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  1. If what has been said about Airfix 1/24 scale kits in that they generate a lot of revenue l would not be surprised if another one is announced sooner than later. I would prefer a jet fighter of some sort but most probably a WWII plane. A P-38 would be a popular and is not much bigger than a Mosquito.
  2. Very nicely done.
  3. There was a message saying that KittyHawk got one of each of the Collect Aire resin kits and is working their way through the list and turning them from resin to plastic !
  4. No, pre Century series. Robert
  5. If they was to do one US aircraft l would hope it would a Cold War jet that served in the USAFE. Robert
  6. Very nicely done. Tomcats always looked better in Light Gull Grey/White IMHO. Robert
  7. Another great build there Tony. Your attention to the finish is outstanding, you have nailed it. Robert
  8. Some great pieces of information. Hopefully this will be implemented on the KittyHawk kit and persuade another company to do a 1/72 version even though SH announced one a good few years ago and no progress had been made.
  9. Have you checked out Neomega Resin, they have some nice Buccaneer stuff, cockpit, undercarriage, ejection seats. Robert
  10. The great thing about seeing other people's work area is that it gives you ideas about improving your own. I have borrowed so many ideas from other modellers to make my life easier and less painful. Robert
  11. Always watched him and Tony Curtis in The Persuaders and like most people he made some great James Bond movies, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun. Robert
  12. On page 18 of this thread. The post from Dennis
  13. The Xtradecal have been released https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72268 but still have not been corrected. Would have been a sheet to buy but not as it stands.
  14. I just use the plastic cable ties you can buy from Poundland.
  15. I was really pleased when Airfix was doing the early jets in the one true scale, Skyhawk, Harriers, Vampires, Lightnings and I bought more than a few of each. In the past couple of years they have not produced anything I am interested in enough to buy. Most of my recent purchases are from the Far East or European makers. OK they have a Phantom coming out later in the year but I have a few Fujimi ones in the stash and would be unlikely to buy multiples. Roll on 2018.