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  1. Our new products release in May 2016: Decal Setting Solution (30ml)Setting Solutions to improve the adhesion of decals to the surface of a model. Instructions: It is designed to be applied to the model's surface by brush before applying the decal. Improves the adhesion of decals to the surface of a model and helps them to conform to curves, panel lines and other surface features. The Setting Solution can easy remove old decals as long there is no layer with varnish on top of the decal. - Shake well before use - Net Weight: 30ml - Shipping Weight: 45ml Safety Instructions: - Keep them out of reach of children. - Avoid skin contact, eye contact and inhalation. - Use it in well ventilated areas only. Manufactured by: HOBBY Colours 2. Acrylic Retarder (30ml) Use to slow the drying time of acrylic paints. An agent that increases ‘open‘ (working) time of acrylic paint. Instructions: The Acrylic Retarder is used to counter the fast drying properties of acrylic paints, making possible the use of airbrush. Increases blending time, making blending of colors and detail brushwork easier. Do not mix more than 25% per volume into acrylic paint otherwise paint may not fully dry. - Shake well before use - Net Weight: 30ml - Shipping Weight: 45ml Safety Instructions: - Keep them out of reach of children. - Avoid skin contact, eye contact and inhalation. - Use it in well ventilated areas only. Manufactured by: HOBBY Colours
  2. F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin

    The F-4E Phantom from Eagle Aviation is now available and in stock (published at 28 of February) Concerning Reid Air Publications, their books are excellent and very good reference indeed and that is why HOBBY Colours import them, at least most of them. We are waiting the new release for F-15 from Reid Air Publications (within March) - this will be the first complete reference book for the "Eagle". Without going to any debate, there are a lot of books out there but what is interesting for the modellers is what details can be revealed for each aircraft. Reid Air Publications, Eagle Aviation and DACO books capturing photos and details having in mind what modeller wants to see. Jake Melampy (Reid Air Publications) and Ioannis Lekkas (Eagle Aviation) are both very experienced photographers with flying experience in military aircraft's. No matter if the book refers to the same aircraft, it is still a unique subject, different air-force with variant weapons and releases. The choice is yours!
  3. F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin

    We are happy to announce the pre-order for the new Under The Skin series book, the Phantom. It will available March the 1st. Discover the mighty F-4E Phantom in this new unprecedented “Under The Skin” series book! 108 pages and hundreds of photographs captured by one of the world’s leading aviation photographers illustrate in extreme detail every corner of the jet. The book covers the F-4E AUP in Hellenic Air Force service but will also become a valuable reference asset for any gun nosed Rhino. External details, walkaround, cockpits, engines and engine bays, access panels, fuel lines, landing gear, exhaust nozzles and all the modern ordnance are thoroughly described down the last detail. “Phantom Under The Skin” is the must companion for all modelers and Phantom enthusiasts! Take the challenge to build the ultimate scale Phantom or expand your knowledge around the McDonnel Douglas masterpiece discovering features around the jet that have never before published!
  4. The new sets and idividual bottle of Acrylic paints now available in HOBBY ColoursTM. The new Acrylic Sets: HTK-AS12 - Israeli AF paint set (1970's desert colours) HTK-AS15 - Swiss Air Force Paint Set (WW2 period) HTK-AS19 - US Army Helicopters HTK-AS20 - Late WW2 Soviet Air Force HTK-AS21 - Early WW2 French Army HTK-AS22 - British AFV (WW2 European colours) HTK-AS23 - RAF Photo Reconnaissance Units HTK-AS24 - Warsaw Pact AFV panel lighting set HTK-AS25 - Modern French Army HTK-AS26 - Corrosion & Rust weathering effects set HTK-AS27 - Falklands Conflict paint set vol. 1 HTK-AS28 - Falklands Conflict paint set vol. 2 HTK-AS31 - Early WW2 German AFV panel lighting set HTK-AS32 - Luftwaffe “Legion Condor” HTK-AS33 - Early WW2 