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  1. Great video. I now live on the ex RAF West Malling airfield.
  2. Very nicely done. Robert
  3. Bit of an update. OK started with the canopies, attached the parts for both A & B. The actual canopies fits to the frames. The two seater was fine but a bit of a problem with the single seater with a nasty gap which was duly filled and smoothed over. Made a start on the wings by filling in the unwanted holes and smoothed over. Both kits will be equipped with tanks. The seats were a bit of a joke so was replaced by some I had from True Detail The cockpit was enhanced by some etch for the Italeri F-16 which did not fit too badly and painted. I have put the fuselages together so just finishing them up then I will be able to attach the wings and tailplanes. Also the F-16A will be in the markings of 350 Squadron of the Belgium Air Force 1986 with decals from Modeldecal and the F-16B will be from the Danish air force Esk727 1983 with the decals also from Modeldecal. Robert
  4. Great photos of a bygone era. Robert
  5. For info the IMAX cinema at Waterloo London is showing Rogue One in 3D. Saw it today and it was even better than the first time I saw it in 2D at a normal cinema. Robert
  6. I have the Steel Beach one which I will not be using. PM me so we can sort something out. Robert
  7. Instructions now up on Robert
  8. Instructions now up on Robert
  9. Looks like a cheap year for me with only the Special Hobby FH-1 Phantom and Revell 1/48 Tornado F.3 grabbing my attention. Robert
  10. Very nice build and a great finish. Robert
  11. OK a bit late but am ready to start. I will be building the old but good Esci F-16A and B. They have been in my stash since they were new in the local model shop. I am looking at something simple so one will be in Norwegian colours and the other in Dutch. Modeldecal do decals for both of them. Robert
  12. Here is a link to another reference source . Also a link to the flight manual for F-16A/B Block 10 and 15 . Robert
  13. You have done a really good job on the old kit. I have the kit and the resin bits but also the Aeroclub white metal undercarriage so thanks for the info about the resin and canopy. Now that you have completed this hopefully a new one will appear soon. Robert
  14. That's right on the money, looks very realistic. Robert
  15. That does look good. I was considering the 1/48 Kittyhawk kit but I am a 1/72 guy at heart. Robert