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  1. I have a decals for american C47 (beautifull pin-ups) but also want to aquire an L2D3 SHOWA .... One year to the start..... so I think I will buy a suitable kit for this group. Count me please.
  2. The Specialist GB

    I'm in. For recon or nightfighter. Or for those two if they will follow each other. But to the nightfighters.... you've set they must be designed as nightfighter.... but I think is a lot of planes suited (fitted out) for this rolle but not designed for. especialy in japanese planes but not only (f.eg. Blenheim)
  3. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Hellow everyone, I'm planning to make a Hurricane PR Mark IIB, BM969, of S Flight No. 3 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit, based at Dum Dum, India and eventually TacR version. Wondering if enyone has a good photo showing camera mountings especially PR version with strange case under the tail?
  4. A6M2a 1/72 Fine Molds

    Thanks, these were WEM (White Ensign Models) paints. To paint with them is a pleasure. As to the kit itself... Is not as good as Tamiya one. But it is quite so. Tamiya is like LEGO bricks and with this one you must pay attention 8-) But this is a very good model anyway.
  5. This is not my latest build. But I didn't show it here before. Hope you like it.
  6. The Pacific at War GB

    I'll be interrested if it goes. For now nothing specific, but I will find something for this GB at my stash.
  7. You can always count on me. I'm in. This is definitely my subject. Here is my ''eagle'' from last year....
  8. Proposal for GB: Things with Torpedoes

    And what about ''live torpedos'' They had no carriers.....
  9. P-51 D Airfix 1/72

    Next photos are coming. I hope I'll finish on time. But never knows.... To the plane....I have painted the metal hul and other with AK Extreme metal paint. I've made hydrauliks for the external tanks Next I've used Humbrol silver 11 for the wings tops and bottoms. Not realy happy with the result but I leave it. Maybe after the clear varnish it will look better, .... I hope.
  10. P-51 D Airfix 1/72

    And the surfacer is on....
  11. Fantastic work here....
  12. ICM P-51D 1/48

    It is like mine 8-) Great ob and really nice paint work. Congrats.....
  13. P-51 D Airfix 1/72

    Yes, I know it is nothing special. I was waiting for Aires stabilizers and wheels. In the meantime done some small progres whith the small parts. Now it is ready for the surfacer.
  14. Very good and professional work here. I'm watching this with great interrest, as I have this Revell too and want to make a sharkmoth version
  15. P-51 D Airfix 1/72

    The wheel wells in the Airfix model are a little ''empty'', so I tried to fill them with some tiny rods. Than I glued the wings halves together and the wings with the body.