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  1. Hi ,good luck air brushing Humbrol Acrylic paint ,i think you should use the widest nozzle /needle size ,a ,50 should do ,i tried using my Iwata HP-BCS and it went on with a struggle . Tried using another Iwata with a .035 ,and it would not flow at all .
  2. Is that true ?, that would have been a sight worth seeing .
  3. Good work ,one of my fav Aircraft ,got one in the stash .
  4. Very nice ,but where are the guns ,the guns .
  5. May flies never land on your screen .
  6. Ok ,i mentioned in Dec last year that i had shingles on my face and my eye was all swollen shut ,anyone brave enough to look at a photo ?. I warn you not a oil painting at the best of times.
  7. version 4

    Hi ,thanks i will take a look.
  8. Very nice ,doesn't look the same without the extra motor .
  9. What is going on here ,all these photos and videos clip what have they got to do with model making ?
  10. Very nice ,the Airfix Mig15 seems to have vanished ,perhaps they might reissued with new decals . The weight in mine came loose so now it is a tail sitter .
  11. Wish i had known ,talking about super glue ,has anyone ever got the last drop out of a tube ?. I thought i was being clever when i empted some tubes in to an old Tamiya extra thin cement bottle ,the first attempt the top became impossible to open . Second attempt ,left the top slightly loose and the whole bottle set rock solid .
  12. I bet all started about Engraved Lines on airfix kits or the Eduard ME109g not being a proper 1/48 scale
  13. Looking good ,didn't know you could use Gorilla glue ,i used super glue on my Tamiya King Tiger ,(still a work in Process)
  14. Thanks ,trying to do more Aircraft with markings from the Allies and Axis .