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  1. T-54A (MiniArt;1:35)

    Faultless work, easily matches the standard seen in the best modelling magazines.
  2. Wessex HC2 1/32nd scale.

    Tremendous work there Angelo, the Wessex always looked 'just right' to me in that camo scheme - very reminiscent of the 'troubles' we saw regularly on the TV back in the '70s. I thought the Italeri 1/48 Wessex was big enough, this must be huge...
  3. Where is 1/48 new tool B-24/B-17/B-29/Lancaster ?

    The Chinese manufacturers are an interesting bunch: Meng, Takom and others have been releasing some pretty wierd and wonderful kits recently (admittedly 1/35 AFVs) including prototypes and others that didn't even leave the drawing board, and you have to wonder about what their potential sales are likely to be; if they are looking to corner an un/under populated niche, might they venture into the 1/48 heavies sector?
  4. Agree with all of the above, that is excellent and the photography is spot-on too!
  5. KV-2 - 1/35 Trumpeter

    Kris Top marks on the tank and base, but if I might make a suggestion? I think the figures need a matt finish - I see so many dioramas and vignettes which I think are spoiled because of this as the reflective sheen makes the figures appear toy-like. Regards J A.
  6. Tamiya 1/35 Wespe

    That's really impressive, I love the distressed whitewash and weathering on the lower hull!
  7. Another Tiger II

    Hi folks Sorry, I know this subject has been done to death recently but I thought I'd throw mine in anyway: Regards J A
  8. Fairey Swordfish I

    It's actually a good kit, no fit issues at all and I believe it is an upscaled version of the Tamiya 1/48 one so it's got to be good! If you haven't got there yet I would recommend you throw away the p/e rigging and use a thick thread instead, not only is the rigging not flat in real life but it was a pig trying to get it all to fit properly - the slightest bend or kink is very visible on what is of course meant to be a taut wire.
  9. Micro Set or Mr Mark Setter?

    I've tried them, but I much prefer to use original formula Klear as a setting solution on top of a dried Klear surface. The decals settle down nicely, helped occasionally with a little dabbing down into crevices or over raised features. Once dry they can look painted on. The problem I found with Micro Sol/Set was that they tended to 'melt' the gloss surface coating, but that was my fault for using an inappropriate mix. This won't be much help to you if you haven't got any Klear of course...
  10. Eduard Big Ed set used although a lot of the external replacement bits were unnecessary I thought, so I left them off. Before anyone has a go at me I think the following are wrong: -incorrect fuselage roundel type -live torpedo should have a yellow nose (according to an FAAM info board) -the kit's PE wing bracing wires are wrong - they had a circular cross-section rather than flat Eduard's pre-coloured wing folds are wrong - in real life they appear to be fabric covered and match the colours of the upper and lower camouflage. Only found all this out after I had finished. Must do better research! Hope you like the photos nevertheless. Regards J A
  11. Bovington

    Although possibly more authentic? This picture was taken in August 1968 (that's me, top left within a few days of my 8th birthday - no H&S around then!!) so while not conclusive with regards its original finish it shows the Mittelsand scheme was applied previously, and a lot closer proximity to the war than now! Regards J.A.
  12. KV-2

    Yes, hairspray method X2 with a gloss sealing coat in between. Looks to be in proportion compared to the photos I've seen; whether the turret is actually in proportion in real life is another matter! Not sure I would have liked to go into battle in one, looks a bit of a sitting duck to me! Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone, it's really appreciated. Regards, JA.
  13. KV-2

    Regards J A
  14. Russian KV-1 (Trumpeter 1:35)

    Nice result there! I'm just finishing Zvezda's KV-2 which is the same kit (except for the turret, obviously); not sure which is the re-boxing but mine doesn't have the p/e unfortunately. I think you made the right choice of the plastic rather than the rubber tracks, although they are a bit of a pain to fit if you leave them of to paint first. Regards JA
  15. Now that really is something different! Superb work there, love the props especially.