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  1. Where are you going with that pig.

    Hi ,nearly finished covering it with plaster ,and finished the bank supports ,not fixed at the moment going to paint them . Putting the plaster direct on to the foam ,sometimes it sort of reacts to it and melts ,ok when the plaster is dry . Going to sand it down when i have finished .
  2. Hi ,this is as far as i have got ,the base is a 2 ft x2ft square of MDF ,i covered it with a thin layer of 151 ready mixed filler . These are the main models used the commander in the truck is asking the motorbike rider where he is going with the pig in the side car . The river is not going to be as wide as the bridge,there is going to be a pebble beach on each side ,i think the banks are a bit steep ,there are going to be some other models and figures .the truck is the Tamiya and the bike and sidecar is the Zvezda ,the bridge is from Fields of glory . Any advice and comments would be welcome.
  3. Tiger And Jagdpanther and Panther .

    Hi ,thanks ,on the Tiger i used Tamiya's Zimmerit decals ?. The grey areas on the front are where it didn't take so i painted it grey and it is meant to be the it has come away .
  4. Here is my Tamiya Tiger1 and Panther and Revell Jagdpanther . The flash has darken the colours a bit ,got the Miniart Normandy Tank Crew to go with the Tiger ,going to weather them later . Just checked i started the Panther in July 2015 ,pretty good going for me ,2 years to finish a kit .
  5. Hairspray .

    PS ,might do a bit more rustyfieding and got to do the tracks .
  6. Hairspray .

    Hi ,tried the hairspray thingy on a 1.35 Tamiya T62 ,after i was happy with the rust effects ,gave it a coat of klear . Then i sprayed a coat of the big yellow giants Xtracrylix Russian Green ,then i left it for a few days . Tried to remove the paint using water and a brush ,didn't want to know ,so i put some Tamiya Acrylic thinners on it ,and things started to happen. Don't know if that is the right way to do it ,but it caused some of the paint to peel off like real paint does ,i am happy with the effect . Will post some photos later.
  7. Hairspray .

    Hi ,here are some photos ,not very clear but in some of them you can make how how the paint has started to blister and peel ,just like real rust under paint. I am pleased with the result ,not bad for a first attempt.
  8. Casting with plaster

    Hi ,got some 1/35 scale bricks moulds ,can anyone give me a rough idea about water /plaster ratio . Thanks .
  9. Dish washer rinse liquid

    Just been looking on the Diorama Debris web site ,they mention using dish washer rinse aid when using the moulds they make . That must have been where i got the idea from .
  10. Dish washer rinse liquid

    Hi ,don't know if this is the right place to post this . I read somewhere that said item has it's uses in model making ,so i bought some ,now for the life of me i can't remember what it is used for ,any one got any ideas ?. Also ,before i bought some Klear ,i bought Astonish flawless wood floor polish ,can it be used like Klear ?.
  11. Charity shop find

    This silliness has gone way too far .
  12. What have you purchased 9

    My Iwata replacement 0,5 nozzle came yesterday ,tried it out today ,hell will freeze over before i remove it from the airbrush .
  13. Charity shop find

    I was joking ,do i have to put up a big sign?.
  14. Charity shop find

    Shame on you ,you should have told them that it was worth more that that,i would have
  15. Pet hates.

    As Terry Pratchett wrote "Cats were once worshipped as gods ,and they haven't forgot it." In my shed a few hours ago ,one of the cats came in and let go of a live mouse ,sometimes one of the cats will come and sit in the entrance with me . Anyway ,went back in with a trap and i saw the mouse ,tried to catch him but he hopped past me and disappeared under the shed .
  16. Pet hates.

    Re the bowls ,stopped using them ,back to the metal ones now ,the 2 black cats are from the same litter and are both Gannets . They get along most of the time ,Callie doesn't like other cats but she has made attempts to groom the black ones . Misha the black and one cat will groom the 2 black ones ,but callie and him don't get on ,she is gentle with me ,doesn't scratch or bite . I agree, cats bringing in Birds and Mice is the thing i don't like ,if they bring a live Bird in and it looks as if it might live i take it to a wildlife center a few miles away . But song birds and mice are going to get killed by something sooner or later ,and they only live for a few years . One of them brought this in a few months back ,the tail of a slow worm .
  17. Pet hates.

    Yes ,when i was riding motorbikes ,that was the dreaded thing i dreaded .I worked as a motorbike courier in London from 1988 to 97 ,when i moved back to Shropshire . The black cabs were the worse for stopping suddenly ,and people with a death wish walking out in front of you kept you on your toes.
  18. Pet hates.

    Here they are ,they come when i call them . Clock wise from the black and white one ,Misha (m) ,Sooty (m) Jet(M) and Callie (f)
  19. Pet hates.

    I am a 17st weakling ,so i avoid violence ,someone posted about talking can soon lead to much more ,if i am in the wrong i will as someone here posted ,i will put my hand up to say sorry.
  20. Pet hates.

    Yes i do ,got 4 of the little sods .
  21. Pet hates.

    Wot about rabid dogs?.Anyway ,i am entitled to my views ,someone posted here they disliked CATS ,but i let it go . Mutter ,mutter how can any one dislike cats ,mutter mutter mutter not possible to dislike cats ,mutter mutter ,if it wasn't for cats we would not have the interweb.
  22. Pet hates.

    Coming back from my last visit to Longton ,i was going round the roundabout at J12 ,M6/A5 ,some fool saw i was already on the roundabout and he still pulled out in front of me ,that was the most recent occasion i used the horn.
  23. Pet hates.

    Ok ,lets agree to disagree .
  24. Pet hates.

    Hi ,Paul A H ,sorry i had to smile when you said your son was obsessed with the dreaded Vacuum Cleaners ,what is it that he likes about them ?, the noise or the suckly thing at the end ?. The only use i have for a Vacuum is to suck up the big house spiders . I look after my twin brother ,who has learning problems ,also he is Epileptic ,so he can't be left by himself .
  25. Pet hates.

    Drivers on their phones ,drivers who use the right turn lane at T junctions to overtake.