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  1. Just came across a GRAN SA-2 missile kit in 1/72 in my stash and decided to look to buy another - I see their kits are now very scarce and their web site no longer up - does any one know what happened to them? If they went bust - has another manufacturer bought their moulds? EDIT: HENK of Holland says: What a pity - I see that they had plans for a 1/72 Rapier Missile system as well a 1/72 HAWK SAM system...
  2. Apologies Der Lingerer only saw your post now when I came to post the below - yes I would be interested in your offer if your offer still stands I had ordered 2 of the Modelcollect V1 but alas I should not have as the image of the sprue below at least to my eye is that their V1 model is "Kaput"! (see my previous comments in this thread as to why)... ah well at least I can use the launch rails... I might try and cut the main wings off and move them back a little, try and re scribe, might also do a comparison with the very nice MAC kit but I will have to wait until I receive the kit by surface post! Below image from Hobby search Japan the fuselage and nose I think forward of the main wing will need to be sanded / sharpened as it looks too stubby cannot see the tail empennage and motor am guessing that will not be correct either...
  3. Ruddy Cheap Skates - not photo etch, not extra crew figures in fact no extra sprue or extra decals as a bonus but wait for it Bonus is a Poster of illustration for interior details! Perhaps they mean a poster of the box art? Also have a rare squiz at Hasegawa's research team in action 2nd photo below... (also full assembly instructions are up on the Japan Hobby Search Store CO.1999 where the below images are from) one of the many things I do like about this kit (not the price) apart from the detail is that it appears (and I am only guessing - so please do not shoot me if it does not work) you just might be able to attach and remove the wings for ease of storage!
  4. Apologies if this has been mentioned - but what exactly does "BONUS ! IN FIRST PRODUCTION" mean, does it mean you have extra parts in the box or is it just marketing hype and nothing extra in the box?
  5. I would hope Hasegawa release the crew as separate set as we could sorely use them in many more model kits and dioramas as they look to be very well sculpted!
  6. I still have not come across a corrected artwork Lightning box top... bloody frustrating as I wanted to frame the error & corrected boxtops!
  7. For those of you that shop with Lucky Model (Hong Kong) like me, Lucky Model recently introduced a new stock indicator which looks like this: The above meaning "In Stock with their warehouse in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) 5 items left in stock with a 2 week transit time from their PRC warehouse to Hong Kong." This all sounds very good but when I saw they had a few kits which I had ordered many months ago which were out of stock at the time, now showing as in stock with their PRC warehouse i sent them an email asking that they ship the outstanding kits, to which they replied, "yes their warehouse in the PRC had them as showing in stock but they could not find the kits in their warehouse." Moral of the story (and looking at many kits that have been long out of production as showing in stock at their PRC warehouse) the above said stock indicator is an absolute sham! Utter man-vegetables...
  8. Would like to see Airfix do their magic on the V-22 Osprey, Hasegawa took the cheap option and completely neglected the interior, not even an open rear ramp option, Airfix would probably also provide the wing swing and blade fold, F-35B would also be a treat!
  9. The Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18F Advanced Super Hornet release - are the conformal tanks and stealth weapons pod - in plastic or resin????
  10. Darn it - only Italeri give you option to pose the spoilers deployed and Italeri is the most inaccurate tooling of the bunch
  11. Na - prefer it if they don't correct it as it shows the manufacturers competence
  12. But why no Dogfight Doubles in the 2017 line up???????? Yes it is up to Uncle Dick to ask the hard questions again! Might have to settle for some surprise "anniversary gift sets" then On that basis 1942 would be the year making it the 75th Anniversaries What would you like to see in a: Doolittle Raid 75th Anniversary gift set? (I do not know of any dog fights in this raid) so may be 2 or 3 B-25 in the one box? B-25 + ? + ? ... Operation Torch 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + ? + ? ... Battle for Guadalcanal 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Wildcat + Zero + Kate + US Marines + Jap Infantry + Willys Jeep + LCVP + (no cannot afford this gift set with any more additions) Battle for Stalingrad 75th Anniversary Gift Set Soviet B-25 + ? + ? ... Battle for El Alamein 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + ? + ? ... Operation Cerberus (Channel Dash) 75th Anniversary Gift Set RAF B-25 + RAF B-17 (Yes I know of no accounts of RAF B-25 or B-17 in this operation but what the hell we need some RAF decals) + String Bag + Spit + Bf109 + FW190 + E boat + RAF rescue Launch + oh bugger I can't afford this ruddy gift set anymore! Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary Gift Set Visiting B-25 + Early version B-17 (surprise new tool modification) + all the usual suspects Battle for Milne Bay 75th Anniversary Gift Set DUCTH NEIAF B-25 (Add usual caveat for all you politically correct numpties) + RAAF Beaufighter (Excluisve parts release) +... Battle for the Aleutians 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Early B-17 + (another new tool surprise for 2017 a RUFE) +... Battle for the Bismark Sea 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Early B-17 + ... Battle for Bataan 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 + Early B-17 + ... Operation Jubilee (Dieppe Raid) 75th Anniversary Gift Set B-25 (usual caveat for politically correct numpties) + usual suspects Queens Silver Jubilee 40th Anniversary Gift Set RAF Historic Flight B-25 + Royal Navy Phantom + ... + many more gift set options (did you notice that each gift set must have the B-25? ?)
  13. Right then let me rephrase that to - better not be any under wing drop tanks and associated racks in the B-2 release or it will be porkies!
  14. Well chaps - Airfix have done the unthinkable... gone and told (written actually) a porky they have! Is not the R2 the same as the B2? Happy Birthday Work Bench dated 15/7/2016 stated You will never guess whats coming in their 2017 line up that was just announced! And look they did come out with Regia Aeronautica markings eventually - just not in the dogfight double!
  15. Yes it was Roy Cross - good old days - when you used to buy a kit simply because you loved the box art! Cannot remember censoring combat scenes but you may be right as my memory has faded - but they did sensor the swastika which is a pain to this day and so historically incorrect! They also had that pathetic period where they had a photo of the built model replace box art - god that was awful... political correctness gone mad