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  1. I wonder if the standing pilots and R2 units that were included with some kits will become available, I did not get these with my x-wing and would like to get hold of them if possible. Richard
  2. Lovely build, superb photos too. Regards Richard
  3. Stingray

    A tidy build, nice job.
  4. small schooner ready for sea

    Another beautiful miniature from the master, Fantastic build Bob. Regards Richard
  5. Walvax Warrior

    Hi Andy, Very nice work as per your usual high standard. Regards Richard
  6. Hi Degsye, You sound like you have it figured out, the larger brush should make a difference as should the flow improver. Things always have the potential to go awry when slightly different subjects arise, but it has worked before on your other models and will likely only need small tweaks for a result that is satisfactory. Look forward to hearing of your success. cheers Richard P.S Games workshop Lahmian medium may also work if you have some, just add it to the klear. It produces a lovely matt finish when dry and of course brush paints well.
  7. Hi Degsye, I have used the flat base with the old klear and it worked, I have not tried the new klear so can't really comment other than it seems to have mostly worked in your picture. I would regard this as an encouraging sign that you will likely get the finish you want with a bit of trial and error. I use tamiya clear x-22 thinned heavily with a small amount of flat base and also tamiya xf-86 flat clear, Vallejo flat varnish is another one that I have had good results with. I do airbrush all these, Tamiya paints can be tricky to brush paint, Vallejo should be fine. Cheers and good luck Richard.
  8. Hello Degsye, From the picture that you've posted, it looks like you have added too much of the flat base to your klear. This will result in the frosted look that parts of that piece exhibit. You can try recoating with klear and this may get rid of the white effect. A little experimentation with flat base and klear may be your best route, you need very little flat base to klear part for part. hth. Cheers Richard. P.S. You are correct, the frost is the matting agent.
  9. Alclad primer problem

    Thanks again gazza, will update the thread when I have spoken to Alclad, did not have time today.
  10. Alclad primer problem

    Hi Gazza Thanks for the reply, Both black and grey have been problematic for me this week, the grey being the newest bottle and both purchased within a week of each other. I could try to strain it and see what happens but will still contact Alclad. Richard P.S. What did you use to strain/filter the paint?
  11. Alclad primer problem

    Thanks for the reply Duncan B, will get in contact with them tomorrow. Richard
  12. Alclad primer problem

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply, I initially thought exactly the the same as yourself, suspected the airbrush( H&S infinity .4 nozzle). Playing about with other paints has lead me to consider the alclad may be the problem. On inspection the paint that went on nice and wet was quite granular in appearance. Is it worth giving Alclad an email ?. Cheers Richard.
  13. Alclad primer problem

    Hi, I Can't get a continuous flow from the airbrush, it is intermittent even with 50% laquer thinner. Thinner and water will spray fine as will Tamiya paints , which leads me to suspect the paint is at fault. I have used this primer many times before without trouble. I have been shooting at psi ranges of 15-30 with thinned and unthinned primer through a .4 nozzle. Would appreciate any thoughts regarding this problem, the paint was brand new. Regards. Richard
  14. De Tomaso Pantera

    Looks very nice, great job.
  15. LaFerrari [Revell] 1:24

    Good job, very tidy work. The lining on the seats looks very good, Did you use decals or hand paint them?. All the best Richard