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  1. Wonderful build Alex, and I really like the results of your pencil lead experiment.
  2. Fantastic paintwork Tony, can't wait to see the final scheme.
  3. The Sword fuselage requires a spacer to fit the Quickboost cowl top designed for the Fujimi kit. A rare use of Squadron green putt to blend the fuselage, plastic spacer and resin cowl. A little metaliser to check the seam. Joined by the two Airfix fuselages. Away we go.
  4. Incredible builds Tony - amazing detail on each - the 1/72 tractor would have been impressive enough, but then you opened every conceivable hatch and panel on the XIX.
  5. That is some amazing scratch work Adrian.
  6. Just catching up here Adrian, a lovely Blenheim from an old kit. The crew figures are amazing! I'm the last person qualified to have an opinion on Azure blue (I've got a tin of Colourcoats on the way, and that will be that).
  7. They look great Professor!
  8. That looks fantastic Russ, and a very interesting subject as well.
  9. Excellent builds HG, they look great in the SEAC scheme.
  10. Oooh, that'll hid the seams perfectly.
  11. Be safe Tim, and looking forward to the completed model when you get back.
  12. Both are beautiful builds Ian.
  13. Yes, the Spitfire camo is exceptionally smooth Simon. You're right on the Spitfires of course, a brutish Spitfire is akin to a brutish ballet dancer; it can only seem so in relation to other dancers.