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  1. No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    Well, there is quite a few articles on this, combataircraft.com and airfighters.com to name a few. Basically, the Tranche 1's are optimized for A2A, but through urgent operational upgrade programs were made able to drop live munitions in time for the 2011 campaign in Lybia. Tranche 2 and 3 however are from the outset planned and built as multi-purpose fighters, with different brains and hardware that is more adaptable to upgrades than the Tranche 1 ever can be. This is the short, layman's term explanation. I am sure there will be more detailed explanations to follow.
  2. No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    Austria is plagued by the bribe scandal associated with the Typhoon purchase.
  3. F-15E loadout AFTER mission completed?

    As most F-15E carries a mix of different weapons, the use depends on target to be taken out. Hence no real "order" of release.
  4. My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    Thanks, this was new to me. Imagine sitting in the turret and having to bail out; first take on your parachute, then open doors, then release seatbelt and finally jump
  5. My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    I think it was down as long as the turret was "active", as it would have taken too long to raise and lower each time you turn the turret?
  6. My first Bolton-Paul Defiant...

    The one slopping downward is to allow the turret to move more freely 360o
  7. Hmm, mixing it up with the Hobby Boss releases of the Skyhawk family
  8. Only thing to manage is the crossing between the cockpit and the hump. Done it a couple of times, and a dedicated OA-4M will be most welcome indeed
  9. 440 squadron typhoon marking late '44

    On many RAF aircraft with invasion stripes the fifth stripe was made up of the Sky tailband, without the tailband being repainted white as far as I know. It was just a way to reduce the required labour associated with the invasion stripes.
  10. No more RAF two-seat Typhoons?

    This is the Tranche 1 dual seaters, and the reason for the scrapping is that the Tranche 1 can't be updated in the same manner as Tranche 2 or 3, meaning excessive cost for upgrades if this was to be done. Hence cheaper to reduce to spares for the rest of the fleet.
  11. USAF F-5 Aggressors Part 5

    Nice collection Sven (Y)
  12. 1\48 F5F Sundowner

    Nice !