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  1. That could work too. Thanks for the advice I'm busy sorting the cockpit lighting out at the moment so will have a think. It seems like the same idea but without all the cutting, which I'm not a big fan of. I wanted to detail the engine ports so this would help by giving a good base to work on
  2. Thanks Warren that sounds a lot simpler to do. Will have a think through exactly how to tackle it. Most of my modelling involves a lot of thinking things through 🤔
  3. Hi, I Picked up an old MPC shuttle Tydirium at a toy fair this weekend and have already made a start. I have always wanted this kit and couldn't wait to get it out of the box. I am adding a few lights, so far I have sorted a rudimentary lighting system to include cockpit lights (fibre optic) dorsal wing lights (fibre Optic) and landing lights (LED's). I have seen some fantastic builds which light up the rear ion Engines with a bluish glow. Before I start chopping the kit any more I wanted to know what can be used to produce a good effect. Does anyone have any ideas of how to go about this? The cheapest option will always be near the top of the list lol. I thought about acrylic rod with LED's drilled into each end and lit that way. Or maybe see if I can get my hands on one of those three in one torches that has a strip light in it. I'm not sure though how to wire that up. My electrical knowledge is really only what I need to know right now and Google fills in any other gaps. Any help would be appreciated and if this has been done by anyone I would love to see pics and wip's. CHRIS.
  4. I really like this, I've never seen this kit before. I think after seeing this I might have to keep a look out for one. Well done, a good looking build!
  5. Wow Andy, that has completely blown my A-Wing out of the water. Another superb build. Did you have any issues using the enamels? I keep clear of them when building Bandai kits due to the issues that have been well documented. Are they ok to use over a coat of finish? and if so how do you use them i.e. do you do panel lines or full washes? You are a true inspiration with your painting skills, I'm already on Amazon looking for my next Bandai kit.
  6. Great, I love the pose! I agree with the comment regarding the bandai kits they are very well made. I have mainly done bandai vehicles but did get the boba fett figure, he is made but I didn't know where to start on the weathering so he has sat on the shelf for a while. Any tips? You seem to have an eye for detailing figures I can't believe the difference between weathering a figure and vehicle, I guess I should just give it a go!
  7. Hi, its been a while since I posted something, however I've still been busy modelling. I thought I would put up my most recent addition to my star wars collection. The Bandai kits are excellent and a joy to build. This A-Wing was my favourite so far. I paint with Vallejo acrylics through a cheap and cheerful airbrush mainly and due to the plastic with Bandai kits need to weather with acrylics too. I choose to portray the A-wing in green which from memory has been on screen at some points but I might be wrong. I have also recently completed the Y-Wing but haven't any photos yet, will post when I do. I also, for the first time, used fibre optics to light the laser turret which was a huge learning curve and, to be honest was a lot of work for not that much visually, but it was something I wanted to try. I can tick this off the list now. Please take a look and, as usual, all comments welcome. And a few with the lights turned on: Cheers!
  8. Looks great, never seen one of these before, it's a cool looking subject. Really like what you have done with this, the weathering is superb!
  9. I am building the 1:72 hasegawa Blackhawk at the moment which is lacking in detail quite a bit, so have just ordered the revel 1:48 Blackhawk. Which I think is the same mould as this model. I will be watching this closely. Its looking good so far, What colour scheme are you going for?
  10. That's a good size I will Defo be getting this next, just got to finish my Blackhawk!
  11. this is looking great, I think this model is next on my list. How big is the model roughly? Looking forward to seeing this build progress!
  12. That looks cool, like the empire just left it on Endor and scarpered! Love the rust on the side panels. Good job!
  13. Awesome, this is a nice build. The paint job is excellent!
  14. This is a fantastic Y-Wing build, one of the best i've seen, your chipping and weathering is spot on. I hope to be getting one of these soon, they were also my favourite ship. Great job!