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  1. 1/32 Hasegawa Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden 'Jack'

    Beautiful cockpit Stew! The 1/32 pilot will be its own project within a project looks like.
  2. That's looking great Ced! What a pain with the serial though - I hate when that happens. One day I'll get up the gumption to try and mask 8" serials as well, but I think it's an iffy proposition.
  3. Out of 'likes' again Ced, but expect another when they're replenished! The overall effect is stunning - with codes and roundels together with overall scheme giving a very realistic result in my opinion.
  4. The Typhoon will make short work of it. Glad to see transfers on the Vb's. I've long wanted to build Jan Zumbach's RF-D and have the Techmod set, but I need to get another as most of the Kosciuszko badges ended up on other 303 Sqn Spitfires!
  5. RAF Dk.Green camouflage color

    @Greenshirt has done a nice RAF Dark green comparison on his site. He states that Vallejo Model Color 893 and Humbrol acrylic 116 both matched his color chips. Based on his write up, I've used Vallejo 893 often (it's unfortunately labeled "FS 34079 US Dark Green" which it does not match), but have now switched to Colourcoats. I can say that I cannot tell Vallejo 893 and Colurcoats RAF Dark green apart - which makes sense as they both match the official color chip.
  6. Nice repair work Simon. Best get the Vb's finished up so they can strafe that Flak gun, and prevent damage to rest of your burgeoning Spitfire force.
  7. Agreed, photoshop out the background and you have one of those Airfix CAD renders - beautiful work.
  8. That looks wonderful Ced! Well worth the hassle in my opinion - although I agree that sometimes it's nice to take a break and use transfers. Now, pretty much any scheme you see is available to you, but I guess you were already at that point given your recent Harvard and two-seat Spitfire builds! They seem to match your decal instruction sheet very well Ced. It's counter-intuitive that the more complicated shapes of the idents are easier to spray than roundels, but there's no removing and replacing the mask to contend with.
  9. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Unbelievable Tomo.
  10. Excellent tips, thanks Giorgio, never thought of the 'toothpick' method - that'll be really helpful. The most difficult part of masking is getting the masks in the right place in one piece (and then getting them back in place after each color). Speaking of, well done Ced - can't wait for paint. The main reason I like to paint roundels from dark to light is that it's much easier to clean up any paint bleed of a lighter color over a darker one than vice versa.
  11. Beautiful Tempest, love that post-War desert scheme.
  12. Another eye catching scheme for your excellent collection John!
  13. This is awesome Ced. I downloaded a bunch of RAF fonts a while back and I think that "RAF_WW2_851ATH" seems a good match if you want to hunt for it. I don't know it you have troubles with it being on a Mac though. I'll see if I can get them in a Portrait Studio file and send it to you.
  14. 1/32 Hasegawa Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden 'Jack'

    I was hoping there'd be a pilot figure.