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  1. But why no Dogfight Doubles in the 2017 line up???????? Yes it is up to Uncle Dick to ask the hard questions again! Might have to settle for some surprise "anniversary gift sets" then On that basis 1942 would be the year making it the 75th Anniversaries What would you like to see in a: Doolittle Raid 75th Anniversary gift set? (I do not know of any dog fights in this raid) so may be 2 or 3 B-25 in the one box? B-25 + ? + ? ... Operation Torch 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + ? + ? ... Battle for Guadalcanal 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Wildcat + Zero + Kate + US Marines + Jap Infantry + Willys Jeep + LCVP + (no cannot afford this gift set with any more additions) Battle for Stalingrad 75th Anniversary Gift Set Soviet B-25 + ? + ? ... Battle for El Alamein 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + ? + ? ... Operation Cerberus (Channel Dash) 75th Anniversary Gift Set RAF B-25 + RAF B-17 (Yes I know of no accounts of RAF B-25 or B-17 in this operation but what the hell we need some RAF decals) + String Bag + Spit + Bf109 + FW190 + E boat + RAF rescue Launch + oh bugger I can't afford this ruddy gift set anymore! Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary Gift Set Visiting B-25 + Early version B-17 (surprise new tool modification) + all the usual suspects Battle for Milne Bay 75th Anniversary Gift Set DUCTH NEIAF B-25 (Add usual caveat for all you politically correct numpties) + RAAF Beaufighter (Excluisve parts release) +... Battle for the Aleutians 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Early B-17 + (another new tool surprise for 2017 a RUFE) +... Battle for the Bismark Sea 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Early B-17 + ... Battle for Bataan 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Early B-17 + ... Operation Jubilee (Dieppe Raid) 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 (usual caveat for politically correct numpties) + usual suspects Queens Silver Jubilee 40th Anniversary Gift Set RAF Historic Flight B-25 + Royal Navy Phantom + ... + many more gift set options (did you notice that each gift set must have the B-25? ?)
  2. Right then let me rephrase that to - better not be any under wing drop tanks and associated racks in the B-2 release or it will be porkies!
  3. Well chaps - Airfix have done the unthinkable... gone and told (written actually) a porky they have! Is not the R2 the same as the B2? Happy Birthday Work Bench dated 15/7/2016 stated You will never guess whats coming in their 2017 line up that was just announced! And look they did come out with Regia Aeronautica markings eventually - just not in the dogfight double!
  4. Yes it was Roy Cross - good old days - when you used to buy a kit simply because you loved the box art! Cannot remember censoring combat scenes but you may be right as my memory has faded - but they did sensor the swastika which is a pain to this day and so historically incorrect! They also had that pathetic period where they had a photo of the built model replace box art - god that was awful... political correctness gone mad
  5. Ah Yes "the Hannants top 10" sales gimmick that may or may not be manipulated by Hannants! Sorry if am a touch sarcastic but I do not believe it is a true reflection of what is selling the most ...on occasions... The Blenheim has the forward located underside backwards firing turret and French markings a good match for the old tool and still one favourite box arts (that is the 4th different version of the Blenheim by Airfix now - so they are to be congratulated) Re the BE 2 checker decals - yes that was my suggestion just the black checks as decals (must have been over excited to notice they were indicated as decals in the plan)! I will be doing my bit to keep Airfix (Hornby) afloat will purchase at least 1 of each of 2017 aircraft model kit releases and in many cases multiples in particular the Phantom, Me 262, Blenheim, Mitchell, Walrus, Sea Fury, Stukas both scales, Sea Hurricane and 1/48 Mustang Love the detail in the CAD of the Mitchell
  6. They had better include the black checkers as decals in that Be 2 rebox - as I am not painting all those ruddy checks! Thought they said the Stuka R2 was going to be only released in the Gladiator / Stuka dogfight double (in fact I know they said that in a passed work bench) now they come out with it as a single kit!
  7. Well at least I predicted one "Airfix 2017 new release" correct! The "B-17G + USAAF Bomber Re-supply" gift set I won't get too excited until the Phantom... the Mitchell ... the Swallow... the Walrus... the Mustang...and the Sea Fury are released! Good Job Airfix!
  8. Shame on all of you bagging Airfix in these financially troubling times for Hornby! May not be too late to write to Airfix and ask for a war time option (they could package it as a series 3 or 4 kit with the extra decal options?) Swedish Spit sounds good to me (especially as a dogfight double with a Soviet Mig-15 new tool of course!)
  9. Yes thats the one Dave (my second Victor Hattons refused to ship by Royal Mail so I cancelled it and refunded but out of pocket a few quid), this one that arrived was supposed oversize for Royal Mail so it should have been returned to Sender or not accepted at post office, also supposed very slow as surface shipping option chosen for 9 quid at the time, but arrives in 3 weeks! Slight downer was on opening the package, kit box had taken a hit and was partially deformed (caved in) at bottom not a great deal but enough to take the shine off the occasion! Also on opening the kit box I noticed sure enough that there was at least 10 cm (maybe more) to spare on the horizontal longest side of the kit box that was just empty space, again as mentioned before I wish Airfix would take into consideration kit box dimensions as in these cases empty space (extra length) can cause some grief to us overseas customers with Royal Mail limits and postage charges - but marketing is marketing and apparently people will feel more justified in dishing out more quid for an extra mega impressive box size, if you have a look at the Airfix B-17G kit box it even worse with the amount of empty space - I think with that kit you could probably fit in the 2 kits worth of sprue in the one box! Re if I win lottery - I think I could do better than just a Victor kit bash for mates, might have to be an all 2017 Airfix new tool release kit bash + Victor kit bash for good measure! Cheers
  10. Yes I was in a state of panic as I had none (V-1s) in the stash apart from the old Frog rendition so I I bought the last 2 Loon's that Hannants had left - I wish Mac would re-release their V1 kit as they are very hard to find - I could find none for sale yesterday, and I am not buying the Modelcollect just yet!
  11. Some good news for me - my Airfix Victor Flight finally arrived from Hattons today and just before year's end too - in fact so lucky was I feeling that I bought a lottery ticket for the Lotto 31 Million new years draw just in case!
  12. Personally - I like this one with a bit of scratch building (with Airfix for the B-17) Go on Airfix give us a gift set release with these next year!!
  13. Yes - CMK have released the AS-12 missiles separately (they look really neat BTW) so either the Wasp is nearing completion (which is good news) or they will be releasing all the Wasp parts separately like the build a "model with magazine" each month you get a few parts with each magazine until you have collected all the parts, except in this case there will be no magazine (in which case that may not be such good news). Lately I have lost all hope that Airfix will come out with one in 1/72 as they seem to be concentrating on the larger kits where presumably there is more profit margin? Eg not one new tool kit in series 1 or 2 next year for Airfix. I would not mind even if they came out with it in series 6 (and it only had parts for a series 2 like their Me262 but boxed in a series 3) as long as they produced it...
  14. No luck with my kit, Heinkel H6 arrived which was purchased same time as the Victor though - go figure! Never knew the Warsaw Pact air defences were so tough - first Victor shot down, second Victor missing in action! Ah well, anyway I think I have bought more Airfix kits this year than ever before - starting to have "stash storage shortage" issues! At least I did my bit to keep Airfix afloat for the past year! Pleased to hear your Victor flight wasn't shot down so far just delayed!
  15. Well Hattons have listed a single Airfix Victor for sale - so its either Dave's, mine or some other unfortunate soul's Ah well Merry Christmas