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  1. New Ship Related Releases

    Looks like Flyhawk are making their 1/350 plastic debut with HMS Prince of Wales. If it's anything like their 1/700 offering then it should be special.
  2. Best ww2 'starter' ship kits

    I would echo Jamie's advice - a Tamiya destroyer kit is an excellent place to start. Ross.
  3. Kon Tiki

    I hope this is of use; I'm unsure of whether it depicts a model or an altered photograph. Regards, Ross.
  4. Kon Tiki

    I have a book that may contain some images of use to you. I'll need to set up a photo storage account later before I can upload though, unless there's a way to upload to BM directly from my PC? Regards, Ross. EDIT: The book is 'The Kon-tiki Expedition: By Raft Across The South Seas', by Thor Heyerdahl.
  5. Waves

    One of the best examples I've seen of a ship modelled as pitching in high seas is Kostas Katseas' RN Roma, it really conveys the weight and motion of the ship.
  6. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Is it part of the Steregushchiy-class corvette? Not sure where you would find more details. Ross.
  7. HMS Queen Elizabeth Sea Trials

    She was sitting at anchor off Balintore today, about a mile or two from the shore. I've no idea how long she'll be there for.
  8. HMS Aurora 1/700 Flyhawk

    Ah, that's great to hear - my Fyhawk Derfflinger is a waterline only and I'd assumed that was the case across the entire range. I'll have to pick up one of these new RN subjects at some point as they seem to be top notch. Cheers, Ross.
  9. HMS Aurora 1/700 Flyhawk

    Looking good - it's a fine kit. I wonder if any aftermarket options for doing a full hull version will appear in the future. Ross.
  10. A lonely Titanic.

    The rigging is Uschi elastic thread (I forget which scale but any of the three should look good in 1/700), I find it much easier to use than stretched sprue and it can hold up to the odd bump or two as well. Cheers, Ross.
  11. A lonely Titanic.

    I didn't get much done this year due to a mojo crash, some health problems and major changes to my modelling space. Fortunately I did manage to finish a Revell 1/700 RMS Titanic (with PE by Tom's Modelworks and a wooden deck from Artwox) which I enjoyed putting together, so it hasn't been a complete disaster. Hopefully I can get back on track for 2017 and I hope you all have a great one too! Regards, Ross.
  12. Hi Madhatter, looking forward to seeing this build progress. Re. the decks. Personally speaking I have always found it easier to paint them first, and likewise with any areas on the superstructure that will be difficult to access with the brush once the parts are in place. Regards, Ross.
  13. lets hope it's good

    I concur - it's way too early to pass judgement. The race/gender of the lead is of no consequence by itself - whether this show triumphs or fails will likely depend on the basic premise of the series and how well the writers utilise the performers. As for the openly gay character, it's an issue that Trek has avoided almost entirely over the course of its 50-year history despite having a pro-tolerant and progressive attitude at its core, so it seems like an appropriate and long overdue step for the franchise to take. Also agree re. DS9: I found it to be most accomplished and well rounded of all the Trek series; and B5 is my favourite too (RIP Gerry Doyle, by the way). Ross.
  14. lets hope it's good

    Wasn't there a female captain on the second NX-class ship in Enterprise? That would imply that Starfleet actually regressed at some point between Archer and Kirk! Ross.
  15. lets hope it's good

    A few more snippets of information have been released: Set around ten years before the original series, so basically TOS era. The lead role will be the ship's lieutenant-commander (could the captain be an antagonist, or merely a shift of perspective?), also she will be a human. The design of the ship will be "tweaked". I was hoping that it would be completely overhauled but we'll wait and see what they finally put out. Ross.