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  1. Very good work ,didn't know it had gun blisters over the outboard engines .Read some where it was not very good ,does anybody know why?.
  2. Hi ,the A4 is way ,way down the list of models i am working on ,my mojo is on holiday at the moment .
  3. Very good model ,never struck me before how from the front the JU87 seems to be smiling .
  4. Very nice ,i have got the Italeri A4 on the go at the moment .I got a Eduard zoom set for the cockpit ,it was meant for the Hasagawa . I thought it would be ok ,i bought a Quickboost seat as well ,going to keep the Eduard set until i can get a Hasagawa kit . I would like to do a A4 in Israeli Markings .
  5. Hi ,yes it is a nice museum .The size of the Saunders Roe SR A/1 is unexpected .
  6. Just remembered i did build the Fairly Barracuda .
  7. Hi ,didn't build a lot of Frog kits during the 60s/70s ,mainly Airfix .Most of the kits i bought were from a shop in Ironbridge ,used to walk there on a Saturday morning . I did build the Frog He 219 a couple of years ago .And i remember my mate had the Avro Shackleton .
  8. Hi ,good luck air brushing Humbrol Acrylic paint ,i think you should use the widest nozzle /needle size ,a ,50 should do ,i tried using my Iwata HP-BCS and it went on with a struggle . Tried using another Iwata with a .035 ,and it would not flow at all .
  9. Is that true ?, that would have been a sight worth seeing .
  10. Good work ,one of my fav Aircraft ,got one in the stash .
  11. Very nice ,but where are the guns ,the guns .
  12. May flies never land on your screen .
  13. Ok ,i mentioned in Dec last year that i had shingles on my face and my eye was all swollen shut ,anyone brave enough to look at a photo ?. I warn you not a oil painting at the best of times.