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  1. Hobby Boss French EBR-10

    Hi Steve, I was the lucky one and I was offered one of these (or did I steal it?). I just loved it, especially the funny pairs of wheels in the middle! I have been an aficionado of the type ever since. JR
  2. Great show! This model does really look Japanese. OK, that doesn't sound good, but I know what I mean! Two small points: put some mat varnish on the tires; as well, when the paint has chipped away so should some of the decals that lie on top. You've done it well on the wings, but fuselage Hinomaru and tail code should have suffered too. Anyway, that is just me being a pain. Well done JR
  3. Hi guys, just found the GB calendar and this one sure does appeal. I have a terrible past record with the couple of GBs I have entered, but if I keep persevering, one day maybe I will finish a kit in the allocated time! If it is still OK to enter, I would like to do so with the Hawkers Sea Hawk (1962 issue), plastic bag and all, with a few aftermarket PE, white metal, resin and decals. Did I hear jam to a pig? I have quite a few original Airfix kits pre-1980, but I have been looking at the Sea Hawk far too often to choose another one instead! Hope it flies. Cheers JR
  4. Hi Falcon, my apologies for being almost 6 months late in spotting your RFI!!!! Better late than never, especially when a Sea Hawk is part of the deal! Great build of a beautiful kit. A shame SH left the intakes totally empty, but still a gorgeous kit. Congrats. JR
  5. Hi Jerzy, I find your Helldiver resplendent. For once I see a kit that has the correct hue of orange yellow on the upper wings (or at least in sync with my idea of what this color should look like!). I am debating whether I am to buy the Matchbox or the Heller kit f this plane... Whatever one I decide upon, it will be finished as a yellow wing. Great show, and congrats! JR
  6. Hi CC, where would we be if Saint Benedict had been a teetotaler? It does not bear thinking, does it? As to not being hoarders, I love your positive reinforcement therapy. Keep having fun! JR
  7. Hi Mike, 1500 and counting... And I thought I was on my way to become a hoarder with some 70-odd kits in the stash... I am cancelling my next shrink appointment, thanks to you. Your wife will definitely be a rich widow... I am truly impressed! JR
  8. Matchbox HP Heyford

    Brilliant, unusual, and not to forget full of character! I love every bit of it. Congrats JR
  9. PK-126 T55 Lightning

    Hi Ratch, good choice! And this Matchbox kit is boringly normal, color-wise! So no worries about paint coverage problems! Keep having fun! JR
  10. Hi Russ, beautiful model, as usual of course! In this scale it must be a monster. A brave man you are. Like Tony, I had the awesome pleasure to see a couple of these monsters from the German Heer on the airbase where I was stationed in the early 80s. I would have hated being the ant-like figure beneath these hovering giants, making seemingly random gestures with his flapping hands to try and guide them to a landing... Congrats! And a great New Year to you and family! JR
  11. Matchbox BAC Lightning.

    Hi Steve, compliment of the season to you and family. May you churn your usual one kit a day to keep the doctor away, in 2018! Great Lightning, but I personally prefer the camouflaged one... You can't please everybody all the time, mate! Great show. What's next? JR
  12. Put a face to your name...

    Hi Lascar, great helicopter the Puma. I did many flights in it during my Air Force military service and it was fun! The pilots were real cowboys and in the Alps that usually meant some hairy situations. Chow means food (American slang often used in the US arm forces). Keep having fun in the sun! Cheers JR
  13. Hi!

    Hi there, welcome aboard! It is exciting to see how many people join BM. Best choice in town IMHO. Once you are bitten by the modelling bug, you are toast. There is no escape, no matter how hard you try, or how long you stop! So you might as well have fun; and you will be in good company! JR
  14. Hello from Madrid!

    Hola Ricardo, welcome to the best place in the known universe. Gorgeous models you build, by the way! Funny, I was in Madrid early December. What a beautiful city, but was it cold at times... A great and happy new year to you and your family. JR
  15. Put a face to your name...

    Bonsoir Lascar, the chow doesn't look half bad in your neck of the world! I could get used to that... Is it a Puma, you are nonchalantly standing by? Cheers JR