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  1. I'll second that thought! I have a quartet of AMK Kfirs winging their way to me - would love a Nesher and Scooter!
  2. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Now that is constructive thinking and a commendable attitude to take with these matters!
  3. RAF/RN Wessex armament?

    At first glance it looks like 2 x AS.12 Missiles on the starboard side but on closer inspection it is actually a mix; an AS.12 on the outer pylon and a AS.11 on the inner! Were the RAF Wessex ever armed beyond a GPMG in the cabin ????? Good wind up when HMAS Melbourne's cat was sick.
  4. Air-Graphic Model Trading 1/72 Wasp conversion?

    Not even sure Air Graphics is a registered business or company - by the looks of their future releases they appear to be pirates of copyrighted material just look at what they have done with the MRH-90 future release the main photo on their cover/box top/marketing is clearly ripped off Airliners.net and they have chopped off the photographers credit/ copyright. Not to be trusted...shonks
  5. AIRFIX 1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Released

    Wot no Pilot Chappie type or crew members? Airfix could have bumped up the price easily with 1 pilot figure into a series 10 kit or; an Elephant with a Mahout of any description? into a series 12 kit
  6. Airfix price increase

    Another price increase? Just bought a couple of the AMK 1/72 Kfir's and it struck me they are cheaper than the Airfix Me262's I recently bought with a lot less parts in the Me262 (170 for the Kfir verses 65 for the Me262) OK I know its like comparing apples grown in Maccau with oranges grown in India or China... or wherever the Airfix kits are now produced I will still buy Airfix but a lot less than I used to...
  7. Scout & Wasp in multi scales from S&M

    Well I might say stuff the Air Fixed procrastination and the Freighted dog going astray - I'll be in for the proverbial truck load of these if they are half decent! My favourite whirly bird of all time - even beats the Sea King... I have 6 AS-12 missiles from CMK in the stash if non are provided to spice them up - just hope S&M provide the rails and supports... Go you good thing S&M !
  8. In my my best sarcastic tone Airfix missed an opportunity to raise the price on this release after their clever release of the Me-262 as a series 3 kit with series 2 parts, The R2 Stuka - should have been released as a series 4 kit ! I 'll take cover now...
  9. I like that they are releasing it as a stand alone kit instead of having to buy 3 issues of a magazine like the Delta release. Would like to see them re-release the Delta as a stand alone kit as well...
  10. Some vague vision of 2 what ifs (tropical schemes) for the Lufwaffe still holding out in North Africa in late 1944, for some reason I feel insecure buying anything less than 6 of the new tool releases I like especially the smaller kits... it will be a miracle if I build one in the long term!
  11. The Good Doctor has diagnosed yet another Britmodeller member with ANTSCADS Airfix New Tool Stash Compulsive Acquirement Disorder Syndrome Just bought eight of the new tool Me 262 myself what can I say except that I am an Airfix addict...
  12. Does anyone do aftermarket spoked wheels for the Roden 1/72 Vauxhall D-Type (staff car and the ambulance) would liked to have seen spoked wheels on the ambulance as per the box art illustration but not to be...
  13. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Well thats done it - no pilot figures - not buying it, useless I tell ya
  14. Unfortunately Hasegawa did not release this kit with the splinter camo as a decal option so they saved me from forking out on it...
  15. RN Fg1 Phantom

    Now that would be an interesting topic to see cross sections (length and diameter) of all the major well known fighter/attack aircraft external fuel tanks (not to mention the internal fuel tank configuration) over the years so we can appreciate the engineering that goes into such matters! Thank you all for the informative replies.