Soviet Air Force HTK-AS34 - Israeli Air Force (early period) HTK-AS35 - German „Red Primer” AFV panel lighting set HTK-AS36 - 1945 WW2 German AFV panel lighting set HTK-AS37 - WW2 AFV Interior Colours The new Acrylic individual colours: HTK-A024 — P.R. Pink HTK-A042 — P.R. Blue HTK-A045 — Air Defence Grey - FS16473 HTK-A047 — Soviet Cockpit Blue-Green HTK-A049 — Insignia White (ANA 511) HTK-A051 — Camotint Green HTK-A055 — Royal Blue HTK-A057 — Beige HTK-A061 — Seaplane Grey (ANA 625) HTK-A062 — International Orange (ANA 508) HTK-A063 — Vert Foncé HTK-A064 — Khaki Green No. 3 (G3) – No. 3 B.S.381-1939 HTK-A065 — US Army Olive Drab HTK-A066 — Insignia (Orange) Yellow – FS13538 HTK-A067 — US Army Helicopter Drab – FS34031 HTK-A068 — US Army Desert Sand HTK-A069 — Woodland Desert Sage – FS34201 HTK-A070 — AMT-12 Dark Grey HTK-A071 — AMT-11 Blue Grey HTK-A072 — AMT-7 Greyish Blue HTK-A073 — AMT-4 Camouflage Green HTK-A074 — A-21m Light Greyish Brown HTK-A075 — Dark Green No. 4 (G4) – No. 4 B.S.381-1939 HTK-A076 — S.C.C. No. 2 Khaki Brown – No. 2 B.S.987C-1942 HTK-A077 — S.C.C. No. 1A Dark Brown – No. 1A B.S.987C-1942 HTK-A085 — Polish AFV Khaki Green HTK-A094 — Vert Olive HTK-A095 — Gris Bleu Clair HTK-A096 — Gris Clair Neutre HTK-A097 — Jaune d’ocre HTK-A098 — Terre d’ombre HTK-A099 — Gris Vert HTK-A100 — Jet Black (RAL 9005) HTK-A101 — Traffic White (RAL 9016) HTK-A110 — S.C.C. No. 15 Olive Drab – No. 15 B.S.987C-1942 HTK-A111 — Warsaw Pact Green Base HTK-A112 — Warsaw Pact Green Shadow HTK-A113 — Warsaw Pact Yellow Green HTK-A114 — Warsaw Pact Torrid Green HTK-A115 — Warsaw Pact Bright Green HTK-A116 — Warsaw Pact Fresh Green HTK-A117 — Braun HTK-A118 — Gelb / Beige HTK-A119 — Khaki / Grün HTK-A120 — Grau HTK-A121 — Jaune Sahara HTK-A122 — Vert IR OTAN HTK-A123 — Brun Terre IR HTK-A124 — Vert Foncé IR HTK-A125 — NATO Black HTK-A126 — Sable Desért IR HTK-A127 — AE-9 Light Grey HTK-A128 — A II Green (Protective) HTK-A129 — A II Light Blue HTK-A130 — Brown (old) rust HTK-A131 — Red (old) rust HTK-A132 — Base rust HTK-A133 — Orange (fresh) rust HTK-A134 — Ochre (light) rust HTK-A135 — Yellow (light) rust HTK-A136 — Pucara Pale Green HTK-A137 — Pucara Light Tan HTK-A138 — Pucara Medium Blue HTK-A139 — Semi-matt Aluminium HTK-A140 — BS Extra Dark Sea Grey – BS381C:640 HTK-A141 — BS Medium Sea Grey – BS381C:637 HTK-A142 — Camouflage (Barley) Grey – BS381C:626 HTK-A143 — BS Dark Green – BS381C:641 HTK-A144 — BS Dark Sea Grey – BS381C:638 HTK-A145 — RAF Blue-Grey – BS381C:633 HTK-A146 — BS Olive Drab – BS381C:298 HTK-A153 — MK-7 Temporary White HTK-A161 — Polizei / SS Grün Base HTK-A162 — Polizei / SS Grün Shadow HTK-A163 — Polizei / SS Grün Flash HTK-A164 — Panzer Dunkelgrau Base HTK-A165 — Panzer Dunkelgrau Shadow HTK-A166 — Panzer Dunkelgrau Flash HTK-A170 — Reed Green HTK-A171 — Grey-Blue HTK-A172 — Medium Brown HTK-A173 — Silk Grey HTK-A174 — Brown Primer Shadow HTK-A175 — Red Primer Base HTK-A176 — Red Primer Flash HTK-A177 — Red Primer Torrid HTK-A178 — 1945 Dunkelgelb Base HTK-A179 —1945 Dunkelgelb Flash HTK-A180 — 1945 Resedagrün Base HTK-A181 — 1945 Resedagrün Flash HTK-A182 — 1945 Rotbraun Base HTK-A183 — 1945 Rotbraun Flash All new Hataka products are available from our e-shop. Restocking of other products: 1. UMP: Restocking 3 weeks ago with new products as follows: - Weathering Wash - Winter (50ml) - Weathering Wash - Earth (50ml) 2. NorthStar Models: Restocking 2 weeks ago. 3. JammyDog tapes: Restocking 2 weeks ago with new products as follows: - 4mm Paper Masking Tape - 5mm Paper Masking Tape 4. Aizu Micron tapes: Restocked today with new products as follows: - 2mm Micron Masking Tape 5. AKAN: Restocking by end of December: Links: E-shop - Blog Share this on Facebook - Twitter
  5. F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin

    I think there is no such book release on the international market. Some of the material is published for the first time. Many photos show each side of the fighter and much more.... A big advantage is the number of revealing photos of active weapons. In any book on the F-16 which has been internationally released these weapons reference is absent. Publisher is going to re-print the book, stock is very low only few months after the release (1st of October) Next release: "40 years of Hellenic Phantoms" coming soon...
