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  1. Definitely not finished, but just too add a little more flavour to this thread! I really like the old Monograms, particularly the Century Series. Found an OLD set of micro-scale decals on the net. I'll put another picture up when it's finished, and I brush up on my Photo. skills!
  2. I'll see if I can get something up in the "near" future.....!!
  3. Beautiful, just love the old Monograms....... Completing a "Hawk One Canada" version at the moment....
  4. Great read, thanks! I was a "Frog-man" in the late '50's, my first model was the original Frog interior, no radiator, and I recently acquired a copy! The Airfix Lancaster at 19/6d was my holy grail for many years!
  5. I use PB on Chrome with an ad blocker........... no problems.
  6. I had trouble throwing out the Sprue Frames (!!) from my Airfix Victor.....let alone the box, which of course is a big, sturdy "keeper".
  7. '50's kid here, Cuban Missile Crisis, X-15 flights, 4/9d Airfix series 1.........Well done! I would need a main-stream kit to do it justice! Airfix, X-15, SR-53........!!
  8. Yes, those pilots are a lot healthier than the original original pilots, which pretty much looked like matchsticks with the wood scraped off!!
  9. Beautiful, I have actually been to Monino and had a close up look at this monster! Did the cut -out Canopy and Nose masking supplied work out well for you, or did you use conventional methods?
  10. Airfix should do a 1/48 Hunter. A landmark memory for me in modelling was building their 1/72 F.6 in 111 Sqn "Black Arrows" scheme in what, 1960 something? Opinions differ, (surprise) but the Hunter is one of the most beautiful of aircraft, the 2 seater, one of the ugliest!
  11. Nice Lightning! Just for the sake of discussion, this is how I do my bare-metal finishes, and I am (was!) a spray-painter, painting aircraft sometimes too! (I have just built Airfix's Lightning F2-a, but not to your standard!) 1. clean model and mask where necessary. 2. spray 1 or 2 light coats of Tamiya AS-12 (bare metal silver) straight from the aerosol can. 3. Let dry thoroughly. 4. mask various panels off for...5. one or two light coats of Tamiya TS-17 (gloss aluminium), straight from the aerosol can. Unmask, finished. I find this a simple and effective way to do BMF models. My approach is to keep it as simple as I can, and if you have doubts, just go and look at a real aeroplane....... (just 1 opinion among many, when it comes to BMF's)
  12. ...try about 52 years old, I reckon it's about a '64!
  13. Well, I am in Adelaide, and started in the late '50's with Aurora, Frog and Airfix....... Welcome! Buy a cheap Chinese airbrush off E-bay, (and compressor) and go with the flow (pardon the Pun)........ Not too much wrong with old school, I still use tube glue!
  14. Very nice indeed, Monogram get the look right. Wish I could build them like that! (pump up those tyres a bit, tho!) (Oblique joke for those that know the model....)
  15. I'm sure it's been covered, but just dropped in to ask if Airfix have a Black Defiant release in the works..... (believe there are a few differences parts wise re: the current release.)