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  1. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    You forgot the other Stoff stuff which they mixed in with it to get the bang . I did have a memoir written by an ex Komet pilot .Seen film of it going straight up in the air ,what a ride .
  2. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    When i saw the title of the post ,didn't know what i was going to find when i clicked on here .
  3. Cambrai

    But ask the average person in the street and they will have no idea .
  4. BIG X ,i am a 16 stone ish weakling ,i think a ten year old could beat me up ,unless i sat on him.
  5. Hi ,went out and bought 2 spits ,2 Bf109s and Jet Provost . I had to push a little kid out of the way who was reaching for the Jet Provost ,that will teach him . Just joking about the pushing .
  6. Has Aldi started stocking Airfix for Christmas already? I know you lot on here ,i knew you would not let me know ,want them all for yourself . For shame
  7. Sukhoi wanted

    Better start saving your pennies .Has anyone noticed how dear model kits are getting these days ?
  8. Photobucket fix

    Hi ,been using Imgur since PB started playing silly beggers ,so simple even i can use it.
  9. Hi thanks for your reply and the photos ,i forget which kit i had .It was possible to have the aircraft stands attached to the frame if i remember right .
  10. Hi ,when did Frog start including a picture frame in with their kits?I remember you built the model then cut the picture from the top of the box. Can't remember which kits i built ,it was Frog that did it wasn't it?
  11. Very nice ,you mentioned losing small parts ,you could try £stretchers .They do 5 little plastic boxes for under a £1 . And the other pound shops do bigger boxes as well.
  12. 1/35 Centaur Tank

    I knew i would find understanding here .
  13. 1/35 Centaur Tank

    Very nice ,rather ashamed to say i buggered up the decals round the turret on mine,the red mist came down and it ended up in the bin . Regret doing that now
  14. Police Officer "So let me get this straight ,all this rubbish you have taken is for use in making dioramas ?" Badder "Er ,yes officer " Police Officer ,turning away and shaking head "Why Do They Always Come On To My Beat ?" As always just joking . I might give your idea about Bricks a go .