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  1. Hi Ive dug out some photos and looking at doing a set of the beligan along with another country Paul
  2. Hi Ive just got hold of some photos of the beligan A400M will making some up along with some other countries. Paul
  3. Hi Ive sent you a PM with the cost Paul
  4. Hi Paul,


    Are you still doing decals for the 1/72 Revell Grizzley.?



  5. Hi Rob PM sent Paul
  6. Paul, Further to my last message, here is a image of what I am looking for. Thanks.



    1. korean


      Hi Paul,


      A400M decals for the RAF aircraft. I understand you do them, if so how much?

  7. Hi Mike 

    Finally got back in.

    I will have to send you my logo to put your website along with other manufacturers logos.


    Right, I recently bought a CTC 3/4 th generation 3D Printer.

    Im currently in work up mode with the printer getting the settings right and getting some prints out of it.

    Due to it been in Chinese/English in software its needed some sorting out.


    I dont know your thoughts on 3D Printers in modelling,but it will change the accessories market such as resins and conversion parts

    I dont think it will take over the kits just yet Desktop printers have still a long way to go.

    I recently went to the TCT 3D Printing show at the NEC and they are improving at a pace.

    The have also come down in price from around £1,000 to £300 for a decent printer.

    At the moment,i may also look at doing some custom work for Britmodeller members.

    As i say,im in work up period with the printer and will let you know before the members on how i will proceed.

    Your thought and comments are very welcome




  8. Hi Sam I have sent you a PM regarding the 1:72 scale decals Paul
  9. Hi Rob PM sent with costs and details to pay Paul
  10. Hi Ive sent you a PM with the cost of the decals Paul
  11. Hi All I had a modeller who requested one of the liverys of my Dornier 228 series of decals. The one in question is the Indian Coast Guard "CG770" The modeller sent me this image to work from I believe the photo was taken by Sriram Hariharan, he has taken a brilliant photo showing the livery of the Indian Coast Guard Showing it off its markings very well. It has Coast Guard on the port side,as well as in the Indian Language on starboard side. Heres the decals There are some spare sets left ,but i only have a few Paul
  12. Hi Yes, 1 set left i have sent PM to you Cheers Paul
  13. Hi Adrian I will have a look in the archive section on 24 A4 folders of decals and let you know Paul
  14. Hi I will have a look and see what i have in the archive folders Paul
  15. Hi Rob I havent got any info/pics of the chaff/flare dispensers Paul