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  1. Hi All Here's the latest photos of the build so far,with more to come
  2. Hi All Here's some more parts added to the print. The photos show the 5th wheel drawn up in Autocad 123D and the printed part. You may notice the oil/grease groves this is the sort of detail you can draw into the print.
  3. Hi Guy PM sent Paul
  4. Hi All Ive drawn the radiator tail lights and printed them out and attached them the chassis,here's the photos
  5. Hi Rich According to the Volvo drawings i have it says FH12 on it ? Im just drawing up the radiator and tail lights and then can start the engine/gearbox and drive prop shaft and join up to back axle Will post some more photos later. Paul
  6. Hi All Here's an update and further progress on the 3D Print build. Ive corrected the track rod on the steering (thanks to rich ellis for pointing it out). The front steering is correct now,managed to drawup the front cowl,bumper and grill at the front and put the steps in as well. The supports to the rear fenders or mudguards and made the mudflaps as well. Well here's the photos
  7. Hi All Just to clear up something 3d printers can print as many parts as you wish not one at a time. Its also cheaper,no masters to make or moulds to make. The drawings are stored in memory,or usb memory sticks You only draw it once,save it, convert it to a STL file and then Slicer program's slice it up ready for 3d printer My 3d printer then can make several parts in one go ,all the same and quality. If you need to modify the part you alter the drawing then do as above. Its called "Rapid Prototyping" it only takes a few mintues to do. A modelling friend of mine takes 3-4 months of scratchbuilding to make his truck,i have taken 6 hours including drawings and printing to do mine Gentlemen and Ladies it will change the face of modelling. Paul
  8. Hi All Here's some photos of the build. Ive drawn up the following,Fuel tank,2 Air Tanks,track rod ends and shaft,and both side panels and 3D Printed them Well here's the photos
  9. Hi All This is the way modelling is going,more hi-tech You can use it for almost anything providing you can get it on to the build platform Paul
  10. Hi All Here's something im working on as a Demostration Model using a 3D Printer Its a Volvo FH12 1:24th scale Truck Its completely 3D Printed and Drawn by myself the only items are the Italeri Tyres and Wheel rims that i added to speed up the build. Well,here's the photos
  11. Hi Matt PM sent yes i still make these decals Paul
  12. Hi

    I produce custom decals Parkes682Decals have a look at my section in Vendors and Manufacturers

    There are some photos of my work


    My email is    parkes682decals@aol.com



    1. Scimitar F1

      Scimitar F1

      Hi Paul


      habe sent you an email - let me know if you haven't received it yet.



  13. Hi Matt

    They are on Ebay type A400M Atlas RAF 1:72 scale decals

    and you should find them £6.00 plus postage £1.20 

    Hope this helps


    My email is   parkes682decals@aol.com



    1. matt_w


      Thanks Paul, Ill go and have a look.

  14. Hi Gary

    My email is parkes682decals@aol.com

    Send me what you have and some sizes in mm

    Imagine a box around each piece of artwork (height x width) in mm

    So i know how big it is and some good quality photos

    Simple,then i can tell you how much it will cost/delivery


    1. GDumbrell


      Hi Paul,


      e-mail sent to you. Hope you get it.

      Please do ask if there are any questions about this decal.





  15. Hi Toby

    yes,i can make a set for AC-130A  Gunship

    I did not get any photos of what you need or artwork ?

    Send to my email        parkes682decals@aol.com