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  1. Stop showing off now Jamie OHH sorry you were talking about the kit I get it now It's been a long week of night shifts You could get a very nice case made around it and then put it on legs then use it as a coffee table good talking point I think beefy
  2. ARGH you can tell I have been on nights missed the start of this one The tracks are very well detailed you seam to have a bit of a thing with 1/16 scale these day Julian Does building in the larger scale make it easy on the old eyes if so i will have to give it a go beefy
  3. Hi Kev I have been reading this on line trying to get some ideas about this ship a very tragic time for those brave men and the family's of those that lost their lives trying to protect others that use the seas around this Island of ours I have decided after a discussion at the local model club with friends last night to go with the one on the left in the photo previous I will give this a coat of black primer and see how it looks but looking at photos of other lightships this is not far off In answer to your previous question the kit is in 1/110 scale near enough N gauge I have been told and there are no anchor handling facilities at the stern but there are 3 at the bow not sure of her displacement I need to look harder for that But I have been on night's this week and it is not the best time to try and get the old grey matter going Will get some sleep now it is cooler and try and look at getting the information later today beefy
  4. Thank you for the quick reply gent's Kev that is the one I was going for but as Paul says should it not be a bigger more secure chain to keep the ship in place But when you look the right hand one is to big to fit the Capstan wheel on the winch I will have a look and see if I can maybe get a size in between at the weekend that may look better again beefy
  5. Well got nothing done last weekend as celebrating my birthday and fathers day then on nights which always has me knackered for the first few days on top of which far to hot to get a good sleep did get some done today trying to work out which chain to use so after some thoughts from you all please The one in the center is the PE supplied by Atlantic Models in their set already painted and added a twist to it as suggested by Peter Hall The other two are various size chain I picked up from the Northern Show the other week which looks better do you all think beefy
  6. Another fine build Paul Could you tell us what PE mesh you used for the netting beefy
  7. That is a BIG pen Kev either that or you have very good Binoculars to see that Small beefy
  8. Ian from a fellow North East modeler depending on where you live there are a number of local model clubs in the area I,am a member of the Washington Model club But there are others that will help you get back into the hobby and should be able to give you hints and tips about what is new always good to pick up some good help from this forum to beefy ( Keith )
  9. Ray that is starting to look the part now and I like your base color tiny rigging though beefy
  10. Well as it was my birthday last Saturday when I finished work I had myself a trip to the North East Model Center I was looking for some N gauge figures for another project but could not get the ones I wanted So that it was not a wasted trip I got myself these as a Treat to myself HMS Abercrombie Monitor and the WW2 color set by lifecolor beefy
  11. http://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/ Martian you might want to ask Jamie here at Sovereign I, am sure he will be able to direct you to the correct color matches used beefy
  12. Great job with the Camo looking forward to the weathering of the Slug beefy
  13. Got this at the Northern Model Show the other week The Chains and rings will be getting used for a current project floaty Lighthouse beefy
  14. Aren't I the lucky one Andy I do not fancy doing poor old Noakes'y throwing up over the side of a boat Speaking of Boats I had made a start on the 2 ships boats when I was thinking of how to set the scene when it dawned on me that they do not look that good and while looking for reference on the net it shows the boats covered on most of them when they are on the ship so will cover one with tissue paper as a canvas cover and try and up grade the other I have started by removing the molded solid Thwarts and will replace with plastic strip HUH what just happened I,am starting to do small bits of scratch building what are you lot doing to me beefy
  15. Stunning build and layout of this diorama just says what it needs to tell the story beefy