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  1. Manbola took me out for a few days last week and I have only now managed to catch up with my camera's memory card for an update Despite the lengths I went to heat and treat the twists in the resin plates, this 7mm thick resin really wants to keep on returning to its original twisted form from whence I stored it through the summer - so, I have taken the bull by the horns and made wooden braces to hold this thing straight and correctly profiled - and its cost me loads of extra work and time, but who cares.. its all for fun after all. upper frame template lower chassis lighting installed - upper frame wooden strengthener now attached chassis side plates clamped on inside the crawler flight deck glued and clamped in more timber used to aid in retaining the contours and correct angles - turned out it also made a good battery support spar later on first fibre optic instrument and LED test on the control tower - looks OK, but there's nothing I can do now to change it if it hadn't under the bonnet The Lid - I've cut the roof piece into 2. The forward section needed to be glued in place to keep the shape straight but this section made an ideal lid which needed some scratch build work to produce a light tight lip with locating pins entrance corridor section now glued in place underneath the crawler More Mario plumbing add-lib work This stuff is great for holding carpets together and dunking in liquid fibreglass, but also worked great to help hold the front section in place when attached so this is where those wooden frames turned out trump - no twists sorry ILM but I've started to stray away from where you left off a tad here - this external plumbing detail is addictive... That's all for now - thanks for crawling along once again here. John
  2. looking really amazing - what a great new lease of life you have brought it
  3. Comet Mk1 Movie dalek

    beautiful and great to see another Dalek - nice good old fashioned old school sci-fi never dies. You have made an excellent job of the kit - I didn't dare take the challenge on with mine and resold it to another collector. 10/10
  4. Dune Crawler & Sentinel

    that's a very nicely painted piece - I am trying to get an idea of its size though - if it is as small as I think it is, you have done a surgeons job in delicate detailing.
  5. Bandai's Executioner OOB

    he must be due on parade with armour that shiny - nice..
  6. Rogue One Wobani Storm Trooper

    this is very nice and a great alternative from the norm - having only just re-watched Rogue One today for the 'enth time, I did admire the grime added to the troopers armour at that scene aboard the prison carrier and its great to see it reproduced so nicely. cool - different - refreshing...
  7. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    stunning model - really looks brilliant and superbly presented - 10/10 from my marker pen....
  8. Many thanks to all those who came over to the IPMS Farnborough table at Telford over the weekend and for the kind words expressed about our display - here's my completed Randy Cooper resin (and tons of plasti-strip and plasti-card add-on greeblies) Imperial Star Destroyer. I based it on the original Devastator from ANH but the display has a touch of all 3 of the original films: The captured rebel blockade runner in the main hangar, the Falcon hitching a lift behind the tower and an Imperial Lambda Shuttle casually cruising ahead of the bridge - celebrating 40 years of Star Wars this year. Thanks also to all of you who complimented me on the model at Telford, your compliments were a great reward for all the months of work that went into the build.
  9. Telford Scale Model World 2017 (Lots of Pics)

    Many thanks for bringing the show to life again in such great photo quality -
  10. beautiful model of a wonderful old lady - they don't make 'em like they used to. very nice indeed
  11. great photo adaption work there - looks good to me - and of course the model..
  12. Bandai's Grevious

    wow - I have not seen this kit before - very nice work - those eyes look so very...grevious.
  13. wow - some amazing engineering and creative modelling going on there on your workbench really interesting work - I always enjoy a good scratch build - I learn so much from them - thanks for the visual educational journey so far looking forward to more from you, and of course, to seeing the end result
  14. That is a stunning model / diorama. Another classic sci-fi vessel and a classic kit all in one looks great
  15. OMG is that the original stand I see there - that is a mega time warp back to when I first built this kit upon its UK market release ...... how many years must it now be.. Its all looking very nice - great to see all the added love and detailing you are affording this great and very original model. R2's looking a bit old and tired - have you considered dipping him in some isopropronol ? that will strip him down to the circuits good and proper. Keep up the great restoration work - having seen what you can do to the snow speeder, I am sure this X wing is going to look quite brilliant once it leaves the restoration workshop