  6. The new book from Eagle Aviation Photograpy "F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin" is an excellent and unique book for F-16 Fighting Falcon ever printed. Available from HOBBY Colours and Eagle Aviation Photograpy. Over 400 photographs reveal every part of the F-16 from the cockpit to the engine bay, from the landing gear to the avionics. ‘Viper Under The Skin’ is the ultimate reference guide for the modern F-16 featuring all the new advances as the Conformal Fuel Tanks, the F-16D dorsal spine and state of the art ordnance. Soft cover - 100 pages Bilingual: English – Greek Dimensions: 24 x 22.5cm
  7. HOBBY Colours restocking RP Toolz, RB Production και Yahu Models. RB Toolz restocking and new products: PIR-135: 135 mm long PIRANHA Photo Etch Tool PIR-195: 195 mm long PIRANHA Photo Etch Tool PIR-300: 300 mm long PIRANHA Photo Etch Tool RP-RC: Conical Roller Tool RB Production restocking and new products: RB-T013: Universal saw holder RB-T014: Rapid Cut saw RB-T015: Medium saw RB-T016: Fine saw RB-T017: Ultra-fine saw RB-T030: Corner rivet wheels 1 RB-T035: Corner rivet wheels 2 RB-T038: Nano Saws Yahu Models restocking and new products: Scale 1/32: YMA3204: Fiat G.50 YMA3205: Dewoitine 520 YMA3207: Spitfire V late YMA3209: Me 109 E Scale 1/35: YML3501: Chevrolet C15TA Scale 1/48: YMA4807: Hurricane I YMA4811: Fw 190A early YMA4814: P-40 E YMA4818: P-51 B/C YMA4822: PZL P.23 Karas YMA4824: PZL P.24 YMA4825: A6M2 [Mitsubishi Green] YMA4826: A6M2 [Nakajima Green] YMA4835: Mil Mi-2 Scale 1/72: YMA7215: P-40 M YMA7224: Fw 190 A early YMA7225: Ju-88C-6 YMA7226: F4U Corsair YMA7236: MS.406 YMA7242: Hurricane II YMA7248: Spitfire I YMA7251: P-51 B/C YMA7252: P-51 D early YMA7253: Fiat G.50 YMA7255: A6M2 Zero YMA7256: A6M3 Zero YMA7257: A6M5 Zero YMA7268: P-40 B/C YMA7280: RWD-8 (PWS) YMA7281: RWD-8 (DWL) YMA7296: Po-2 / U-2 LNB YML7210: IAR-81 YML7211: IAR-81 bomb version Soon restocking and new products from other suppliers (e.g. ΑΚΑΝ, NorthStar Models) Links: E-shop - Blog Share this on Facebook - Twitter
  8. Hobby Colours & Accessories is now Distributor/Reseller of Hataka Hobby acrylic colours. All products are available to purchase from our e-shop. Shipping worldwide!! Products from RP TOOLZ also available from our e-shop
  9. Book Publications

    The following publications are available in our e-shop: Eagle Aviation Photography 348 Squadron – 60 Years 341 Squadron - 60 Years 332 Squadron - 25 Years Fighter Weapons School F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper Under The Skin Reid Air Publications The Modern Super Hornet Guide: F/A-18E/F & EA-18G Exposed The Scale Hornet: A Modeler's Guide to Building the F/A-18 The Modern Hornet Guide: F/A-18A/B/C/D Exposed A-10 Thunderbolt II: 21st Century Warthog
  10. Hobby Colours & Accessories founded in February 2012 in Armenia. At middle of October 2012 www.hobbycolours.net was launched and started to accept orders worldwide. At April 2013 our new e-shop: www.hobbycolours.com site was launched successfully and an automated ordering process was established. Our new e-shop is fully functional and is updated in regular bases. New features and new products are added on monthly bases. A Blog and recently our Forum were created to provide additional information for our products. Our intention is to continue providing information to all modellers but in the same time to receive their opinion and suggestions. We are shipping worldwide from Greece and our Company is now registered in Greece. Up to now we served Customers in more than 42 Countries worldwide. List of Countries, site statistics and Customers feedback can be found here. Best Regards Hobby Colours Team