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    1:35 AFV's and Artillery, 1:144 or 1:148 Aircraft & Military Kits , usually WW2 or 70's/80's British AFV's and SciFi kits. Also do some 3D CAD modelling for creating stuff to print at Shapeways etc.

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  1. New 22" Eagle Lab Pod

    I'm still trying to fathom why Round2 are not selling the standard passenger and the cargo pods as standalone add-on kits and for that matter why they don't sell a naked Eagle.
  2. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    Has any evidence of dog involvement been found.....
  3. How to break superglue bond?

    stick it in the freezer, the cyano should go brittle and then be snappable.
  4. Is this the same 3 legged kit that has both large landing gear doors the same even though they should be handed? If it is then I'm surprised they fit even that well.
  5. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    You have my sympathies, it takes a good while for that cat shaped hole to recover.
  6. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    Well they have to start somewhere, according to the great oracle(wikipedia) the worlds only had female(human) world leaders (not including queens) since the 1940's.
  7. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    might be an idea to keep an eye on any new laws being created in NZ for the signs of the beginning of the feline take over having started. A cat with thumbs and access to that kind of power, the cats of Downing Street can but dream......
  8. a question about Zimmerit on tiger I tanks

    i will stick my neck out and say flat horizontal plates probably didn't have zimmerit, as it was supposed to prevent magnetic mines from sticking to the metal plate, if you've got the mine on to a flat horizontal bit gravity is in your favour.
  9. Self Loading Rifle 1/35

    Yes, there is a big hole in market for Brit cold war period stuff other than tanks, need soldiers and soft skins. Be nice see an Austin K series truck too, that's all that seems to appear in my Dad's REME National Serice pics from his time in Germany.
  10. Hesco barriers

    Get some pe mesh and bag of model railway ballast and make your own?
  11. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    Our 3 legged old lady finally lost her long fight with FCV today, the other 3 in the family seem a little lost without the matriarch to boss them around.
  12. Best Bandai Star Wars kit

    I'm going to say of the kits I've built so far the ones I've enjoyed the most are the various trooper figures. The one I would not recommend to start with is the Y-wing, all those small pipe parts, what a nightmare to get in. Be prepared for breakages.
  13. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    Yup, at least two of mine have done that, Fallen out the bedroom window on to the conservatory roof and then come straight back in and did it again. Think they must have enjoyed the slide down the roof. One (no longer with us) has even done it whilst drunk! He used to like drinking the water out of the blocked garage guttering, great until autumn came and the apple tree would drop windfalls into the pools where they would ferment.
  14. Help me assemble a stash (1/35)

    ah, pork scratching built, for the what if section then
  15. Help me assemble a stash (1/35)

    but can you build a whole animal from the "stash", or just cutaways?