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  1. Made some progress today with the firing piece, Breech an lock took most of a night to build owing to it being very very fiddly, the breech lock actually works you can lock and remove it which is a nice feature. Gun and some of the recoil assembly are done. Kit shows the gun being being free to move on its gun slide, another nifty feature, only issue being the weight of the metal barrel I'm using lifts the entire breech off the slide which is not ideal. Weight may also be an issue trying to mount the gun in anything but a level position as it relies on a toothed gear which doesnt seem to fully engage with the teeth under the slider/carriage assembly.. Anyway, could of images, still lots of parts to fit on the gun, breech etc an the etch work to add
  2. Update, Hannants came through with a replacement Sprue so, were back on! Delivered today very well packaged. So we are back on! Bit of catching up to do but I reckon its more than doable.
  3. Bronco missing sprue

    Yeah I usually do, I'm guessing I got this at a show, rather miffed no reply from either, though the Bronco site isn't exactly confidence inspiring. I'd have thought Hannetts would have replied even to simply say no
  4. Bronco missing sprue

    Only works when you can remember where you got it though, I have had the kit a little while now
  5. Bronco missing sprue

    Morning all, been hunting and emailing to no avail on this one an wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have a a bronco versuchsflakwagen 8.8cm flak 41 auf sonderfahrgestell (Pz.Sfl.IVc) kit which I have found is missing an entire sprue. I emailed both Bronco and Hannetts as they are listed as the UK distributor but over a weeks gone by without a response. As it stands the kit is unbuildable an I'd rather not have to either buy an entire new kit or get rid of this one.
  6. So, the 8.8 Flak is awaiting a sprue so, behold the half built glory of the T28/95. Im going with it being about 40% done as there are a lot of road wheels to make and quite a few sub assemblies. Heres what it looked and looks like now An this is what my kit is like now.
  7. Question, As my current builds now on hold till who knows when, I've raided the stash to find other suitable candidates. Thus far I have a two US T28/95 super heavy Two constructed for testing one in Aberdeen the other Fort KnoxThey were designed to attack the Siegfried line. By the time it had passed testing it was no longer needed after the attacks on Hiroshima an Nagasaki. It was also deemed obsolete by the time it was ready due to its weight (100 tonnes) Expensive and hard to maintain. One was sent over to Korea for a field test after that it was abandoned an turned up in 1974 in a field in Kentucky of all places. Its now on display externally restored at Fort Benning Kit is about 45-50% complete which is the main issue Dwarfs this poor Stuart M5 German VK4502H This looks less likely. The turrets were certainly produced these were the first 50 "Porsche" style turrets used on the Tiger II. Hulls are a bit sketchy, Theres documents pointing toward three VK4502 hulls being built minus the upper decks, a report dated 28th Jan 1943 point to them being delivered to Nibelungwerk. Dr Porsche wrote a letter mid Feb 1943 stating they had been constructed using electric drives with future models using a hydraulic system new suspension and a diesel power plant. After that all the information stops. So, three hulls were produced with power plants, a collection of turrets as well just looks like they never had chance to stitch them together. If not, I shall engage ninja mode an get hold of a suitable kit without SWMBO spotting.
  8. Yes the doom toaster, encountered a minor/major hiccup. I appear to be missing an entire sprue being the one below Now, I've mailed Bronco, or least I think I have the sites not super intuitive but I doubt this kit will be complete now for the deadline which is a massive shame :(. Ill consult the stash to see if I have anything thatll work, if not I may make a hasty purchase.
  9. Thanks jockney an tony, yes the carpet monsters literally giddy with excitement I'd imagine, tonnes to loose on this kit. Tony your kind of right, the grille was an artillery piece but this is a longer chassis with elements of the pzIII/IV front an. The bulk of the kit though is the gun, they have done a stunning job on the flak 41. Heres the hull progressing, fit on the hatches was horrible an I found just how soft this plastic is. Uppers not glued down as yes hence gaps
  10. Right, now photo buckets behaving Fictitious artwork on the box, no evidence I can find they were used during the war Lovely manual poor image im afraid A bit of photo etch, the clear parts and decals One pile of Sprues Another pile An more, barrel is aftermarket not sure it fits but we will see
  11. So, yes that's its full name, late start I was away for the start. Based on the Grille 10 platform was used for testing in Denmark during 1944. Now, annoyingly I cant upload photos, photobucket's having a nope moment, soon as it allows me I will upload a pile of sprue shots. What I can say is its very nicely moulded with a very detailed manual of which 2/3rds is constructing the gun. Time being you'll have to make do with an image from online I'm afraid
  12. So, would a Versuchsflakwagen 8.8cm Flak auf Sonderfahrgestell Pz.Sfl.IVc be doable? Three prototypes built with the 8.8cm Flak 37 in 1941 one was rearmed with the 8.8cm Flak 41 and served with the 26th Panzer Division in Italy, Little more digging needed to find its fate One oddball AA unit
  13. Achilles IIc Tank Destroyer

    From what I have seen it would have been the same as the turret interior, but the driver, radio operators position and engine compartment would likely have been the usual off white.
  14. Sd Kfz 186 Jagdtiger

    Stunning work, makes me want to dig out my Tamiya Otto one but so many to finish.
  15. Stunning work Alan