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  1. Hope you don't mind me asking but what sort of would you be asking for the RN Spook and which boxing ??





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    2. Gundylunch




      Do you mean today or next Tuesday ?? - either way I,m sure that's OK




    3. Coors54


      Sorry Jeff, next Tuesday! I shift work so always think a week ahead, drives the wife up the wall!

      I'll confirm how I'm getting it to you nearer the time.


    4. Gundylunch


      Roger that !!



  2. I'm currently researching a scheme for a 1/32 build later in the year, have you seen Chris Goss's book "Bloody Biscay" or the French magazine Les Batailles Aeriennes "Les Loupes d'Atlantique"? Lots of info on operations and characters in the former and some colour schemes in the later. I have a theory that from mid 1943 all new aircraft received by the unit were in the nighfighter scheme of basic RLM76, this made the older aircraft stand out when in a mixed flight so as time allowed a pattern of 76 was over sprayed, resulting in the "odd" schemes. Plus the lighter colours were more effective camouflage and it pandered to the natural pilots want to have at least the semblance of the latest kit? Reading the books has opened a new urge to model aircraft operated from the airfields local to me, so where is a new mould Beaufighter or B-24 in 1/32 scale? 😄
  3. Oo oo, nice link Selwyn, that is a useful site, both for work and modelling, thank you. Dave
  4. The model sounds as much trouble as the real thing- not for nothing is it known as four oil leaks divided by a huge electrical fault! Nice job on the model, that's a nice scheme, well executed. Dave
  5. Have you stretched it? It needs pulling to about a quarter of its original thickness then I think you will find it "sticks", trim to suit. I still use Tamiya tape though........ Dave
  6. Ouch......... Many a true word etc. Glad an American said this otherwise we might have lost the Special Relationship!
  7. While you are over at LSP there is a corrections list by Thierry Laurent for the kit, you might be setting your bar very high for a first model in a while if you try them all! There are also a couple of builds there for F-4G conversions on the Tamiya kit which are good primers for detailing a G. One thing I would say, an airbrush doesn't give you an immediate pass into perfection (your words), it's a tool that requires practice and you might want to try a cheap kit as a practice mule before tackling the Rhino. Not trying to put you off, just managing expectations 😀, good luck with the build and do start an in progress thread, it's a model on my to do list. Dave
  8. Ha, Glad you liked the transfer buses, I meant the Airbuses! But then you may have realised that and were being ironic! Like the pictures by the way, as others have said the silhouette ones are really striking. Dave
  9. I was at work that day and probably saw you, did the crew brief you in the Refueler (canteen) before the flight? Seem to remember seeing chaps with cameras, should have said hello but then I can't go around asking all visitors if they are Britmodellers! What did you think of the 'buses? Dave
  10. Not much to add, of the ones you have listed as on offer the Hurricane is in my opinion the best one. A later mould than the Spit and 109, it has wheel wells, fixed undercarriage rather than a gimmicky retracting one, nice surface details and a superb(for its day) interior and engine, some say the nose is "off" due to a scale engine and its biggest problem with the current mouldings is everything has a seamline around it that needs trimming off, very tedious. I'm building one at the moment and have only added a Yahu instrument panel, some seat belts and some scratch built bits to produce a perfectly acceptable cockpit. For £25 (including paints, brushes and cement) you won't get a better cost/pleasure modelling, rather than assembling, ratio. Dave
  11. OK, quick and dirty go at making the wheels, here is the problem - Five minutes with a coarse sanding stick on the Spit wheel, reduce the depth of this by just over a half then bevel the back edge, remove the bolt detail on the Hurri wheel and you get - I filled the edges on the rim, a quick sand and a coat of silver gives us - Ta Da - So I just need to refine things a bit, add the hub bolt detail and I could make the bumps on the outer edge of each cut out a bit bigger but I think we are nearly there. Airfix charged me £3 to send two Spitfire wheels by first class post which I think was darn good service and a lot cheaper than resin ones although I still have to use the vinyl tyres but I have a cunning plan for them too. Dave
  12. So I have had a quick look at the kit wheels and the Hurricane wheels are bigger but the Spit wheels look like a drop fit inside the rim, so I reckon that cutting the back location circle off the Spit wheel and reeming out the four spoke details on the Hurricane wheels will let the five spoke face sit in the larger four spoke wheel. This will still have the larger rim and the five spoke detail will have a slightly thicker outer rim but should be an acceptable compromise. Pictures when I do it. Failing this buy a desk top 3D printer? Dave
  13. When this thread first appeared I thought whoopee, someone else has the same problem as me. I'm making N2319, 'Sammy' Allard's Battle of France machine, so Troy's suggestion of the Spit wheels had me contacting Airfix straight away to buy a couple of wheels. They were in the post on Tuesday night and on Wednesday one of the few replies to say they are too small - b****er! Airfix were great, the parts arrived on Thursday and as my modelling is done away from home I won't have chance to compare and see if there is any possibility of a work round for a couple of days but I will report back if I do manage something. In the meantime ootf, how did you modify the windscreen to the earlier type?
  14. Interesting RNoAF, the small figure, according to member tc2324, who is a 74Squadron Association member, is a cat, walking away, looking back over its left shoulder with a red star in its fundiment! Apparently it was an emblem for the line servicing guys on 74, strangely the mails referring to this have been pulled from the pinned thread (probably because I transgressed with a picture, dohhhh) but your theory could be right. Dave
  15. I think it is, there was some discussion on the pinned F-4J(UK) thread earlier in the year, looks like she got herself a Noggie F-16! I did find pictures that show ZE352 was also one of the handful of 'frames that got a full repaint in RAF AD greys although she is not usually listed as such. Once you start looking each aircraft had its own finish idiosyncrasies and they are not as boring as I first thought. Oh how I miss the eighties and a variety of front line types......... Dave