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  1. From my extensive knowledge of Japanese, the first line (Yellow text) translates as something like "Father Hobby" whereas the red text appears to read "Mr. Metal Primer". I'm struggling a little with the smaller text below. Think it may be my eyesight. (I know Crisp. I'm sorry. It's not even vaguely on topic. I just couldn't resist.) Kirk
  2. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Can't tell you how much the Lego men in your posts make me giggle... Nearly distracts me from the AWESOME modelling!
  3. Big As MAZ - DONE

    What a remarkable achievement Rich. You've turned a subject I thought I'd barely be interested in into an un-missable narrative and another work of art. Can't wait for the next one!! Kirk
  4. Can I make an early request for a picture of your entire 1:32 Harrier fleet when this one is finished? Kirk
  5. Building a HAS

    Nice Hawk (what a well-proportioned aircraft!) and nice control towers. I'm particularly enjoying this as I'm creating a bit of ATC software so have been immersed in the conversations between the inhabitants of these very 20th century buildings and their winged counterparts. After a bit of doing this, I get to appreciate that whilst it's easy enough not to collide with an empty sky, what the ATC people do makes it possible to return to earth with the same number of wheels/wings/limbs/etc that you set off with.,,, Can't wait for the (inevitably excellent) model,. Kirk
  6. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Stop worrying about the speed Jim - the quality is fantastic, and that's what you're going to be left with when you're done. I have 3 of these in the stash - 2 destined to join the Royal Flight and one as the Sea Harrier Blue Vixen radar development aircraft. They languish in their boxes waiting for me to spontaneously acquire a small proportion of the skills you have already demonstrated. If you finish too quickly, how will the rest of us get our inspiration? Kirk
  7. Building a HAS

    But it is possible to have too few Harriers...
  8. Harrier

    Really impressive yet again Vitaliy! Don't think I've ever seen the cable tree done accurately before. I notice the hydraulic jack sliding member too. 1:48??? Fabulous!
  9. Looks (remarkably!) like most road car butterflies I've ever seen - though most contemporary pictures of F1 cars have these bits looking surgically clean. I think it was the era when they'd have multiple engines per race at their disposal. I suppose it depends on whether you're depicting a museum car (though the one's in Woking always look brand new) or as it was during the 1990 race weekend. Fab work though - I'm very jealous. Kirk
  10. These remind me of the illustrations in the AP docs that I always figured some full time professional illustrator took days to produce. It probably demonstrates the size of brain required to fly one of those there devil's-work whirly-planes; I imagine Crisp having feet on pedals, one hand on the collective, the other on the cyclic, fingers on PTT and trim(???) flying on instruments & using his spare left hand little finger to write the weekend's shopping list. Awesome. Kirk
  11. Didn't realise you were enlarging it too!! - or is that just what happens when you give it a "cold wash"?
  12. Looking excellent as always Piero. Do you plan on closing the main landing gear bay doors? I only ask because the Trumpeter interpretation of what lies within is bordering on offensive. I think I may have seen another one of your builds (perhaps 1:48?) where you detailed the various tanks, ducts and cables that sit between the frames and the fuselage skin. The kit's "box" is more similar to an original P.1127 than anything that came after - but if the doors are to be closed, who cares? Kirk PS/ Can you educate me? Are those splitters in the bleed air duct outlets only found in the Italian version? I don't recall seeing them in other AV-8Bs but it maybe it's a Plus feature that I've failed to notice.
  13. Great link. Real artistry going on there. Might want to change the word "something" in your title to "your plastic scale model vehicle" if you don't want the chaps & chapesses in Cheltenham to get over-excited. Kirk
  14. 1) Amazing! 2) So fast!!
  15. Building a HAS

    If you can tempt it out of the container, it might just freeze onto the plastic though!!