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  1. Milton Keynes Show

    Hi ,thanks for the reply ,might have a look see .
  2. Milton Keynes Show

    Hi ,Chris ,i might go along to the Gloucester show .I am a full time carer for my twin brother ,and he is a bit of a pain .We stopped in a hotel Saturday night near Milton Keynes . He dislikes walking ,so i dropped him off then i had to go park in the industrial estate . Is the Glos show the same size as today's show ? Shropshire council who look after us full time carers so well (where is the sarcasm button ) have given me 2 days respite in November ,so i will visit the Telford show for the first time . All in all i enjoyed the show ,talked to a few people and saw some great models .
  3. Milton Keynes Show

    Hi ,i have just got back home in Shropshire from the Sauna ,i mean Milton Keynes .My first model show ,apart from the little one at Ellesmere last year . Bought 3 aircraft kits .Then some paints from Tim.Bit of a pain being cash only .
  4. Another Denial of Service Attack

    I used to be a motorcycle courier in London ,late 80s to 1997 ,when i escaped back to Shropshire . One company i worked for shared a radio wavelength ! with a minicab company . One of their drivers used to drive one of our controller's potty by keying up when he was trying to talk to us . I was standing by in the west end playing around with my radio one day ,when i heard someone saying . "Lower , "Lower . "Stop " Then i joined in by saying "Lower " Then i heard the voice say "No ,stop". ME "Lower " Voice "No you berk stop " Me "Higher " Voice "YOU DOZY CRETIN ,I SAID STOP " Me "Lower " Voice "IF YOU DON'T STOP RIGHT AWAY I AM GOING TO $$%%%%%%&&&&&*** your head in ." By this time i was feeling very pleased with myself ,i turned around and there was this angry looking guy in yellow vest and hard hat walking towards me . In one hand he had a radio like mine ,in the other a pickaxe handle . Didn't stop around to see what he wanted Happy days .
  5. Yellowknife NWT

    Sorry i didn't notice the sub title ,i thought your tour was more recent.
  6. Yellowknife NWT

    I take it you are on a tour of Canada ?Have you been to the Bush plane heritage center at Sault Ste.Marie ?
  7. Reynolds air museum Canada 2001

    PS, while we are the subject of Aircraft museums ,is it compulsory for every museum to have a Flying Flea in them ? For a homebuilt banned aircraft there seems to be a lot of them around.
  8. Reynolds air museum Canada 2001

    Hi Andy ,yes we were there in 2005 .Next big trip i and my brother are planning to go on ,(well i plan ,my brother moans about it ) is the east coast of America . Boston down to Kittyhawk NC ,then over to Dayton for another visit . Might put it off until you know who vacates the White House .
  9. 1/72 Hawker Hurricane IIc

    Very nice ,is that the Airfix kit that comes with another RAF ETO and a FAA markings ? I did mine in the RAF ETO ,saved the other decals to use on some Revell kits in the stash .
  10. Reynolds air museum Canada 2001

    We were in Toronto in 2005 ,went to a museum where they were restoring a Lancaster .Is that the museum that has closed down ,i remember it was in the north of the city . PS ,further east there was another museum where the Halifax was being prepared for painting after being restored .
  11. Started to airbrush some of these 19 models i have been working on Mainly using Vallejo Model Air ,which is going on great . Tried using Humbrol 33 black to do the lower wing of An Airfix MK1 Hurricane ,even using Humbrol Acrylic thinners the paint barely made it out of the airbrush . Then i noticed the needle on the Iwata compressor wasn't moving ,i can adjust the pressure ,just don't know what it is . Phoned those mob at Harrogate ,waiting to hear back from them.
  12. Good luck to your lady wife .
  13. Hi ,not quite the shelf of doom .I have built the wheels ,tracks ,and turret .Just about to start on the PE bits . It says put PE part MA15 on top of MA 14 ,then those parts on to G25 ,but on the inside of G25 there are ridge where it seems part MA14 fits . Is that the way to go ? Also i have been using Formula 560 canopy glue on a king tiger to glue the PE bits on the back ,better than CA IMO . ("I THOUGHT YOU WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF FINISHING OFF 19 1/72 AIRCRAFT MODELS?") Who said that? Mind your own business .
  14. Two seat Hurricane in planning stages

    Thanks for the info regarding the Hurricane .
  15. Two seat Hurricane in planning stages

    Regarding the guns on the Hurricane ,never seen an Hurricane with guns like that .