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  1. 1/200 AMT Man in Space

    wow - what a great collection - this really trues up the size and magnitude of a mighty Saturn V when compared to its older siblings
  2. what a brilliantly well made little gem of a model you have put together there - I love the new cover of Lorne's book you have done too Keep Calm and Kessel Run On...
  3. wow - this is coming along nicely once again - I see from your pictures that there is another use in life for Nitty-Nora the head expolorer's comb ... !
  4. Rogue One AT ACT

    this is really going places - this extra detail is going to look brilliant on the finished model. Having glanced back again at the snap fit version on my office desk table, I can really appreciate how much better yours will look in all its completed glory
  5. wow - that's an incredible bit of beaky scratch building going on there - If I were you, I would cast a few off in resin for the rainy days of the future.
  6. is that a shock absorber of some kind....!
  7. Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures in 1/72

    amazing new models added since I last checked in last year - fantastic / 100% brilliant
  8. Rogue One AT ACT

    I'm liking this one - I have a built OOTB version of the same kit stood on my office desk and can instantly appreciate the modification you are undertaking good luck
  9. looks brilliant - any chance you can include a photo showing the interior fuselage lit up as I seem to remember it has a card insert
  10. Spice Mining and Sandworm

    the more I look at this, the more I think of my mother-in-law.... 'nuff said
  11. Lego Saturn V

    coming on good - thanks for showing how the sections clip together as I was wondering about that - I managed to get through to the end of bag 6 last night - lower stage 1 section now completed with rockets and fins attached. If I had the money, I would scratch build the launch tower as I intend to display mine upright next to the TV Keep Calm and brick-bash on
  12. News for Star Wars fans and those who like Star Destroyers. Good news from the new workshop of Randy Cooper Models was announced late last month. Randy has completed his revised and re-tooled Avenger class Imperial Star Destroyer 1/1500 resin model. Randy has been taking back orders for around 6 months and has started to put the waiting list into production now that he has moved home and has his new workshop set-up. For the UK buyer, you will be looking at paying around £700 for the model once shipping has been included for export from the US. HMRC will still need to have their own share of your pocket money before it gets to your doorstep. I'm 2nd or 3rd on Randy's production list and will post a WIP thread once I get around to starting the new model although I am still recovering from building his old version. The re-tooled model has been made more accurate and the assembly process changed although the modeller will still need the same tools and equipment required for the previous Star Destroyer model. re-tooled kit has been accurately lengthened re-tooled kit has been accurately made shallower revised tower shape and facia plates re-tooled engines and hangar internal structure skeleton has been re-designed far more lighting friendly option to have trenches and superstructure cast in clear resin (at extra cost) improved overall hull and trench wall detailing simplified side trench assembly improved display stand 96 parts modellers choice to produce Avenger class or original Rogue One / ANH tower antenna options far more assembly friendly overall (we hope) Randy has been sending me photos of his re-tooling project but they are also available on his model shops Facebook site - here are some pictures of the master while in prototype production and pre-casting stages
  13. Lorne's Sculpting a Galaxy is an excellent book - the holy grail of all things ILM. My copy is considered as one of my most precious hardback printed investments Happy reading - the book really compliments all the ILM documentaries on YouTube and really helps in detailing any Star Wars model
  14. Tiger moth

    wow - that's a great model and a delight to see on the forum pages - I too did not know the kit existed and may have to invest as this is something that grabs my interest. The only version I've ever seen was the scratch build that Randy Cooper made years back in 1996 which measured around 19 inches long. I've tried to persuade him to release his version as a kit to no avail though - this was his one-off version of the same