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  1. I was going to start speculating that it could be white as where the British flag is there in no tonal difference between the white of the flag and the colour of the aircraft. Robert
  2. Just realised l got the question wrong, sorry. Robert
  3. Hi, insight of the finishing line now. Added the lightning (?) stripes missing on the radome using Mr Surfacer And cleaned up Also copied the design for the F-16A to make sure it would cover correctly and be in the correct place Placed in the cockpit control panels for both F-16A and B Added the seats Once I have added the canopies I will start the decaling and the undercarriages, wing tanks, Sidewinders and final bits of painting. I have created some blanks for the engine intakes so am not too concerned about the intake trunking. Thanks for looking Robert
  4. Also the bullet fairing on the fin could be natural metal as well. Robert
  5. Although there are no revealing pics of upcoming releases it shows a behind the scene visit to the Tamiya factory in the Philippines which you might find interesting. This is one of the pictures which sums up Tamiya's attitude to modelling. Robert
  6. Been to Southern Expo at Hornchurch and picked these up from RetroKit Robert
  7. Ooops did not notice that. Robert
  8. Martin, if you are after the USAF titles see here. HLJ seems to get them on a regular basis. Robert
  9. If they did/could provide a set of AIM-9 or Zuni`s this would be a definite purchase but seeing as I have the Furball sheet already my one will be sitting on the model shop shelves. Robert
  10. Pity Eduard did not include some resin armaments seeing as Hasegawa do not provide any. Robert
  11. Hello again, next installment. I have attached the wings and tail planes and proceeded will the filling of the gaps. The F-16B did not have such gaps. Both kit`s wings needed a good sanding to remove some bumps which you can see on the photos. Gaps filled and both kits given a spray. I gave myself a break and did the fin for the single seater. The decal from Modeldecal was a bit thick but are still great after all those years. Also made a start on the undercarriage and finished them so they are ready for inserting when the airframes are completed. Same goes for the exhausts (the blueish colour is a trick of the light, they are whiteish. The resin seats were painted ready for insertion into the cockpit. The F-16B is now going to be a Norwegian aircraft with the decals from Modeldecal. That is all for now. Robert
  12. Great set of photos. I remember seeing similar pictures in the Airfix Magazine at the time and never realising that you could get on an aircraft carrier. Probably around that time I realised that the Tomcat is such a beautiful aircraft. Also note that the Tomcats had the early radome. Yes Martin please continue in the same vein. Robert
  13. Great work Tom, hope to see it at the meeting on Friday ? Robert
  14. Instructions up at
  15. Great looking Tracker. You have done a great job on her. Robert