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  1. Lovely weathering and one of the best SHARS I can remember, just one small thing caught my eye, - the wheels. They don't all contact the deck and they're not weighted, it makes the model very tippy toe and just takes away from an otherwise very convincing build.
  2. Youngster, you had it good, back in the day all we had was UHU glue and yard brushes....
  3. I can tell you that a 1/72 model would go down very well at Brize. Maybe I should have said Airfix are you listening?.....
  4. Didn't the man from Braz put out a request for information early last year? They are your best bet, but Revell are you listening?
  5. Ramex Delta were a sublime display, power and panache, and I am really happy they have a successor. The two seat Mirage 2000 is sex with wings!
  6. Wow, this thread is a wild mix of good information and........?
  7. Wonder if the Viking was nicknamed Sailor by the crews? Superb pics Britman, keep them coming. Dave
  8. Does anyone else get the feeling no ones listening?
  9. I did a 1/32 Hasegawa F-86 in Bare Metal foil many years ago, used 4 sheets of foil and if I remember correctly it was two sheets of chrome finish and two of brushed aluminium. Lots of cutting, burnishing and peeling but it got finished and looked pretty good I thought. Main problems are compound curves and the technique I used was to burnish small areas at a time with a cotton bud, holding the piece up and stretching it as you burnished. If it creased you could gently pull it up and go again but if the crease didn't pull out it was scrap and try again. Beauty is you cut slightly oversize for each panel then trim once down following the panel lines. The foil also has a grain so putting the same colour on in different directions gives different hues. I took some pictures but they were on real film (see how long ago it was?) and the prints are somewhere at the bottom of a box. Seeing Spencer Pollards P-51 build on his blog using the new chrome paint sort of relegates this method but for those without airbrushes it is an alternative to rattle can silver. Dave
  10. I'll second this, particularly toe curling account of the South Georgia incident, men with huge wosnames..... Dave
  11. Is there anything in the Red Arrows Special produced by the IPMS mag a few years ago? (I'm away from base at the mo' so can't check myself) If memory serves it listed in quite a bit of detail all the schemes through the years backed with photos and drawings, it was a labour of love. Dave
  12. Imaginative use of large bore reinforced fuel hose (automotive for the use of), cable ties (many) and PR1422? Nice to see the defence budget spent on hi-tech gizmology. Dave
  13. That Hercules engineering is a thing of beauty. Like a Swiss watch.
  14. I have it on good authority that a certain large grey AAR a/c will be sporting an anniversary tail scheme later this year.......
  15. Really like that, nice work. Back in the day I used to work for Pacific Miniatures (the desk top airliner model people) and they had just won a contract to supply Fedex with a range of promotional models depicting their MD11 freighters. We in the UK thought we would go one better and make the CEO of Fedex a Concorde model in Fedex livery, for those time sensitive deliveries that just must be there. We did a 1/50th scale one and he loved it, just wish I could find the pictures I took. Dave