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  1. Cookie's Nine for 2017

    beautiful collection Cookie cheers
  2. Stevej60's 2017Armour.Aircraft added.

    thats some nice collection Steve, congratz to that wonderful year
  3. wow Stix this is one of the most awesome things i have ever seen, realy O.o totaly awesome and i m so happy for you for such an minblowing result big big cheers , gota read the WIP :))
  4. Thanks guys, again you are way too kind And i hope so Duncan, i hope so.. cheers
  5. Thanks a lot Cookie i m not online very often over the last months, so it is quite easy to miss the very few posts i do, no worries i ll work on it!
  6. nice build just little hint hint, not eastern european kit, but central/middle european kit
  7. 1/48 Zvezda Yak-3 "White 6"

    Awesome Stix, love the paint work and weathering, once again you made me to look in ave on your model amazing work Just going to read the WIP, the weathered paintwork looks superb , cheers
  8. The six hour Spitfire.

    wow nice quick build Steve looks great cheers
  9. Thanks a lot guys for your amazing comments, i know there are many issues you could find on the model, but i m happy you like it To Tony - damn, i saw this photo (i tried to recreate the "scratched" or removed paint using this photo), but i never noticed the MG padding cut out... little excuse could be, i saw more zoomed out version of the photo but still.. damn.. thanks for the info - i cant change it on the model as it is already away, but i can remember it for next build of this one..
  10. Fokker Dr.I 1/48 Eduard + base

    Hey guys, i m so sorry but the busy situation in my life did not allow me to make full WIP thread.. and also sadly i could not finish the base.. But the DR.1 is now finished More shots in RFI section Have a nice day
  11. Hello guys, here is my latest finished kit - Eduard´s nice Fokker Dr.I 1/48. The kit was built as a birthday gift As usualy there was at least a bit of scratchbuilding, even though most of it is not visible on the finished kit - removed internal structure on the cockpit sides, made new one from evergreen stripss - added details to the cockpit floor - completely reworked bulk behind the seat - the seat holders were left from the original part, rest is home made from evergreen strips and tabs - created new fuel tank to the front section - thinned the front fuselage top part - added padding around the cockpit from lead wire and rubber band from cable - added details to the machine guns - added details and wires to the engine Sadly one of the machine guns got broken before the photos were taken and carpet monster swallowed the tail struts and there was no time to make new one.. And finished model here I m not happy with the propeller both back and front side were made by same process, but on the front side, the differences between dark and light wood almost disapeared Well, thats it for now thanks a lot for looking and have a great day guys
  12. awesome result, very nice and convincing olive drab weathering and overal great work
  13. New-Guinea P-400

    i have expected something like that - as you say, easy to explain, hard to master (i was hoping you had some easier way ) .. but you have mastered it pretty well cheers
  14. New-Guinea P-400

    very nice work, i love the dark spots and dots (for example on the brown on the nose) - how did you do these?
  15. MiG-25PD Kittyhawk 1:48

    wow beautiful work as always or well, it gets better and better (if it is even possible.. )