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  1. Very much appreciated, thank you BillyD.
  2. Very nice and a great job on the build.
  3. View image gives a slightly better resolution than seems to have posted for some reason?. Any ideas as to why ?,thanks.
  4. She really is a "Belle", lovely ship model.
  5. Made from the Artesania Latina kit about sixteen years ago, she was my first attempt at a plank on bulk head model. Hope that the photos are of good enough quality, cheers.
  6. Hi Graham, I will pm you my address when you require and will need to pay you p&p in the manner you prefer. All the best. Richard
  7. Thank you very much, you are very kind and have rekindled my mojo. I intend to start it as soon as it arrives, will try to post one of my ship builds as soon as I can . just let me know how you would like to be paid and thank you again, can't wait . Cheers. Richard(Rwa66).
  8. Very nice, a well presented model and tidy paintwork. Good job.
  9. Hi Graham, I would be very interested in your model. Are you sure you would not like more than postage?. Please pm me so I can arrange payment to you, thank you for getting back to me.
  10. Very nice, details stand out well. Good job.
  11. Another stunning model, beautiful.
  12. Beautiful models, fine work.
  13. I have a unimat 3 that I need to sort out and get up and running. I have done small amounts of turning, many moons ago and would love to improve my skills. This could be a great thread, good idea.
  14. Very nicely painted, a beauty.