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  1. Revell and Monogram is the same kit, just released at different times.
  2. From Vingtor's excellent F-104G RNoAF 331 squadron instructions, #48-008 : "Color notes: Prior to 1972 the Starfighters had highly polished bare metal fuselages, pylons and external fuel tanks. The wings were gloss white (FS17875) on the upper surfaces and light grey (FS16473) on the lower. The tailplanes could be dark grey (FS16118), light grey (FS16473) or white (FS17875). The radome and antenna cover on the fin was light grey fiberglass (FS16622 with a tint of green) the anti-glare panel was matt dark olive green (FS34079) and the beige panels on the ventral fin and behind the cockpit are natural fibreglass. The Canadair assembled aircraft had a pale grey forward fuselage, fin and tailplane probably Alumgrip Light Grey Enamel AA93-A-312 aka "Voodoo grey" close to FS16515."
  3. B/WB/WB stripes have been seen on many USAAF and RAF fighters and light bombers. There are many exmples with the 352FG, 356FG and others to this.
  4. Tecnically the F-104G could carry 4x AIM-9's, but rarely did, simply because it wasn't needed. I have photos of 4x fueltanks + 2x AIM-9B's. (The TF-104G could only carry 2x AIM-9 under the wings) The Norwegian F-104's could carry nukes if required, but never did due to Norwegian politics on nuclear arms. This photo was taken at Bardufoss MAS in 1969
  5. F-16D/I F-16A: F-15I: F-15A/B/C/D's carry the standard FS36375/FS36320 scheme, same as 80's USAF carried.
  6. The RNoAF used Mk 82's, Mk 20 CBU's, AGM-12 and LAU-3/LAU-5003 Here is one with rocket pods (LAU-3/LAU-5003) Another one with AIM-9J's;
  7. Norwegian Starfighters hardly ever flew with missiles on the wingtips, other than that your question has already been replied to. Some pics of the varius loads;
  8. Nice! We should have had this in 1/48
  9. Uppper pic: Sprue P and J Lower pic: Sprue Q and L
  10. Love the HG5 scheme - very nice
  11. Zuni's are in the kit - sprue T. Only thing missing is the sidewinders, but you probably have some AIM-9G leftover from another kit?
  12. Thanks Giorgio N - always wondered what the Italian pylons were called
  13. Don't think so Jens, but otherwise the same as the F-104G.