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  1. It does look good in black. John
  2. Fourtean Forecasts

    If you like sleeping
  3. The little hooks, ( they must be some of the tiny PE bits I was talking about earlier ) were intended to flip the tank downward when jettisoned so that it didn't bounce along the underside of the fuselage. John PS. Good idea not to do any modelling whilst listening to ' Any Questions ' I usually listen on Saturday PM and have been known to shout ( a lot ) at the radio. SWMBO and the dogs usually hide in the garden.
  4. TRUMPETER 1/32 MIG 3

    Another small update 18 Aug. I started on the winter camouflage yesterday using Tamiya flat white and this is where I got to before I had to stop to de-clog and clean my airbrush, and by then I'd run out of time. I had intended to continue today using a different airbrush ( my trusty old Badger 200 ) but guess what, it's been raining since midday and is now too humid for airbrushing. This has been the worst summer we've had in 12 years in France, it's been either too hot at 38-40deg., or grey and damp. Hoping to get some more spraying done tomorrow, but meanwhile I'm getting the undercarriage elements together, and I'm on the second attempt at making the baffles for the radiator intake but nothing worthy of more photos. That's all for now, thanks for looking John
  5. The Barracuda 1/48'upper cowling certainly fit, but they're not available in 1/72 ( yet ).. I don't know about Ultracast. John Edit:. Nice wing/fuselage joint.
  6. Fourtean Forecasts

    or is that Eurotrash? ( I know I'm risking the wrath of all you sporty types but I just don't care. )
  7. The cowlings on Eduard's 1/48 Spitfires are also two piece and the Brassin replacements don't fit properly either..Grrrrrr. John
  8. Pet hates.

    People who walk immediately behind, ( and even stop and chat ) your car when you are trying to reverse out of a parking space. This happens frequently in our local supermarket car park, they seem oblivious to the fact that the engine is running and the reversing lights are on!
  9. BBMF Grounded!!

    Not wishing to be selfish, but I hope it is only the BBMF aircraft. There is a display near here on Sunday which is advertised to include a Spitfire and they're a bit thin on the ground in these parts, so I was eager to see ( and hear ) one again. John
  10. What have you purchased 9

    Nothing as exotic I'm afraid, the bungees are for fixing large buckets of the aforementioned to my quadbike for transportation, perhaps I should have left your minds boggling.
  11. The seat in Alex's photo looks like it had at least some green on the sides, so there obviously were variations. When I first saw the last photo in post 143 I said to myself " Why is he clamping a plastic pot? " then I looked more closely. John
  12. He's right Ced the seat sides should be brown, and while we're in critical mode I'm pretty sure that the elevator trim wheel was not metal so wouldn't show that sort of wear. John
  13. What have you purchased 9

    Wheelbarrow with pink plastic body. Unfortunately the liquid element of the horse's leavings rots the aluminium kind ( two in eight years ) so we've decide to try something different and they only come in one colour. Also bungees and a toilet seat fitting kit.
  14. 1/48 Do-335A

    I also like the IP wiring, I presume it will be visible when the cockpit is complete. John