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  1. Basic it may be but it looks right and well painted you should be very proud of it and remember it all goes down as good practice Beefy
  2. Great work so far James I think I, am in the same kind of build process as yourself learning as I go from others on this site and another I started the King George V a while back but have since been doing smaller builds in 1/350 scale to try and build up my skill and techniques This will hopefully let me get back to KGV soon so I can do that to a level I will be happy with then I can get started on some of the others I have ready to go in the stash keep at it slow and steady it looks like a winner to me so far Beefy
  3. Yes I received my sets a couple of weeks ago from Soveriegn and I have just managed to fit it all back in the box after drooling all over it until I get time to clear a space on the bench. And collect more references material Beefy
  4. Great work on the cutting touch joints and I agree with Kev the silver shell casings get my vote unlike D.J.T been a while since I last looked in but nice to see the usual high quality build. beefy
  5. Nasty sorry Sean should be able to rescue with a light sanding and re paint from the water line down though beefy
  6. Nasty sorry Sean should be able to rescue with a light sanding and re paint from the water line down though beefy
  7. Hey Sarge would a farm yard diorama be allowed I have a Miniart farm and some Tamiya farm animals to build? These could go along side my Sherman GB ? beefy
  8. Looking forward to seeing more on this build beefy
  9. Go for it Sean we are all getting impatient beefy
  10. Yes Sir Hope to get some work done by the weekend got my base made for me will now start to build up the side walls to keep the water in Beefy
  11. Well no modelling done for about a week but I have been busy With our son now all settled into his own little place we started clearing out his room All removed and given out if not needed buy me and missus Beefy All but his old school/computer desk so I have claimed this to replace the very old and wobbly kitchen table I have been using for many years in the garage more space and tidy for now
  12. Great to see all the reference coming out for this build Not only a lesson in modelling but in the history of these brave ships and men Cracking work with the smoke floats Beefy
  13. Great details on this build there Mick paint work is looking well weathered already Beefy
  14. Looking great to small for me though I have to do the bigger scales Beefy
  15. Hope your new career goes well Al don't forget about us here when you have time from your writing All the best Beefy