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  1. The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Tell me about it ,it's a long story but i now have 6 Brewster Buffalo's in 1/48 scale .
  2. Losing respect

    Not a very good Historian ,remember him from The world at war ,he describes the European war as a civil war.
  3. Show us your stash!?

    Some of my stash was under my bed ,was searching under it one day .I found the Revell 1/32 HE219 box was damp ,one of my ****************** cats had peed on it . That's the main reason i now have them in plastic boxes ,and i found they take up far less space ,also not being any to see a specific kit means i won't be tempted to start a new kit ,well that is the theory . PS ,i have noticed that some of you have more than one example of the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer in their stash ,i think this is so unfair and they should offer them up for sale ,not at the silly ebay prices of course .
  4. Show us your stash!?

    ..... But there is a cure.
  5. Show us your stash!?

    I would say i have around 200 kits in my stash ,i have just finished taking them out of the boxes ,and put them in plastic boxes . About 5 64 lt boxes,12 of those 32lt ones ,and about 24 6 lt ones The decals i have put in to zip lock bags and then into biscuit tins . I have around 100 kits on the go in various stages ,some need painting other top coats . Not going to start anymore kits until i have finished the ones already started . Might seem a lot ,but i am a full time carer for my brother ,i don't smoke ,don't drink much ,and don't hang around with loose women (any more ) so models and books are mainly what i spend my pocket money ,i mean carers allowance on. I have got 19 1/72 aircraft nearly finished ,all primed ,can't get up the mojo to finish them . They are . 4 109s Airfix Spitfire PR1X .Airfix Hurricane MK1 Airfix P51.Airfix P47d x2 .Revell /Academy MS 406 .Hobbyboss Super Sabre .Italeri D250 Hobbyboss Bloch 152 Heller Vampire .Airfix Saab 21Heller Fw190 Zvezda Hawker Typhoon Airfix F20 Tigershark Hasagawa Curtiss P40 Airfix They will all get finished ,someday.
  6. Which glue for rubber tracks?

    You could use Tricky Stick before you use CA ,it makes superglue stick better to plastic . It is a bit expensive though .
  7. Always good to know someone with a 3D printer
  8. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    (except the area beneath the rear canopy - cockpit colour) Sorry if i am being dense ,you mean the flat bit behind the seat ? Hi ,yes i do mean VS201 . Once again thanks for the replies and info .
  9. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    PS, when i have taken some photos of the finished cockpits of the non yellow wing USN and the Dutch version i will post them on a new thread in the WIP page .
  10. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    Hi ,thanks for that ,what about the USN version that is in with the 2 RAF and Dutch versions ?
  11. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    Anyway ,the Dutch and the USN cockpits are primed and ready for painting .Got some USN seatbelts ,will RAF one do for the Dutch aircraft? Also the cockpit colours ,are Tamiya paint call outs to be trusted ? These 2 are going to be built oob apart from the seatbelts . Got 2 sets of Eduard zoom sets for the RAF ones ,and the Special Hobby has it's own PE .Might get another PE set for the Yellow wing one .
  12. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    Hallo sailors.
  13. Four Brewster Buffalo's

    HAHA ,i thought you were pulling my leg about about Buffalo's in the FAA ,just had a look on Wikipedia and they did use them. Haven't seen any photos .