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  1. i take a seat ! I think i will enjoy that journey :-)
  2. Very impressive work jupy It will a real pleasure to read the next steps ! Have a nice day
  3. Please feel free to follow your Idea Noel !! I take a chair and look for the next steps with great interest Cheers
  4. Hopefully i was sat on my chair... if i wasn't I shall have fallen on my buttocks facing such a great looking Tie Interceptor Absolutely Stunning Andy !
  5. nice job Andy, congratulations ! @James : may be you will give the funny idea of a "Banana TIE" to the creators of Despicableme, if they plan to commit a 4th episode ? ;-)
  6. She looks pretty ! Congratulations for that build and thanks for sharing :-)
  7. Hi ! Here is a first attempt of (light) weathering using pastel chalks + water + windows cleaner fluid : I've been pleased to see that the wash made with pastel powder + water and windows cleaner soap can also be used on alclaad !
  8. Hi ! The same here as i plan to buy this Y-wing too ^^ I take a seat :-)
  9. great job !
  10. Hi, Thanks for the idea, I don't know how to do that technic, i will search a "how to". Have a nice day !
  11. So just oil painting + wipe, no juice (oil painting + solvent + wipe)... interresting, i will try this on a old model kit. Thanks a lot for your help ! :-) Kind regards
  12. Hi there, As i see that i am not the only Star Wars fan here (there is a good bunch of pretty Star Wars kits builds here), this is some pictures of my C3-PO and R2D2 WIP C3-Po was very easy to build R2D2's colors was not very nice in my humble opinion. The blue parts and the aluminium parts didn't pleased me so i decided to paint them. So I sprayed a coat of white on the white parts, and a coat of Tam X4 blue on the blue parts. Then i coated the grey parts with a layer of Alclaad black primer After a couple of days i started to spray some Alclaad aluminium layers on the black parts I've been very pleased by the alclaad render - it was the first time i used this product. The metalic render is very good. The only problem was that the R2D2's head is made from two half domes that don't fit very well... I used some Klir + talc powder to seal the gap between the two parts : The R2D2 main body is very great looking too (as the R5D4 provided with R2D2) The following steps of the build was very easy too This is the Two Droïds at this time : And here they are included in a Star Wars back ground I'm thinking to add some weathering on R2D2 (water+ liquid soap + pastel powders) but i'm affraid to try a weathering on C3-PO because don't know what to use on that shinny gold and chrome plastics to keep them shinny and also because i read that some plastics used by Bandai don't like certain solvents and i no longer remember which ones. Any advices please, some body ? Thanks by advance Have a nice day !
  13. That kit seems to be really good ! I built the old Revell's (snap click) Millenium Falcon but i think this model is far better that the Revell. I will follow your next steps with great interest Cheers
  14. What can i say other than... WOOOwww ! Congratulations
  15. Impressive painting job... Bravo !