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  1. PzKw III

    Hi folks This comes with PW grilles and a metal barrel. Miniart tracks added, snow is white PVA glue sprinkled with sodium bicarbonate. It's had a double helping of hairspray and scrubbing. The tracks need dirtying up a bit still and a suitably clothed figure will hide the incorrect interior colour (when I get around to painting one). Regards J A
  2. Another Walrus...

    Thanks to all for the kind comments, greatly appreciated as ever. Good point Joachim and one that hadn't occurred to me. I'll need to change that. Regards J A.
  3. Academy 1/72 Super Etendard

    Very impressive result, particularly in 1/72 - could easily pass for a larger scale. The videos are a great idea too - a first for a Britmodeller RFI post? Really liked the final reveal.
  4. "0 views"?

    Thanks for the explanation Greg. Regards J A.
  5. Spectacular paint scheme!
  6. "0 views"?

    Hi My recent new subject in Ready for Inspection is showing 0 views even though it has had numerous comments and reaction notifications. Have I inadvertantly changed a setting or something? Regards J A.
  7. My first Airfix kit for a long while, really impressed by the improvements in surface texture and no more trench-like panel lines! Regards J A
  8. Chieftain Mk 11

    Thanks Lloyd I'm taking a real shine to Takom kits and while I rarely build two of the same subject, I'm tempted to do a Mk. 10 just to have a go at that Berlin Garrison camo scheme! Thanks to all for your kind feedback. Regards J A
  9. Valentine Mk.VI - Miniart 1/35

    Love this, the attention to even the littlest detail is a lesson in itself.
  10. Chieftain Mk 11

    First of the new year! OOB except for replacement tow cables, painted with Mission Models paints. Regards J A
  11. Paragon 1/48 Avro Lincoln

    Tremendous, would look fantastic in a Tamiya line up with their 1/48 Lancs!
  12. Hi folks While it's a pretty accurate shape with good surface texture the kit is very much 'short run' quality in terms of parts fit. It's ok, but surely a subject deserving of a first line manufacturer in 1/32. Merry Christmas to all Britmodellers! Regards J A.
  13. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Hats off sir, magnificent work with a faultless attention to detail. In a complimentary setting I think it would be difficult to distinguish that from an authentic photo, which must surely be the ultimate goal of any modeller.
  14. Be gentle it was just a practice effort :)

    I can remember my first go with an airbrush and while it was a revelation, it was nowhere near as good as this!
  15. Dragon 1/35 Panther A, winter finish.

    That's come out really well, don't think I'd have the patience to wait that long though but it certainly proves nothing is beyond saving!