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  1. UnFOURgettable Prose

    sauce, excellent with chips
  2. From the look of those test shots it seems like the wings are not covered in holes representing rivets, we can but hope. I would think that making an accurate B/C model from an existing D would require quite a lot of changes to the mounds for as well as the obvious fuselage differences there are would be quite a few changes to be made to the wings.
  3. I'm afraid I've largely ignored this GB except for Ced's Gosling ( for Spitfire flight details ) until now, but every time I look at WIP this one seems to be near the top, so I thought I'd better take a look. It looks a big beast and as you say, the interior detail is pretty good. As for the green, well by the time it's all joined together most of it will be in shade so it will just look uh green. If anyone tells you it's wrong I should invite them to bring you a piece of ' Emily ' to prove it! Cheers John
  4. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Tin foil trousers with
  5. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    + 1 John
  6. UnFOURgettable Prose

    stands were very popular
  7. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    About 10 ago a Gendarmerie helicopter ( Eurocopter AS350 ) flew along the road bordering our horses' fields literally at tree top height, in fact below the tops of a couple of large oaks. There are power lines running across the road about 300m further down, I presume he went over them but it couldn't have been by much.
  8. Spitfire Mk IX MH434

    I hope you'll forgive me for a slight thread drift, but I have a story for you. Last night we went to some friends for supper and a game of Canasta, and during a break in the game they presented me with something they had bought at a ' vide grenier ' the French equivalent of a car boot sale, a few days ago. I was surprised to see an Academy 1/48 Spitfie XIV E box and thanked them profusely, " look inside " they said , so I did , expecting to find perhaps a different kit but in fact inside were all the correct Academy spruces with all the actual parts missing! Also in the box was a brush, tin of paint, some liquid cement and complete decal sheet, which contained some nice markings including the post war Indian roundels which I always think looked like spoked wheels , which will do nicely for an Eduard Tempest II if it materialise. I guess the moral of the story is ' Look before you buy ', it's actually not unusual to see people selling empty containers and other unusual items at country vide greniers here. We all had a good laugh about it, and at least I will be able to find a use for a couple of the items. Cheers John
  9. Me too especially for the French tailgaters, it seems to be a national sport. Only 20mm ammo though, let's not get carried away. John
  10. Confusing isn't it? Whichever way it's done the light on the starboard side should show green. Perhaps Japanese aircraft have blue starboard lights! Hasegawa and Tamiya instructions usually state blue for the starboard light. John
  11. Now if you had some Contrail tube, you could have cut the scoop from that like I do. Only joking it looks perfect as it is. I love Tamiya clear paints for navigation light bulbs or covers, but shouldn't that be green not blue. Having spent years looking at them I know they look blue but the standard colours are red ( port ) and green ( starboard ). Sorry to be pedantic, a new word for you to look up. Cheers Johm
  12. UnFOURgettable Prose

    You're a conformist then?
  13. What have you purchased 9

    120ml of Stynylrez gloss black primer, after seeing all the good reports on here. I will still use my Halfords grey acrylic for most things and use this for metallic finishes. John
  14. Here's another one I started earlier.

    Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure I've got it now. Yesterday I painted the bits that will be visible from outside and I hope to get them fixed this morning so that I can start rubbing down etc this afternoon. You can uncross your fingers now Cheers John
  15. UnFOURgettable Prose

    Alphabetti Spaghetti yum yum