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  1. Star Wars Revisited

    Thank you all for the very kind words! This are great deliveries from Bandai! Just wish they were easier available in Portugal!
  2. Star Wars Revisited

    Thank you very much Andy! Your work with the stormtrooper on your build served as an inspiration ! Thank you
  3. Hello fellow modelers ! Some time ago (2015) i built the Stormtrooper and C3pO 1/16 Bandai. In those days i dind t had the knowledge or courage to try to do a base or some weathering on these models...Last couple of weeks i decided to do the R2D2 that i had in my stash and i was decided to make a small base for it...the ideia stucked in my head and i decided to take the models from the shelf and do a little rework on them... They went from to this to I think a bit of justice been made to this great models from Bandai... Thank you
  4. Thank you fellow modellers !
  5. Thank you...and it did the same to me. I spent days/weeks looking at it in primer and thinking how to start ! After the first stokes..."well...i m not going back now !" I really enjoyed it...its fun and diferent from the "green/blue/gray" schemes...one day i l try the italian schemes...but not this year probably!
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. Nakajima Type 97 KATE B5N2 ( Hasegawa)

    Very nice build! I really enjoyed this old kit...I´m thinking about building the new airfix to compare...
  8. I used the AK heavy chipping product. I gave it a nice aluminium base, then applied X-22 clear tamiya and let it dry...then the AK heavy chipping products and let it dry for half an hour or something and aplied the green/gray...let it dry for another half an hour, and finally with a harsh brush with water rub it a bit untill i had the effect... Took me some time, but it came out alright... Thank you
  9. Thank you all for the kind words !! The camo pattern is not too off just a bit bigger lines...i think in cover its more "irregular dots" Thank you
  10. Bom dia, This my last build, the Nakajima B5N2 kate 1/72 from Hasengawa. Old, but still a good model, has some nice details, and not many issues with the fitting... It was a great chalenge the use of the airbrush on this weird camo... it didnt came out has i was thinking, but i think it not awfull...it was great to improve the skill with the airbrush. Here are the photos; Fell free to comment and critic ! Thank you
  11. 1/35 Dragon JSU-152

    Thank you ! The tracks are link to link out of the box, and they are (as always to me) a pain to assemble...hours messing with the glue and sticks to maintain the form. Its a nice model, a bit old but i think it's still nice. Only issue is that the hull is a bit low, so the tracks touches the fenders. I had to put some plastic to rise the hull a bit.
  12. 1/35 Dragon JSU-152

    Thank you guys!
  13. Good night fellow modelers Made this JSU-152 in Berlin. I m happy with the overall result, but it could be better, there are some thing that should be better...maybe if the cannon was face front with the ruins... Next one will be better...Always learning, and learn always... Regards, JMendes
  14. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    We will make a world full of new WW2 soviet fighters 1/72 scale ! New molds for every fighter !! 1/72 ww2 soviet fighters scale modelers, Unite ! Cheers,