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  1. Wow, what a project Mario, and a great result! That's some fine scratch work.
  2. Fantastic Mustang Justin, excellent details. What did you use for the shiny section surrounding the exhausts?
  3. Beautiful build, and a really great collection.
  4. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    I believe our man Friday is busy building an exact 1/72 replica of a portion of the Hawker/BAe factory floor, as it is the only way to get the Hawk's rudder trim tab spacing exactly right.* In other words, we miss you terribly Steve. *only 30% kidding
  5. A Spitfire that went to sea

    Another fantastic Seafire/Spitfire Justin, just beautiful, and a very helpful and informative WIP thread too. I think this one will be responsible for many future Seafire builds here on Britmodeller (I can think of at least one already).
  6. Yes, that's beautiful Giorgio.
  7. Here's another one I started earlier.

    That's a great idea to get that slight difference between the spinner and blades. Looking forward to the results.
  8. "Bomb aimer" it is then, authentic and easier to spell, a win win. Although there are few things as fun as speaking into one cupped hand, "pilot to bombardier, pilot to bombardier," while zooming the nearly complete 1/72 bomber around with the other.
  9. We had a few snow flurries here too Giorgio, none of it stuck to the ground though. This is shaping up to be a true 'Giemme' build, immaculate finish and no detail forgotten. There are few things as exciting as a new airbrush!
  10. 100 Years #3 - Vought F4U-1D Corsair

    This is the first kit I ever built, receiving two of the MPC boxings for my ninth birthday. If you bother to paint it, it'll be better than my effort! The bottom of this page shows the wingtip options - short and short short. My guess is that yours would be the short short wing tips as it is from so late in the war.
  11. Seafire III 1/72

    Inspiring build Justin!
  12. Chocksaway’s 2017 Loft Insulation Depletion

    Wonderful builds, all of them, while the Harrier special schemes and yellow Fury really stand out to me.
  13. Luckily there is enough in that first photo to feed our aeroplane obsessed imaginations for a week. The Mk VI and XI are two of the marks still missing from my collection. Is the AZ kit the only one to do a VI in 1/72? I have the Freightdog XI conversion set and was thinking about using the Eduard VIII as the base kit. I have plenty of spare Airfix XIX wings, but they don't fit up well with the Eduard fuselage, so I was thinking of just doing a lot of filling to the panel lines on the Eduard wing. Do you think that would work Simon? Is that an 'early' early cowl with the bumps on the Mk IX?!? I'm planning on building that exact Hellcat for the "Iceberg and After" project. How is the Eduard kit? I've heard good things. The Typhoon looks menacing alright. Also, while I'm asking a million questions, what's the status on your Xtradecal D-Day sheet project?
  14. Airfix 1:72 Lightning F6

    I hate when that happens. I usually benefit from a streak of "beginner's luck" in my modelling, and find that dry fitting often negates it in this fashion - making every dry fit a role of the dice. The cockpit looks great though, and I'm sure you'll get the fuselage together successfully.