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  1. Sweet! I was wondering about getting rid of mine, yours is telling me not to.
  2. Simply astonishing
  3. @Colin @ Freightdog Models Will you have the -200? I just love the 146
  4. Great as usual Alex! The nose is absolutely convincing, you tackled it superbly.
  5. Gorgeous! I needed a break in the dirty-cat-town. Most of the time I like them this way, congratulations!
  6. Great work! ant advice you can give us about rigging with Ezline? I am midway in the nightmare of the same thing with a Moth
  7. Thanks Rod and yes Trojan, out of the box. Just scratched the rectangular satcom antena on forward top.
  8. Grest looking Hurricane, congratulations!. And nice modification to the aerial as well. About the paints, I had the same problems and surprinsingly there was not as much info on the internet as I hoped, but did learn one thing: never thin with isopropyl alcohol. It is too strong and forms a goo that takes too much time to clean afterwards. In fact, it is always messy to clean. Some people are having good results with tamiya's thinner and some other with glassex (have not tried this one yet). This is something I'd like to resolve as the colours look accurate at least, can't they be that bad, do they?
  9. Excellent work, I am definitely getting one of these. I also like a lot the african yellow colors, haven't paid attention to those airlines before.
  10. Oh thanks for the heads-up. Modellers concerning, the only difference between the two types was the length of the fuselage?
  11. What an elegant aircraft, makes me wanna go get mine and build it. Will be difficult to decide between Ba, Raf, Boac and Bcal (there was this was one that had severe turbulence over the Andes and flew with a cracked spar back home without being noticed iirc). As you can see, a very inspiring build indeed! Great work, congratulations.
  12. Boy, do these choppers have attitude! Which kit did you use for the 1/48? I have the Italeri Mh-60K hoping to be finished half as yours!