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  1. Give you a clue ,it was an Airfix 1.48 Aircraft . Time up . Martin B57b Canberra was in the box first . What is in the box are the vehicles i am going to use in a huge huge diorama ,i am going to use the diorama i am working on already Where are you going with that pig ,it is 2ft x 2 ft going to use 3 other pieces of board the same size ,won't be able to display them all together . Going to use all these figures plus a lot of fuel drums . The main piece will will be a maintenance /rest area ,got about 7 or 8 sets of figures ,i have got the Miniart shed with wooden fence kit ,i was going to use that but i think i will try and scratch build a barn ans a few other buildings . It is set in the later summer of 1941 on the Army Group North part of the front . I think it will take me a few years to finish ,but the good thing about model making you can leave a project then come back to it
  2. Very nice ,got one in the stash ,along the Me109g ,they were for sale second hand in a model shop . Got them both for a tenner each ,there was a Zero as well ,but someone else stole it from me .
  3. Hi did a bit more painting on the Italian village diorama ,painted the inside wall .Too much grey involved in the box top photos . Painting the outside wall Tuscan red acrylic paint from Hobby Craft ,post some more photos soon.
  4. Isn't it strange the way all the builders in Europe use the same hinges and door handles.
  5. Hi ,watching a Youtube model making video,the guy was spray painting using Tamiya Acrylics ,he said when he gets a new jar of paint he adds thinner and leaves a 1/8 of an Inch from the top . Tried it a few times and it goes on ok ,and when brush painting doesn't drag the primer coat off. Had sort through my stash of Tamiya paint ,had 6 jars of XF61 ,5 XF58 and 3 and 4 of other colours . So i spent a couple of hours decanting nearly empty jars into nearly full jars . Finished up with 25 empty jars .During the week decanted those little jars of Humbrol paints that come with starter kits in to old Tamiya jars . Been doing that since i returned to the hobby ,used it mainly for brush painting . Anyone got a clue which paint is a match for Italeri Pale Green ?. Thanks .
  6. Hi ,spent another couple of hours airbrushing ,tried Model Air with a few drops of Vallejo airbrush thinner ,it went on ok . Was watching a model maker on Youtube he was using Tamiya Acrylics and he fills a new jar of paint with thinner until it is 1/8 th of an inch from the top . I tried doing that with a couple of jars of Tamiya paint and it works ok ,just got to remember to mark the jars with the thinned paint in.
  7. Hi ,haven.t done anything to the diorama ,but i did prime the models yesterday .Going to start on the diorama now the warm weather is on it's way . Bit worried about the dust involved shaping the foam so i will do that outside .
  8. Hi ,tried airbrushing said paint ,thinning it with Vallejo airbrush thinners ,and using my iwata hp bcs airbrush with a 0,5 nozzle ,used no 30 Dark green on a Trumpeter ChTZ S-65 Tractor ,the colour looks a bit like Russian tank green . It went on ok ,not as easy as Tamiya ,might try thinning it with water and other makes of thinner . It clogged a bit but put some Vajjejo air brush cleaner through it and it was ok .
  9. Hi ,just been brushing painting Panzer 4 road wheels ,don't mind that ,it is the masking involved in using a Airbrush i don't like .
  10. Nice Jug .
  11. Can't i set it on fire ?, burnt down the church shed when i was a kid doing that.
  12. What ,next you will be saying i should lend my books to people . The models will get painted sometime ,after all they will only sit on the shelves in my shed when they are finished.
  13. Hi ,thanks for all the replies ,i had been drinking yesterday ,that's my excuse and i am sticking to it . Models i was working on over the weekend 1/35 Tamiya Panther,Tiger ,Academy Panzer 4 ,Flak panzer 4 Wirbelwind .Italeri Panzer 4 .Tiger .Revell JagdPanther Mainly painting the road wheels . 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire 1 and Mossie ,painting the cockpits . Give you an idea of how long i can spend on a model ,i have a Airfix Lancaster G for George that i started in 2013 .
  14. Forgot to put this photo in the last post.
  15. Hi ,might be heresy but i think i have too may models in the process of being built . I think it might be over a hundred ,mainly 1/35 military stuff and Aircraft 1/72 ,1/48,1/32 and 6 Airfix 1/24 . Plus some dioramas ,in 1/35 .A lot of the Aircraft are built up to the stage where they need the cockpits painting Such as this Tamiya 1/48 Mossie (did paint the cockpit green yesterday now got to do the details ) Did mange to do some work on this diorama ,build up the Miniart tracks and primed the T34s The point i am trying to make is that i don't want to leave a pile of half built kits behind me .