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  1. "They Swim "

    stunning work there - as soon as I read your title theme I hoped it might be this kit, then bingo, a masterpiece appears before my eyes once opened. Quite brilliant
  2. ahhhh - technical issue - cant seem to view your picture links, computer says "no"
  3. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    crikes - you've done it again. Amazing minute masterclass modelling - very refreshing to see after 3 days of laborious IBM training in London...
  4. Vosper MTB 234 -1/72

    wow - this is amazing - I love the way you have left the bow cutting out of the front of the diorama - what a clever way to depict such a brilliant model - smashing work
  5. Bandai 1/12 Sandtrooper

    "Look sir, Droid" - Brilliant sandy work there. I have always been a firm believer and user of Flory washes (not that I am by any means an expert) and you have certainly come up with a very convincing sandy trooper there. excellent work
  6. Alien Golgotha

    oh yes very nice indeedy - I know this kit well and you have turned it into what it should have looked like form the onset - this is brilliant adaptive modelling - love it 100% oh yes, R.I.P. those good old days of Comet Miniatures - such a shame its all online these days
  7. Inside the Destroyer = looking more like a BT telephone exchange box every day now - Buzby could have made this his nest some of the smaller bits and bobs in paint production line Phew - that's all for now folks John
  8. its slowly getting bigger - and more expensive some of the smaller parts - The Falcon, Tantive IV, Imperial Shuttles, Deflector Shields and main gun turrets completed bridge Main engine sockets fitted BOOM ! Suddenly the rear end starts to look a lot hotter at last.. really pleased with the completed effect
  9. La Haye Sainte

    fantastic work - this must be one of the best finishes this particular old Airfix moulding has ever had
  10. all that intricate wiring turned out very nice there Mr P I did not know the kit had 2 versions of the cargo variant - what is the cargo carrying option?
  11. Stellar Envoy

    oh my actual god - how small - just seen the paint pot and never realised they were this small ! yet another fine masterpiece there Andy -
  12. 1/350 ccn-65

    I love it - good thing you didn't throw it - what a great end result - well worth the patience.
  13. 'Defiance'

    stunning diorama - I love it the whole theme prompts a few long forgotten lyrics, as the Human League once sang back in the day "She dreamed of 1969, before the soldiers came, her life was cheap on bread and wine, when sharing meant no shame"
  14. 'Magazine Cover'

    very different - a fresh idea, and of course, a very well put together and presented diorama
  15. Crash Landing Ilyushin Il-2 1/72.

    ouch - I bet that crash hurt the pilot - I hope he survived At least he stopped in time and didn't break the fence! Very nice diorama - far better idea than hanging the completed kit from your bedroom ceiling I hope this inspires more of the same