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  1. I mean, we all like exotic tools, right, and everybody has a Gunze Opener......surely!! I have not found a jar that I can't open with my trusty Gunze opener.....(I don't work for G.S.!!)
  2. ...aren't the glass "jars" Mr. Color et al use, the way to go? Easy clean, reusable, you can see what you have, etc. etc. ?? I mean, I have a "tinlet" of Humbrol No. 11 on the go from 1968, or thereabouts, but you have to move with the times....!
  3. I love the old Monograms, pre C.A.D. - pre everything, actually! They are easy builds, just a BIT of modelling required. They capture the look, the presence of those old jets. Just building a Tamiya Mosquito... "click", no glue , but the old Monograms are well worth the effort spent. And the raised panel lines are not wholly inappropriate, just knock them down with a bit of P800 paper before (or after) painting! Nicely done model, I'll put mine back on the shelf!!
  4. Beautiful model.....I have not seen the double missile rails before,are they unique to Polish MiG-21's?
  5. I just built the Trumpeter Su-11, so you are in for a good build. Sometimes simple and straightforward is good. My BMF finish is a coat of Tamiya AS-12 from the spray-can and , after drying and masking a few panels, a coat of TS-17....simple and effective!
  6. Just apply Hawkeye decals as per normal, I have used them several times with no issues.
  7. Thank you, xvtonker, I am determined to finish my Victor with retracted RAT's (!). I model everything as "starting take off roll", and perhaps no one can say we are wrong! I've read a couple of Victor books recently, and am loving Airfix's model of this amazing 'plane... Thanks!!
  8. Thanks, everyone, I am just going to get used to those things sticking up like that - certainly an "interesting" looking aircraft!
  9. Just putting the finishing touches to the fabulous Airfix Victor B.2 and I am wondering........ I have not seen a picture of a Victor B.2 on the ground with the ram-air turbine inlets in the flush position. They really spoil the looks of this enigmatic aircraft, in my view, and I want to model them "flush"....... Yes/no maybe?
  10. Airfix, for mine. They produce new moulds that people want ,they are affordable, and the build quality has improved immeasurably recently. The Victor might be a prime example.
  11. Definitely not finished, but just too add a little more flavour to this thread! I really like the old Monograms, particularly the Century Series. Found an OLD set of micro-scale decals on the net. I'll put another picture up when it's finished, and I brush up on my Photo. skills!
  12. I'll see if I can get something up in the "near" future.....!!
  13. Beautiful, just love the old Monograms....... Completing a "Hawk One Canada" version at the moment....
  14. Great read, thanks! I was a "Frog-man" in the late '50's, my first model was the original Frog Typhoon....no interior, no radiator, and I recently acquired a copy! The Airfix Lancaster at 19/6d was my holy grail for many years!
  15. I use PB on Chrome with an ad blocker........... no problems.