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  1. I think the rocket heads ( if explosive type ) would be Bronze Green, but I'm just nit picking, another strange English expression. Cheers John
  2. Sorry Stew, no luck on the instructions or the kit. John
  3. Will you be taking the masking off the canopy or is that the 'blind flying ' hood? John
  4. IAR 80

    That's looking good, it looks like a tight fit for the pilot though. I wonder if the horizontal frame below the IP was necessary for structural rigidity, it must have made getting out in a hurry a bit difficult. John
  5. Great job on the painted walkway lines, I'm also now a convert. John
  6. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Perhaps she was french! We come across quite a few of those little four wheeled lawnmower powered things in supermarket car parks. I think the drivers must have all had large saloon cars previously as they all seem to think that they are twice as long as they actually are when reversing out of parking spaces.
  7. I would be more than happy with that as a first attempt. John
  8. We are watching a French crime series on British TV at the moment and trying not to look at the subtitles which sometimes bear little resemblance to what we can actually hear.. We're learning lots of slang and swear words as well. John
  9. Hi John,

    here is my mail adress: olivier.pansieri@orange.fr


    Thanks a lot


    All the best



  10. Hi Olivier, a quick ( poor quality ) picture of the overwing colours suggested by Revell for the LouIV/Athelene marking option in their 1/32 Mustang. If you are interested in the complete painting guide, drop me a PM with your address and I will photocopy them and send them to you. The colour "H" is shown as matt Dark Green and colour "C" as Nato Olive, but there are no FS numbers to match them with. My first thoughts were that they would have been faded and fresh variants of the same basic colour, but as we have recently discovered, several different paints were used so other colours may have been used to paint over the D-Day and identification stripes depending on what supplies were available at the time. Confusing isn't it? Cheers John
  11. I had a Plasticene meltdown several years ago which is why I now use Blu-tack. John
  12. I hold my nose weights in place with Blu-tack, now someone tell me that causes a chemical reaction also.. John
  13. 1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang "Missouri Armada"

    Well, how did I manage to miss this until now? I can see where Olivier got some of his inspiration looking at this. I shall be following closely from now on. John
  14. Wow, lots of useful information from John. I'll post a copy of the Revell instructions tomorrow Olivier, been a bit busy today. John
  15. I think that the 1/48 instructions gave the colours for the various lever knobs, mine will be long gone now but if I can find the kit I will look to see what colours I painted them. John