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  1. Very nice! 666 served as normal squadron fighter jet while stationed with the 334 squadron. This unit specialised on the AGM-119 penguin, being dedicated anti-sea invasion orientated. It is only after 334 sq disbanded in 2003/4 that 666 was transferred to the US as the Norwegian test aircraft for future MLU upgrades.
  2. Plenty of Hobby Boss' A-4E's on Ebay - just write Sky Hawk instead of Skyhawk https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=1%2F48+A-4+Sky+Hawk&LH_AvailTo=154&_sop=15&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.X1%2F48+A-4+Sky+Hawk+hobby+boss.TRS0&_nkw=1%2F48+A-4+Sky+Hawk+hobby+boss&_sacat=0
  3. Norwegian Albatross

    Love it, just love it - very nice!
  4. Looking good, but why have you attached the release handle to the headrest of the Aces seats? They don't have these in real life?
  5. A question about Revell Tornado kits

    Hi Here are the instructions from the Revel page for both the IDS and the GR4; http://manuals.hobbico.com/rvl/80-3987.pdf http://manuals.hobbico.com/rvl/80-4924.pdf
  6. Stoppel decals

    Send me a PM and let's see if I am able to help you out
  7. Stoppel decals

    Sorry, but this doesn't make any sense and its actually contradictory, as how will they then be able to accept new customers if creating an account is compulsory prior to ordering, yet creating an account doesn't work or deny registration? In case you haven't see it Stoppel's page upon checkout states: If you have ordered from Stoppel Hobby before, you only have to enter your mail address and your password, and the webshop will automatically retrieve your name, address, etc. There is even a "forgot your password"-button to give you a save when alzheimers kick in like it does for most of us from time to time. Further, they also have the following statement below the above - and this is probably the answer to your initial inquiry: Notice: For technical reasons user profiles from the previous homepage could not be transferred. When you enter your first order here at the new webshop, you therefore have to re-enter your user information and come up with a password, by filling out the personal information form again (you are welcome to reuse your old password). Link: http://www.stoppel.dk/shop/order1.html So go order what you need and create a new account, I am sure this will sort itself nicely Alternatively I can help you out and assist with your order as I have no trouble with them - just send me a PM
  8. Stoppel decals

    Might be that I missed the point, but don't really understand why you post this here - because if you have an (technical?) issue placing orders with Stoppel the ones to talk to are Stoppel? Anyway, when I have ordered from Stoppel this is the direct link I use: http://www.stoppel.dk/shop/1-48-33c1.html Never had problems ordering with items in stock, and this link allows you to add items to basket prior to check out.
  9. Douglas A-26B 44-34486 unit?

    USAAF 8AF and 9AF stationed in the UK and on the continent used letter squadron codes and individual aircraft numbers. The 69TRG was a 9AF unit and would follow suite. USAAF 12AF and 15AF operating from North Africa and later Italy used numbers with squadron colors as identifiers, hence fairly easy to distinguish where the origins are. When 15AF/12AF moved far enough into the north of Italy and the second front in France was opened from the mediteranian, the 8AF/9AF/12AF/15AF units meet in France, often bombing same targets throughout europe and into eastern europe, balkans, Austria etc. Hence photos from late in the war and in southern europe can easily allow a 9AF unit to be mistaken to be operated by 12/15AF and vice versa. More on the 69th Recon Group here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/69th_Reconnaissance_Group
  10. Two-seat Typhoons

    P-8 crew composition is different than the pilot/wso combo in the Tornado, so not relevant to compare with. (The P-8 will have different kind of system operators) For the Typhoon, the dual seaters are mostly for training, hence no requirement for wso.
  11. Two-seat Typhoons

    Twin seaters are more expensive operational if used as ie the F-15E as you require training of double the number of crewmen. Add to that the potential redesign of the fuselage to get sufficient range, or lack of if left the same as the single seater, and you see that single seaters are cheaper to produce overall. Computers have taken away much of the need for the second crewmember too. Many will argue against this but this is the main reason why ie the F-35 only exist as single seaters. You also don't need the dual seaters for training as much of the training can and is done much cheaper in a simulator. The real flying is then performed in the single seater after the required simulator hours.
  12. Two-seat Typhoons

    Modern two-seaters are built as fully mission capable fighters just like the single seater, however with less fuel due to the additional seat. You need to go back to the F-105F/G and F-106B to find dual seaters with same amount of fuel as the single seaters as the fuselage was stretched for the second seat something not done today, yet still the second seat will pose a weight penalty over the single seater.