconds and voila! Just to make sure, I ran a new scalpel blade around the panel lines and pressed them down again. I have also applied the serial numbers and the second part of " The Virgin " on the cockpit door. The wing and tailplane underside markings and stencils will be next but I first need to spray on some gloss varnish. I will use the kit decals again and hope for the same results. That's it for now. John Edit I'm sure that the sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that I have lost some of the ' W ' on the port fuselage and the second bar of the Roman numeral II, something else to attend to.
  9. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Some photos of the Meng sprues as promised, sorry about the quality, there isn't enough natural light today and my photo booth is not set up at the moment. In the first photo the seat support structure is at bottom left with ( not very convincing ) hoses included, the seat armour and headrest is above and to the right. The second photo shows the seat armour/headrest in the middle with the rack for the radio and battery to the left. I have included the third photo to give you an idea of how much detail needs to be filled on the upper wing surfaces, my first job when I build it will be to " paint" them with Mr Surfacer and rub it down until just faint impressions are left. The last photo is to show the wheel well snapped into place under the lower wing, it's the correct shape but actually quite basic compared to Squibby's. cheers John
  10. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    I think the seat cushion looks good, I have the Meng kit and will post some pictures sometime over the weekend. John
  11. I knew we wouldn't be disappointed. I think you could do the same sort of thing on the non slip area as you did on the tank. I stippled thick tyre black onto my last one before creating some wear. John
  12. Good to hear about Molly, bad to hear about Mrs B. It'll be man flu for you next week then, unless you sleep in the garden shed then it'll be simply pneumonia. Oh yes, the Spitfire. Coming allong nicely. John
  13. As Giemme said, excellent job. If I can do as well as that in 1/32 I will be more than satisfied. John
  14. Missouri Armada P 51D Mustang Tamiya 1/48

    Thanks for posting the above Olivier, I think I might invest in some. Returning to the question of gunsights, there is a photo in the Mustang " Walkaround " ( a very useful reference ) of an early P-51D with an N9 sight which has a ring sight next to it. Unfortunately it is not possible to see if there is a post on the nose because the pilot is in the way. This is all academic of course if you decide on a K14. John