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  1. I'll second this, particularly toe curling account of the South Georgia incident, men with huge wosnames..... Dave
  2. Is there anything in the Red Arrows Special produced by the IPMS mag a few years ago? (I'm away from base at the mo' so can't check myself) If memory serves it listed in quite a bit of detail all the schemes through the years backed with photos and drawings, it was a labour of love. Dave
  3. Imaginative use of large bore reinforced fuel hose (automotive for the use of), cable ties (many) and PR1422? Nice to see the defence budget spent on hi-tech gizmology. Dave
  4. That Hercules engineering is a thing of beauty. Like a Swiss watch.
  5. I have it on good authority that a certain large grey AAR a/c will be sporting an anniversary tail scheme later this year.......
  6. Really like that, nice work. Back in the day I used to work for Pacific Miniatures (the desk top airliner model people) and they had just won a contract to supply Fedex with a range of promotional models depicting their MD11 freighters. We in the UK thought we would go one better and make the CEO of Fedex a Concorde model in Fedex livery, for those time sensitive deliveries that just must be there. We did a 1/50th scale one and he loved it, just wish I could find the pictures I took. Dave
  7. As a young British modeller in the early Seventies, Monogram kits were the height of the exotic, a real treat instead of the easily available Airfix and Frog kits. I remember them being skin wrapped and when you removed the film and opened the box they had a very distictive aroma, not at all unpleasant, and only being 12 or 13 I remember thinking that it was the smell of California, sealed in at Garden Grove and unwrapped in Leamington Spa! Later trips to LA proved this was incorrect. My favourites were the Mosquito (I know, I know) and the P-38 Lightning and being amazed at the different versions you could build - a nightfighter! Wow...who knew? This idea seemed so much more sensible than converting kits using balsa and talcum powder a la Alan Hall (I had just discovered Airfix Magazine). Ah memories. Dave
  8. Understand, they were subjects you were interested in and I don't knock anybody for wanting a bargain but I just don't get the stash building mentality or buying models all the time. I have wondered whether having loads of kits to hand and just buying all the time is a contributing symptom to not finishing anything (or very few). One reads of folks starting a kit then dropping it to move on to something else and having boxes of part finished models, is this modelling ADD? I accept we are all enjoying the hobby in different ways so I'm not trying to be judgemental or say anyone is wrong, just wanting people's views and stories, it's what makes us all creative individuals. Dave
  9. But isn't that just spending 'cos "it's a bargain" and you don't really want them? Were they all subjects you had an urge to build? If not I don't get it, but then maybe you sell them later at a profit? I'm sure there is a bit of the hoarder next door in all of us.
  10. Looking at some of the figures mentioned here, I would hazard that some of you guys are straying into the realms of kit collecting rather than building? It's a thin line easily crossed and reading stories of stashes numbering into the hundreds, nay thousands, just seems to confirm that. But then maybe I'm the strange one here, I've got a stash of 7 models and a plan for the year to build 2, I don't feel the need to keep buying kits with the idea that I might build them "in the future". I know some things will go out of production or availability but with the seeming exception of some Wingnut kits most subjects seem to be available second hand if you wait. On the other hand I have a series of spares in boxes that go back to the Seventies and decal sheets to match - when will I use them? But I don't like to throw them out - 'cos you never know when you might need it! So maybe I do have that collecting urge - just for spare parts.
  11. Hope you don't mind me asking but what sort of would you be asking for the RN Spook and which boxing ??





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      Looks like I will be able to drop this off tomorrow (Monday), late morning. Will you be around or can I leave it somewhere safe?



    3. Gundylunch


      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the message, should be around - probably after 10.30 - 11ish, if perchance not, open the side gate on your left as you face the house and pop it on top of one of the bins !! - mobile is 07751549763





    4. Coors54
  12. I'm currently researching a scheme for a 1/32 build later in the year, have you seen Chris Goss's book "Bloody Biscay" or the French magazine Les Batailles Aeriennes "Les Loupes d'Atlantique"? Lots of info on operations and characters in the former and some colour schemes in the later. I have a theory that from mid 1943 all new aircraft received by the unit were in the nighfighter scheme of basic RLM76, this made the older aircraft stand out when in a mixed flight so as time allowed a pattern of 76 was over sprayed, resulting in the "odd" schemes. Plus the lighter colours were more effective camouflage and it pandered to the natural pilots want to have at least the semblance of the latest kit? Reading the books has opened a new urge to model aircraft operated from the airfields local to me, so where is a new mould Beaufighter or B-24 in 1/32 scale? 😄
  13. Oo oo, nice link Selwyn, that is a useful site, both for work and modelling, thank you. Dave
  14. The model sounds as much trouble as the real thing- not for nothing is it known as four oil leaks divided by a huge electrical fault! Nice job on the model, that's a nice scheme, well executed. Dave
  15. Have you stretched it? It needs pulling to about a quarter of its original thickness then I think you will find it "sticks", trim to suit. I still use Tamiya tape though........ Dave