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  1. Bf me109 fuselage center line

    Hi, getting round to putting all the small bits on the 2 Airfix BF109E'S ,wing guns ,etc . 6 tiny bits to each model ,does anyone make replacements in brass . I know there are guns available .I had to use a razor saw to get them off the sprue and one ariel mast broke ,can still use it . I think a complete set for each model kit of these tiny parts would be a great idea . PS ,are seat belts in 1/72 a bit of a pain or are they ok to work with ?
  2. Bf me109 fuselage center line

    Hi ,looking through an model making magazine there was an article about building a 1/72 109, in the article he says that 109s had a center line panel line running along most of the top and the bottom of the fuselage having spent long time getting rid of the seam lines on 4 1/72 109s i am a bit peeved to say the least . Had a look on the interweb ,most models of 109s show no such line . Any views on the subject would be helpful.
  3. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    You forgot the other Stoff stuff which they mixed in with it to get the bang . I did have a memoir written by an ex Komet pilot .Seen film of it going straight up in the air ,what a ride .
  4. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    When i saw the title of the post ,didn't know what i was going to find when i clicked on here .
  5. Cambrai

    But ask the average person in the street and they will have no idea .
  6. BIG X ,i am a 16 stone ish weakling ,i think a ten year old could beat me up ,unless i sat on him.
  7. Hi ,went out and bought 2 spits ,2 Bf109s and Jet Provost . I had to push a little kid out of the way who was reaching for the Jet Provost ,that will teach him . Just joking about the pushing .
  8. Has Aldi started stocking Airfix for Christmas already? I know you lot on here ,i knew you would not let me know ,want them all for yourself . For shame
  9. Sukhoi wanted

    Better start saving your pennies .Has anyone noticed how dear model kits are getting these days ?
  10. Photobucket fix

    Hi ,been using Imgur since PB started playing silly beggers ,so simple even i can use it.
  11. Hi thanks for your reply and the photos ,i forget which kit i had .It was possible to have the aircraft stands attached to the frame if i remember right .
  12. Hi ,when did Frog start including a picture frame in with their kits?I remember you built the model then cut the picture from the top of the box. Can't remember which kits i built ,it was Frog that did it wasn't it?
  13. Very nice ,you mentioned losing small parts ,you could try £stretchers .They do 5 little plastic boxes for under a £1 . And the other pound shops do bigger boxes as well.
  14. 1/35 Centaur Tank

    I knew i would find understanding here .
  15. 1/35 Centaur Tank

    Very nice ,rather ashamed to say i buggered up the decals round the turret on mine,the red mist came down and it ended up in the bin . Regret doing that now
  16. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    Hi ,just bought the Hasegawa Spitfire viii against Japan ,had a look on some review sites where they say it is not very accurate ,anyone out there got any views on the subject?. Thanks .
  17. Police Officer "So let me get this straight ,all this rubbish you have taken is for use in making dioramas ?" Badder "Er ,yes officer " Police Officer ,turning away and shaking head "Why Do They Always Come On To My Beat ?" As always just joking . I might give your idea about Bricks a go .
  18. Hasegawa Spitfire 1/48

    Hi ,i was reading the Hasegawa history of the Spitfire V111 in the instructions sheet ,they say that the Mark V111 had a lengthened Fuselage ,does that mean the kit is accurate ?
  19. Hi ,thanks for the info ,i will check out Gaugemaster .
  20. Hi ,re Sea foam ,can you buy it in GB ?,and your barbed wire ,is it home made ?Still got to finish putting plaster on my where are you going diorama . I tried making a small bush using a dried grape vine(?) ,it looks a bit like a Monkey Puzzle Tree ,didn't stick many lengths of fishing line to it before i but the Basil on it.
  21. Saw a bit of a programme on the al (sorry can't spell the rest ) news channel about the apple stuff made in China ,about one % of the prize of an iphone is the cost of making it . And the poor Chinese sods that make them are so over worked and stressed out ,some of them have killed themselves .
  22. Hi ,you left a sad comment on one of my posts ,please explain why i am sad to use old model kit boxes to store 

    my unmade kits ?

    I haven't got a lot of storage place ,so anything i can do to make room helps ,not really into the collecting part of the hobby if that 

    what you mean ,all my kits will get made sooner or later.

    1. stevehnz


      Hi, only sad that you couldn't find your Revell kit, nothing else. I should have removed it when you said later you found it, as I have now done. Take care.


    2. cocky05d


      Hi ,sorry about that ,just my paranoia working over time .

      All the best .


    3. stevehnz


      No worries. All the best,


  23. Italeri 1/35 LVT-2 Amtrac

    Hi ,finally got round to putting the .50 right .Then the left side track broke in the worst place ,on the front sprocket . Oh dear ,i said to myself ,getting the track off manage to break the front sprocket off along with that jet sort of thing at the back where the water comes out . Also two of the grab handles on the sides ,and the top roller . Getting sick of having to go back to finished models to repair them . Going to repair the track with CA ,having first brushed some Tricky Stick on .It helps CA stick better ,used it before on tank tracks . Ignore the hidden content thingy ,nothing there clicked on the wrong thing